RAW Pollen Powders

Experience the Power of RAW Pollen Powders

Our array of minimally processed raw pollens are nutritionally potent, easily digestible, and simple to incorporate into your everyday lifestyle. Our extensive experience with Pine Pollen has led us to understand that its remarkable benefits stem from the comprehensive nutritional support it provides, beyond just its phyto-androgens.

Our Selections Include:

  • Farmer of Divinity RAW Camellia Flower Pollen
  • Kunlun Mountain RAW Brassica Flower Pollen
  • Longmen Mountain Sacred Lotus RAW Flower Pollen

These pollens are excellent for customers seeking the benefits of RAW Pine Pollen™ without the phyto-androgens and pro-androgens.

Ideal for post-workout refeeding and support, these RAW Flower Pollens offer deep, corrective nutrition. Simply incorporate them into your daily routine to experience their full benefits.

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Our practice is rooted in tradition, informed by science, and validated through clinical application.

High Integrity

Each ingredient we select and source adheres to the highest standards of purity and efficacy.

Expert and Artisanal

Professionally crafted in the USA within certified organic, FDA CGMP-compliant facilities.

True Formulas

Authentic and effective formulas, meticulously developed by our in-house clinical master herbalists.