Estrogen Detox

Moving Beyond Band-Aid Approaches in Repairing Estrogen Dominance and Healing Testosterone Imbalances
A Research Backed, Well Balanced Approach to Safe and Effective Estrogen Detoxification. Developed for Use by Women and by Men
Estrogen dominance and testosterone imbalances are two of the most prevalent hormone imbalances in the United States. Women with estrogen dominance experience symptoms such as PMS, heavy periods, infertility, and vaginal dryness. Men with testosterone levels below normal may experience low libido, erectile dysfunction, mental health issues (including depression and anger), and fatigue.

Early on, we noticed a large number of people focusing on raising testosterone levels when nothing was wrong with their natural testosterone production.

The culprit was not low levels of testosterone. The culprit was high levels of estrogen and estradiol.

True, raising testosterone to improve the ratio of testosterone to estrogen may help in the short run, but it is nothing more than a Band-Aid approach.

We don’t like Band-Aid approaches. We like solutions.

Not satisfied with the standard approach of simply covering up a problem, we began searching for a solution.
Enter Peak Performance Estrogen Detox
The objective began easy enough: To find a product to recommend to people.

It quickly became evident that no such product existed. There was no single product on the market that we could, in good conscious, recommend to people.

We were searching for a sophisticated and nuanced approach that demonstrated an advanced understanding of physiology, and in particular, a product that addressed the true causes of estrogen dominance and estrogen toxicity.
Peak Performance Estrogen Detox Helps Address the True Causes of Estrogen Dominance and Estrogen Toxicity
Peak Performance Estrogen Detoxification Protocol
Peak Performance Estrogen Detox
120 Capsules — Complete Protocol
Peak Performance Estrogen Detox
“Tests show that my condition of Estrogen Dominance has resolved."

"My estrogen is now within the normal range. This is very important for me since I had a cancer that was 100% ER positive. I have been taking Peak Performance for about 9 mos.”
— Eileen
Anti-aging & Fitness Stack
"I use this as part of my anti-aging and fitness stack ... I have had verifiable testosterone gains from the low 500s to the high 700s with the use only of herbs and nothing synthetic.”

“My free testosterone is high and estrogen is low. More subjectively I am able to work out harder and recover much faster.”
— Kai Tomlinson
Peak Performance for Estrogen Detoxification
Estrogen Detoxification
Peak Performance Estrogen Detox for Men and Women
Developed for Men and Women
Peak Performance for Estrogen Detox is a complete protocol
Complete Protocol
Peak Performance for Estrogen Detox is an enhanced formula
Enhanced Formula
Peak Performance for Estrogen Detox for prostate health support
Prostate Health Support
Peak Performance for Estrogen Detox easy to use
Easy to Use Capsules
A Sophistical Approach Demonstrating a Sophisticated Understanding
We never found a product that we could recommend to people, so we developed the solution ourselves.

Peak Performance Estrogen Detox accurately addresses high levels of estrogen due to estrogen dominance and estrogen toxicity through supporting:
1. Cellular release of stored estrogen;

2. Reducing the body’s production (aromatization) of estrogen and estradiol;

3. Liver health and Phase I and Phase II detoxification pathways;

4. Final elimination of stored estrogen by the body, endogenous and exogenous estrogen, including phyto-estrogen and synthetic xeno-estrogen;

5. Decreasing the detrimental effects of detoxification and protecting against estrogen reuptake;

6. Facilitating a safe and effective, holistic approach to estrogen detoxification.*
We’re still not completely sure why no other product exists on the market that does what Peak Performance Estrogen Detox does (but we have our guesses).
Peak Performance Estrogen Detox. Constantly Evolving—Just Like You
Peak Performance Estrogen Detox
Peak Performance Estrogen Detox
120 Capsules — Complete Protocol
Master Formulated for Peak Performance
We are constantly striving to make Peak Performance Estrogen Detox a better product for you—with enhanced detoxification and even more protective support for the body.

With 13 active ingredients—and with dosages high enough to be effective, this third iteration of Peak Performance Estrogen Detox works synergistically to aid estrogen detoxification, reduce the production of estradiol, protect against reuptake, eliminate stored estrogen from the body, and to protect and enhance health while doing so.
The Formula

In addressing estrogen dominance and supporting detoxification, Peak Performance Estrogen Detox functions on multiple levels with a synergistic formulation of 16 active ingredients:

Calcium D-Glucarate — 1,497 mg;


Chrysin (5,7-dihydroxyflavone; Std. Bee Propolis) — 225 mg;


Indole 3-carbinol (I3C) (Brassica oleracea) — 175 mg;


Citrus Flavonoids (Citrus aurantium) — 150 mg;


ß-Sitosterol (Urtica dioica; Std. to 80% ß-Sitosterol) — 125 mg;


DIM (Diindolylmethane) — 100 mg;


Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera; Std. 95% Polyphenols) — 100 mg;


Green Tea Extract (Camelia sinensis; Leaf);


Setria® L-Gluthathion — 100 mg;


Milk Thistle Seed Extract (Silybum marianum; Std. 80% Silymarin) — 100 mg;


Chamomile Extract (Matricaria recutita; Std. 1.2% Apigenin) — 50 mg;


Fenugreek Seed (Trigonella foenum-graecum) — 50 mg;


Resveratrol — 50 mg;


Broccoli Seed Extract (Std. 12% Sulforaphane) — 30 mg;


Black Pepper Fruit Extract (Piper nigrum; Std. to 95% Piperine) — 20 mg;


Selenium (From 4 mg amino acid chelate) — 200 mcg.

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