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Mountain Manna Rare-Earth Himalayan Shilajit

Shilajit Extract Standardized to 40% Fulvic Acid

Also Available as a Powder

True Himalayan Shilajit is an extremely rare Ayurvedic panacea used to both treat the most stubborn diseases and as the strongest anti-aging tonic known. From an Ayurvedic perspective, Shilajit profoundly rejuvenates all of the body systems. We are immensely pleased with our Mountain Manna Rare-Earth Himalayan Shilajit Extract and proud to offer it to our customers.

  • Our Rare-Earth Shilajit Extract is wild-harvested and standardized to contain a potent 40% concentration of fulvic acid;
  • Available in non-GMO, vegan capsules or powder in 65-gram pouches;
  • Shilajit is known historically as "The destroyer of weakness, the conqueror of mountains," because of its strong effects;
  • Ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, thin semen, and low sperm count;
  • Shilajit has been shown in the research literature to increase testosteroneFSHand the number and quality of sperm (see more below);
  • The only source of primal (paleo) nutritionShilajit is formed over hundreds of thousands of years;
  • Contains a complete array of over 84 fulvic + humic minerals;
  • Strong nootropic action, promoting improved brain function.*

A Brief Overview

Mountain Manna Rare Earth Himalayan Shilajit CapsulesShilajit, a rare exude used in Ayurvedic medicine, is known traditionally as "The Destroyer of Weakness, the Conqueror of Mountains" and it has earned the reputation today as "Indian Viagra." This modern moniker informs about the use of Shilajit as a male sexual tonic, but ultimately does a disservice against Shilajit because its effects are so far beyond just being the 'Indian Viagra."

In Ayurveda, Shilajit is classified as a Rasayana, which translates from the Sanskrit as a rejuvenator and immunomodulator, and also as a Medhya Rasayana, translating to a rejuvenator of intellect.

Because of its extreme rarity, Shilajit was traditionally reserved for only the direst health conditions, those with debilitating conditions that had not responded to any other treatment, and for those privileged enough to have access to Shilajit for use in promoting longevity. Through analysis of the traditional uses of Shilajit and the comprehensive modern research, we see that Shilajit restores core energy through a non-specific—but profound—set of mechanisms. Further below you will find an outline covering the scientifically validated properties of Shilajit. 

Today, Shilajit proves itself as a premier adaptogenic tonic for the entire body, with far-reaching positive effects from regulating blood sugar to modulating the immune system to improving cognition and protecting the brain.* Also, is suitable for both men and women.

The RAW Forest Foods Difference

While multiple sources throughout the world produce something similar to Shilajit, there is only one source of true Shilajit (the Shilajit that has been historically used and is researched today). Unfortunately, there is much adulteration in the marketplace with Shilajit analogs.

True Shilajit comes from specific sources within the Himalaya and at elevations between 3280' and 16404' (1000 and 5000 meters), and is harvested only when specific weathers conditions promote the extraction of it. True Shilajit is formed through geographic forces, a process that takes centuries, and the gradual decomposition of certain plants by the action of microorganisms—making Shilajit the only true primal, paleo food or supplement available.

  • Select wild-harvested Shilajit for optimum potency, harvested at extreme altitudes in the Himalayas;
  • An extract made only from black Shilajit pitch;
  • A professional grade powdered Shilajit Extract that is ready to use;
  • Standardized to contain a 40% concentration of fulvic acid (the known active compound);
  • No fillers, no drying agents, and never irradiated;
  • Packaged and select manufactured in an FDA cGMP facility here in the US;
  • Shilajit extract that is from RAW Forest Foods, the premier, and most trusted pro-androgenic and tonic herb company.

What You Will Find Inside

We offer our Shilajit Extract in capsules and as a powder. Both products contain the same highly concentrated, true Shilajit Extract that has been wild-harvested in the high altitude wilds of the Himalaya and extracted to contain 40% fulvic acids (the active ingredients present in Shilajit).

Shilajit has a strong, bitter flavor that some love but that others would love to use as a capsule, which is why we offer both forms of this otherwise identical product.

Mountain Manna Rare-Earth Himalayan Shilajit Extract Capsules
  • Each bottle contains 120 non-GMO, plant-based (vegan/vegetarian) capsules.

All packaging is food grade and done domestically in a certified organic, FDA cGMP facility. Our pouches and bottles are opaque to block the UV degradation of the product and feature unique artwork inspired by the products they contain.

Historical and Traditional Uses of Shilajit

In the 1st Century AD, the well-known Indian Vaidya Charak stated in the Caraka Samhita that "There is hardly any curable disease which cannot be controlled or cured with the aid of Shilajit." In this same text, Shilajit is described as a cure for all diseases and as a Rasayana (a longevity tonic). As stated above, Shilajit is classified as both a Rasayana and a Medhya Rasayana, providing full body and mind rejuvenation. In contemporary terms, this translates to Shilajit’s adaptogenic qualities. 

