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Peak Performance Estrogen Detox

Moving Beyond Band-Aid Solutions To Balancing Estrogenic Hormones

Peak Performance Estrogen DetoxWe noticed the trend that many our customers were arriving at RAW Forest Foods with the goal of raising testosterone—not because their testosterone levels were low, but because their estrogen levels were high. Increasing testosterone levels can balance the ratio between the two, but we wanted to address the root cause of the problem: High levels of estrogenic hormones.

✖  High levels of estrogenic hormones is a concern for men and for women, and not just through the lens of testosterone.

Our intention was finding a holistic, comprehensive product to recommend to customers. Something we would use ourselves. But absolutly nothing existed. So we developed Estrogen Detox. Now on its third iteration, Peak Performance Estrogen Detox addresses estrogen detoxification, aromatization, liver health, all while promoting full body wellness.* Developed to meet the goals of men and women alike, Peak Performance Estrogen Detox is strategically positioned within our full line of tonic, adaptogenic, and pro-androgenic herbs.

Peak Performance Estrogen Detox now contains 13 active ingredients, working synergistically to aid estrogen detoxification, including Calcium D-Glucarate, Chrysin, Indole-3-carbinol, Citrus Flavonoids, ß-Sitosterol, Green Tea Extract, DIM, Milk Thistle Seed Extract, Chamomile (Apigenin), Sulforaphane Glucosinolate, and Selenium.*

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    Peak Performance Estrogen Detox Capsules

    Peak Performance Estrogen Detox ✖  Total estrogen detoxification—expert formulated for men and women ✖  Third generation Peak Performance Estrogen Detox. We keep making it better for you ✖  Now contains 13 active ingredients,...

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