About Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen™

Wellness Through Quality and Tradition

Pine Pollen is central to our identity at RAW Forest Foods—it's the heart of who we are. We are dedicated to bringing you Pine Pollen of the highest quality and authenticity, and that begins with our commitment to sourcing. We create our flagship Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen™ by traveling to the lush, remote mountain forests of China, where the Pinus massoniana pine tree flourishes, to personally connect with the wild-harvesters, processors, and—above all else—the natural origins of our Pine Pollen.

Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen™ honors tradition and integrity in herbal medicine and wellness. We adhere to the principles of Daodi sourcing and combine them with scientific precision to provide you with the highest-quality Pine Pollen available—a true celebration of nature's vitality, wisdom, and inherent potential for healing.

Origins Born Out of Necessity

The absence of any domestic source for raw pollen compelled us to source Pine Pollen directly from its native habitat in the pristine, rigorously-protected region of Chun'an County, China.

Our dedication to hands-on involvement is evident in our personal interactions with the mountain villagers who wild-harvest our Pine Pollen each spring. We've visited the remote village where they reside and the forests where they harvest our Pine Pollen, forging strong relationships along the way. Our personal connections with local harvesters ensure that we provide truly single origin Pine Pollen.

The Beauty of Single Origin Pine Pollen

From our RAW Pine Pollen™ Powder to our professional-grade, dual-extraction RAW Pine Pollen Tinctures, each product we hand-craft embodies the essence of spring, vitality, and the healing power of nature—all combined to with our commitment to excellence. When sourced and prepared correctly, Pine Pollen becomes the nectar of the mountains.

<p>Souring Authentic Wild-Harvest Pine Pollen</p>

Souring Authentic Wild-Harvest Pine Pollen

<p>On-Site Verification</p>

On-Site Verification

<p>Pine Pollen in the Daodi Tradition</p>

Pine Pollen in the Daodi Tradition

The Original Forest Tonic: Unlocking the Benefits of Pine Pollen


Our tinctures are unparalleled in capturing the inherent phytoandrogenic properties of Pine Pollen.

Functional food

RAW Pine Pollen™ is the optimal choice for incorporating Pine Pollen as a functional food.


Pine Pollen Extract combines the nutritional benefits of RAW Pine Pollen with the phytoandrogens found in our tinctures.

Single Origin Pine Pollen

All of our Pine Pollen products are hand-crafted from site-verified, single origin Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen™.

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Ensuring Pine Pollen of the Highest Integrity

Our profound appreciation for Pine Pollen extends beyond its role as an ingredient; to us, it's both a phytotherapeutic treasure and a celebration of life itself. Each harvest of Pine Pollen, and every moment we engage with and consume it, symbolizes the promise of the arrival of spring, celebrating and embodying all the vitality and promise this season represents.

Pine Pollen serves as the physical embodiment of this spring energy. Pine trees pollinate early in the season, and their robust plant sterols—phytoandrogens—blanket the forest floor, nurturing the resurgence of life in the wake of winter.

Pine Pollen as an Ethos of Commitment

By unwaveringly adhering to the rigorous principles of Daodi and exclusively selecting the Pinus massoniana species of pine tree, we guarantee Pine Pollen of the highest integrity. This commitment spans from the remote forests where it is meticulously harvested to the careful processing that preserves its innate qualities.

Creating RAW Pine Pollen™: Wild-Harvesting as a Labor of Love

Our dedication to hands-on involvement is evident in our personal interactions with the villagers who wild-harvest our Pine Pollen. Every spring, within a crucial three-day window at peak potency, our local wild-crafters expertly harvest our Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen™ from the surrounding forests of their remote village.

Harvesting Pine Pollen is an intricate labor of love. Precise timing ensures the utmost potency, reflecting our deep respect for natural rhythms and the significance of environmental harmony.

Preserving Essence and Vitality: Drying and Cleaning RAW Pine Pollen™

The processing of Pine Pollen is executed with the same meticulous care as harvesting.

After collection, the Pine Pollen is carefully dried and transported to our workshop, where it undergoes a thorough cleaning and fracturing process. This low-temperature technique significantly enhances digestibility, bringing the otherwise indigestible raw pollen to an impressive 99% digestibility—all while preserving the vital enzymes and coenzymes inherent in Pine Pollen. This method exemplifies our unwavering commitment to preserving the natural integrity of our ingredients.

Navigating Quality Standards in China With Global Sourcing and Concern for the Environment

At RAW Forest Foods, we understand and share global concerns about environmental pollutants in herbs, particularly those sourced from China. Our approach is defined by diligence and transparency.

China's regulatory framework for medicinal herb cultivation is notably comprehensive. Initiatives like the Fourth National Survey of Chinese Materia Medica Resources set meticulous standards for sustainable harvesting, pesticide control, soil quality, and regular contaminant monitoring. This framework encompasses strict guidelines to preserve ecological balance, stringent controls on pesticide usage to prevent contamination, and rigorous enforcement of soil quality standards to ensure the purity and safety of herbs.

Sustainable Pine Pollen

These efforts ensure our RAW Pine Pollen™ is of superior quality while also embodying our respect for environmental protection and traditional herbal wisdom. By selectively working only with growers and processors who adhere to these rigorous standards, we uphold China's rich tradition of medicinal herb cultivation, contributing to the industry's sustainable and ethical development.

When negligent and unscrupulous companies, whether acting intentionally or through incompetence and ignorance, offer ingredients and products of subpar quality, they not only provide ineffective products but also damage the rich traditions of healing and herbal medicine we strive to embrace, uphold, and celebrate.

Embracing Nature's Bounty With Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen™

Celebrate with us as we proudly present our meticulously sourced Pine Pollen—a testament to our commitment to authenticity, nature's inherent wisdom to heal, and the promise of spring renewal that Pine Pollen offers.

The Trail Journal

RAW Forest Foods began as a blog documenting Ryan’s use of Pine Pollen in his recovery from Lyme Disease. What started as a personal journey has now grown into our company, with the blog evolving into The Trail Journal. Here, we continue to document our wellness journey through Pine Pollen and other natural solutions.