Shilajit has several common names in the area it is harvested from, including pahar-ki-pasina (sweat of mountains), paharki-khoon (mountain blood), and shilaras (rock juice).

Shilajit: As Legend Tells It

"Shilajit was discovered by Himalayan villagers after watching the summer migrations of white monkeys into certain locals in the mountains, where the white monkeys would consume the semi-soft pitch exuding from the fissures in the rocks. The villagers attributed the white monkey's great strength, longevity and wisdom to the strange substance. The villagers began to consume the pitch themselves—the Shilajit—and as they consumed it, they experienced great improvement in health, strength, wisdom, and longevity."

Traditional Ayurveda Shilajit Uses and Benefits*

  • Tonify and fortify the body: Shilajit is a powerful adaptogen with a strong action in tonifying and fortifying the body, increasing wellness and youthfulness;
  • Modulate the Immune System: Shilajit restores healthy immune function, both in cases of under-active immune function and overactive immune function;
  • Fat Metabolism: Shilajit has been used to promote fat metabolism, leading to heather body composition and increased wellness;
  • Increased lung function: Shilajit use promotes increased lung function which both oxygenates blood and assists in detoxification;
  • Promotes healthy menstruation: In women, Shilajit is used to promote healthy menstruation;
  • Detoxification: Shilajit cleanses the blood and tissues of the body, savaging free radicals;
  • Increase the actions and benefits of other herbs: Shilajit has been used to synergize and potentiate other herbs and works especially well as a collaborator to any androgenic herbs. Additionally, Shilajit is used to increase the bio-availability of other herbs, increasing their digestion and usefulness;
  • Replenish Qi and Jing: As a Rasayana, Shilajit restores vital energy and stamina, toning both male and female reproductive organs and building sexual energy and performance;
  • Enhance sense of self and spirit: Part of Shilajit being a powerful adaptogen is increasing one's sense of self and their spirit—a difficult to articulate function of Shilajit but an easy to identify a co-occurring symptom of the disease, stress, and premature aging.*

Current Uses of Shilajit

  • Helps to increases energy lost to stress, anxiety, illness, and overwork, including spiritual vitality;
  • Promotes renewed libido and desire;
  • Counteracts fatigue and debility;
  • Facilitate improved brain function, including promoting cognition and memory;
  • Helps to regulate blood sugar and improve digestion;
  • Detoxification through chelation (latching onto toxins and removing them from the system);
  • Contains many minerals, including phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium, needed for bone and muscle tissue;
  • Accelerates protein processing, stimulates energy, and recovery after exercise;
  • Helps improve the immune system;
  • Powerful, potent antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals and oxidation;
  • May reduce arthritis Pain;
  • Promotes red blood cell production;
  • Promotes healthy testosterone production.*

Contemporary Science and Research

While the traditional and modern uses of Shilajit are very telling into what Shilajit offers and what can be expected with its use, a fair amount of scientific research has confirmed and expanded upon many of these uses. Additionally, chemical analysis of Shilajit shows several biologically important compounds in Shilajit, including:

  • Dibenzo-alpha pyrones;
  • Phospholipids;
  • Triterpenes;
  • Phenolic acids;
  • Fulvic acids (carrier molecules);
  • Humins and humic acids.

Shilajit also contains many trace minerals, partly responsible for Shilajit's deep nutritive qualities. Shilajit contains 85 minerals in ionic form, derived from.
Some of the minerals Shilajit contains are:

  • Iron (Fe);
  • Calcium (Ca);
  • Copper (Cu);
  • Zinc (Zn);
  • Magnesium (Mg);
  • Manganese (Mn);
  • Molybdenum (Mo);
  • Phosphorus (P).

Within the scientific research, Shilajit has positive demonstrated effects in the following categories:

  • Adaptogenic activity, including anti-stress and anti-ulcerogenic;
  • Allergy relief;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Antioxidant activity, increasing nitrous oxide (NO), superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), and glutathione peroxidase (GPx);
  • Cognition enhancement, including speed of cognition and improved working (short-term) memory and long-term memory;
  • Diabetes and blood sugar regulation;
  • Energy, increased CoQ10 and ATP;
  • Immunomodulator, strengthening and enhancing immune function, including anti-tumor activity;
  • Male sexual health, increased fertility and testosterone.*

The Missing Link in Modern Human Nutrition

Shilajit Extract

Minerals, which can only be obtained through the diet, is vital to human health. Unfortunately, much of the soil in which modern foods are grown is depleted of minerals. As a result, modern diets often do not provide enough of the minerals required for optimal health. The body requires more than eighty different minerals, and most people simply do not obtain these minerals in adequate amounts from food.

