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Pine Pollen Tincture

RAW Forest Foods: Professional Grade Pine Pollen Tincture

We launched RAW Forest Foods in the Spring of 2010 with the immediate goal of bringing RAW Pine Pollen and Pine Pollen Tincture to the US. At the time there was not a single company in the US providing this incredible healing food (Pine Pollen), and after experiencing such dramatic benefits from it, RAW Forest Foods became a necessity in bringing this resource to the US. Our first two products were RAW Pine Pollen and Pine Pollen Tincture, and they continue to be some of our best selling products.


Pine Pollen Tincture

We developed our professional grade Pine Pollen Tincture for those desiring a professional grade tincture for directly raising Androgen hormone (Androstenedione, Testosterone, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), & Androsterone) levels. Pine Pollen is an androgenic plant food, meaning it contains phyto-androgens, which have a direct impact on the body--immediately increasing levels of free testosterone. Our Pine Pollen Tincture isolates those phyto-androgens, providing you with a potent dose.

This tincture is intended for those who have identified low Testosterone levels and/or high levels of Estrogen, and are working to correct those imbalances. For me, using our Pine Pollen Tincture dramatically helped me recover from suffering from Lyme Disease, as well as recovering from the ravages the disease and the treatment does to the body. Our Pine Pollen Tincture brought back my mind and my body, both of which were suffering from Lyme Disease.

RAW Forest Foods Pine Pollen Tincture is a professional grade. We start with the highest quality Pine (Pinus massoniana) Pollen available--the same Pine Pollen we use in all our products--and extract the pollen at a 1:2 ratio. This ratio makes all the difference. Most tinctures are a 1:4 or a 1:5 extraction ratio. The lower the difference between the two numbers means a higher dose. A 1:2 extract is TWICE as potent as a 1:4 extract. We know that our customers deserve a potent, professional grade tincture, and that is what we offer. The Pine Pollen is extract in grain and grape alcohols, and are vegan and gluten free. Additionally, all of our tinctures are bottled in high quality violet glass, and are available in both 2 and 4 ounce bottles.

Indications and Benefits of our Pine Pollen Tincture

Modern science is beginning to validate what the Chinese have known about Pine Pollen for nearly 3000, that Pine Pollen is a potent anti-aging food which specifically targets many of the common complaints about aging. Pine Pollen has been used to:

  • Promotes longevity with specific anti-aging compounds;
  • Dramatically improves your vitality and stamina;
  • Raises low testosterone in men;
  • Increase male fertility by raising sperm count;
  • Combats and reverses the effects of Andropause;
  • Balances the Estrogen to Testosterone ratio in Women and Men;
  • Prevents prostate disease;
  • Promotes liver cell activity aiding in liver detoxification and rehabilitation;
  • Regulates metabolism;
  • Increases energy unlike any other food or supplement can;
  • Improves muscle tone;
  • Eliminates sexual dysfunction due to low androgen levels;
  • Aids in weight management and promotes weight loss;
  • Improves overall health, greatly promoting immune function;
  • Easier and quicker time getting back into shape;
  • Gentle daily cellular detoxification;
  • Burns off brain fog and increases attention span and brain function;
  • Improves skin elasticity (anti-aging);
  • Clears acne;
  • Dissolves and removes age spots on skin and in the body.

However, the actions of our Pine Pollen Tincture are more targeted then the broad actions of the whole food pollen. As we stated above, the tincture contains potent, bio-available amounts of Testosterone, as well as the other androgen hormones, Androstenedione, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), & Androsterone. The high concentration of these hormones makes Pine Pollen Tincture specifically indicated for alleviating symptoms associated with low Testosterone.

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