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Seriously Enjoying Ascended Health Life Extension Elixir

Seriously Enjoying Ascended Health Life Extension Elixir

Posted by Ryan Wade on Mar 06, 2011

Seriously Enjoying Ascended Health

Seriously Enjoying Ascended Health

Last week I received a very exciting elixir in the mail. As some of you know, I've been taking time off from Yang tonics in my daily regimens, and focusing on rebuilding my Yin energy which used to be so abundant before I became sick, and then recovered from, Lyme Disease a little more than a year ago.

When I say I've been taking some time off, I do not mean 100%, because it is important to always find balance, and a potent Yin tonic still needs Yang energy to be effective, just as a potent Yang tonic needs to be combined with a Yin tonic to receive its efficacy. But receiving the Life Extension Elixir from Ascend Health, it was too serendipitous, and too tempting, to not indulge, and so glad I did.

Being as heavily involved in the natural health care world as I am, I come across all kinds of new tonics, things promising total renewal, everlasting youth, et cetera et cetera et cetera, and so much of it, while I'm sure it’s well intentioned, is little more than snake oil. And people are drawn to these because (aside from slick marketing) they resonate because we are tired, worn down, and for the majority of Americans, in total adrenal exhaustion/fatigue. This exhaustion makes these types of Yang tonics very attractive, because they embody everything that we sense that we've lost. But in fact, they are the last thing the body needs, and no amount of Yang tonics, none of these sexy products, will restore our Yang drain, our Yang excess. If you're over worked, drink coffee, eat meat, are stressed, and worn down and tired (or still have energy but it is scattered, unfocused, energy), then chances are high that you're in Yang excess, and you need balance.

Deer antler is known as the most powerful Yang tonic, but the Life Extension Elixir is beyond a Yang tonic, and it might be in its brilliance in its formulation, or possibly that the deer velvet used in the elixir is the highest quality available. I'm experiencing a deep, cellular regeneration from this, with immediate results, and within in a day I noticed a visible difference in skin health and eye energy/brightness, which is a key diagnostic tool for overall health. The life Extension Elixir is very restorative, very powerful. Along with deer velvet, its other major ingredients are:

Marine Phytoplankton

Elk Antler Velvet




Blue Lotus



Lemurian Crystal Ormus

From this, I'm noticing improved mental acuity, better skin tone and eye energy, deeper and more solid and focused bodily energy, improved mood and patience, and better ability to handle stress, and it’s only been a few days since I've started. I'm excited for my chiropractic visit tomorrow to see what improvements my doctor will observe.

But to receive a full understanding of the ingredients, and their superiority, check out the product listing at Ascend Health.

Thank you to Ascend Health for putting out a product that works, that is intelligently formulated, and is helping people (and did I mention it’s delicious?).