It is composed of rock humus, rock minerals, and organic substances that have been compressed by layers of rock mixed with marine organisms and microbial metabolites. (Ghosal, 1994)

Shilajit is not only an excellent source of a variety of minerals and elements, but it also appears to have unique properties that are not found in any other kind of supplement. According to Indian folklore, Shilajit makes the body as "strong as a rock."

Male Reproductive Health

Shilajit is a powerful tonic—a Ras€yana (ˆ_¡ˆ_üˆ__ˆ_øˆ_¬)—with adaptogenic benefits for both men and women. Shilajit was never intended to target or to be of specific interest to men, but centuries of use and decades of scientific research makes Shilajit particularly interesting for male reproductive and sexual health. 

In a placebo-controlled study, published in 2015, titled Clinical evaluation of purified Shilajit on testosterone levels in healthy volunteers, Shilajit was supplemented to healthy male volunteers between the age of 45 and 55. After 90 days of consecutive supplementation of 250 milligrams twice daily, significant and noticeable gains were made in the androgenic hormone panel in those supplementing with Shilajit (with dropping levels in the placebo control group). Here are the results for the Shilajit group:

  Baseline 30 days 60 days 90 days
Testosterone (ng ml) 4.84 5.17 4.99 5.83
Free Testosterone (pg ml) 15.36 14.20 14.14 18.30
LH (mIU ml) 6.33 6.65 6.64 6.79
FSH (mIU ml) 6.94 8.17 8.52 8.41
DHEA-S (μg dl) 145.09 158.35 159.00 190.57

The same study cited above notes the positive results from another study conducted on Shilajit looking at sperm count following Shilajit supplementation. The authors state that a significant improvement in sperm was observed, with a:

  • 37.6% improvement in spermia;
  • 61.4% improvement in total sperm count;
  • 12.4 – 17.4% improvement (after different time intervals) in sperm motility;
  • 18.9% improvement in normal sperm count,
  • 23.5% improvement in total testosterone;
  • A decrease in pus and epithelial cell count compared with baseline value in 28 patients of oligospermia after 90 days of treatment with PS (Shilajit) at a dose of 100 mg twice daily. 


In Ayurveda tradition, Shilajit is used as a remedy for almost any illness or condition that can affect the human body. It is said to enhance the benefits of other herbal remedies as well.*

Among the more common diseases that Ayurveda physicians would treat with Indian Shilajit are diabetes, digestive disorders, obesity, sexual inadequacy and chronic fatigue. In addition to its ability to enhance the positive effects of other herbal remedies, Shilajit is said to be able to counteract any toxic effects of other herbs as well.*

Allergies, Safety, Contraindications, and Drug Interactions

At RAW Forest Foods, we take pride on the quality of our products, and we select individual ingredients in part because we consider them to be very safe, but we cannot make any claims as to how an individual will respond to our products. Humans are unique creatures. We take herbs and herbal medicine seriously and consider them to be serious medicine on par with pharmaceutical drugs. As such, we want every customer to research products and ingredients independently, using sites like Google Scholar and PubMed.

We also encourage people to speak with their primary care practitioner before starting any new supplement regimen (purchased from our company or elsewhere) or other lifestyle change; this is particularly true for those taking any prescription drug(s), have any pre-existing medical condition, or who are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant, or are nursing. We do not intend for any of our products to be used by those under 18 years of age or who are pregnant or nursing. Additionally, please be aware of any allergies you may have to any ingredients in our products.

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Shilajit Extract Capsules

Suggested Usesupplement-facts-shilajit-capsules.png

The serving size is 3 capsules, taken three times daily or as otherwise directed.

Other Ingredients: Non-GMO plant cellulose (vegan) capsules.

This product is standardized to contain 40% fulvic acid, is GMO-free, and is vegan/vegetarian.

As with all of our products, we advise that this product is taken on an empty stomach. Capsules are easy to use and need only to be taken with several ounces of water (or other liquid).

Of course, whichever way you decide to use these products, the best way is the way that ensures regular, consistent use, because no gain is made from a product that sits untouched in the cupboard.

Learn more about using all of our products here.

Ideal Storage

Store this product, and all RAW Forest Foods products, in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and moisture. Try and use in a timely manner after opening the package.

Cycling Herbs

For those customers who prefer to rotate their pro-androgenic and tonic herbs, we suggest a schedule of five days on and two days off, or four weeks on and one week off.


Before starting any new medicinal herbs or nutritional supplements (from our company or otherwise), customers should consult with their qualified healthcare practitioner. This not because we question the safety of our products, but because we believe in the strength of our products and that plants have a medicinal, therapeutic potential.

This product is not for use by those under the age of 18, who are pregnant or nursing, or who are allergic or adverse to any of the ingredients contained within.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please view our full Terms and Conditions.

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