How to Use Our Products

With a little practice and the dedication to create a routine, it can be incredibly easy—and even fun—to integrate our products (tinctures, extract powders, RAW pollen powders, and capsules and tablets) into your daily practice.

At RAW Forest Foods, we offer many of our products in a variety of forms, making integration into your daily routine as easy as possible. We do this to:

  • Cater to everyone’s particular and specific needs. Some people like capsules more than powders, or tinctures more than capsules;
  • Maximize certain properties of certain herbs. For example, tinctures to best leverage the the phyto-androgens present in Pine Pollen;
  • Preserve the nutritional profile of our RAW Pollens—including RAW Pine Pollen™;
  • Facilitate ease of use. Some herbs are bitter! And some people don’t like that—taking capsules are great option here (I’m looking in your direction, Shilajit and Tongkat Ali).

As we love to say, a product that sits in your cupboard is of little use to you.

To both celebrate and inform, we worked with a friend and artist to produce these illustrations to provide a guide to using our products.

Tinctures: How to Use and Take a Tincture

How to Use Pine Pollen Tinctures

There are many ways to use tinctures—and the right way is the way that works for you. Once, I made chocolate bars infused with a tincture. So while the possibilities are vast, there are really only two common ways to take a tincture: Adding them to water or placing them directly under the tongue and holding them sublingually. 

To take a tincture, all you have to do is fill a glass up with several ounces of water, use the dropper to measure and dispense the amount of tincture you are taking, and then drink. Once you give it a shot, it is very simple process.

To minimize the taste of alcohol in tinctures (for people who are averse to the alcohol content or taste), place the amount of tincture you are taking in an empty glass, bring water to a boil and pour that in the glass with the tincture in it. The hot water will help dissipate the alcohol out of the tincture and it will taste a lot less alcoholic.

With that said, many people just squirt the dropper of tincture right into their mouth. Some then wash it down with a little water, and some placing the tincture under the tongue and holding it there for several minutes. This allows the alcoholic medicinal compounds to enter the general blood supply directly through the capillaries in the mouth.

Whatever works for you, tinctures are easy and very effective.

Extract Powders: How to Use and Take Extract Powders

How to Use Extract Powders

Most of the products we offer are extract powders of different medicinal herbs and fungi. Powder extracts are potent (all of ours are at least a 10:1 concentration), they have a long, stable shelf life, and they are highly digestible.

All you have to do is add the extract to hot water and drink. Even mushrooms like Reishi and Chaga, when in their unextracted state are almost completely indigestible, completely digestible once extracted.

At RAW Forest Foods, our favorite way to use powdered extracts is just to combine them with four ounces (or so) of hot water, add the extracts to the hot water, stir to dissolve, and drink like a tea. Most powdered extracts have a nice earthy flavor, and some are really delicious, like our TapRoot Deep Jing formula.

Sometimes, when I'm feeling decadent, I will make a "herbal latte" by first making a strong mug of Dandy Blend (a dandelion based coffee alternative that is awesome and even helps clear Heat and Dampness from the body), with 2 tablespoons of Dandy Blend to 12 - 16 ounces of very hot water, adding the powdered extracts I am taking, and then adding something like coconut creamer.

With the bitter extracts (Reishi, Shilajit, Tongkat Ali) I will add a little stevia to sweeten and take the bitter edge off.

RAW Pollen Powders: How to Use and Take RAW Pollen Powders

How to Use RAW Pine Pollen

All you have to do to use RAW Pollens is to combine them with water and drink.

All of our RAW Pollen Powders (RAW Brassica Flower Pollen, RAW Green Tea (Camellia) Flower Pollen, Sacred Lotus Flower Pollen, and RAW Pine Pollen™) have a pleasant flavor, and you can just add them to your water bottle, shake up well, and drink it as you normally would drink water—sip, gulp, or chug, whatever you like. It doesn't matter.

And this is how we most commonly use our RAW Pollens at RAW Forest Foods: Just adding them to our water bottles and drinking throughout the day. RAW Pine Pollen™ works great before and during a workout and our RAW Green Tea Flower Pollen works great as a post-workout recovery drink.

The RAW Flower Pollens have a tendency to clump up (Brassica, Green Tea, and Lotus), even though they are all cracked cell wall just like our Pine Pollen. Most people are not bothered by this, but if you are, try either blending them in a blender, or adding them to a blender bottle (commonly used for mixing protein powder). This will get them nice and smooth—fully dispersed into the water.

And of course, if this is too much trouble, our RAW Pine Pollen™ is available in capsules and tablets.

Capsules and Tablets: How to Use and Take Capsules and Tablets

How to Use Capsules and Tablets

Sometimes all of the above is too much work and sometimes herbs can be really bitter. Capsules help. And because taking capsules and tablets is familiar to many people, they can make getting started with medicinal herbs pretty straightforward. There is no learning curve with learning how to use them.

Following the directions printed on the label, count out how many capsules you'll be using and then take them with a glass of water. Of course, chances are you are already very familiar with this.

Our RAW Pine Pollen™ Tablets are a little different. These are actually chewable. While you can take them whole like you would any other capsule or tablet, these make what we like to call a Superfood Candy. They work great for keeping in the car or in a desk drawer.

Again, with all of our capsules, just measure out how many you want to take and take those with a glass of water.

All of our products are best taken on an empty stomach, preferable with no food having been consumed in the previous several hours (3+) and before anything is consumed for the next 30 minutes. This greatly increases digestion and absorption of the products and you will notice a difference.

Be Sure to Make it Fun

Regardless of how you choose to use your medicinal herbs, fungi, and pollens, you want to make sure it is enjoyable--even a little celebratory. Taking care of yourself and increasing health is not supposed to be a drag. It isn't supposed to hurt. And this is true with using these types of medicinal extracts.

By finding enjoyment in taking care of ourselves, we not only add more joy to our lives (one of the most potent medicines known), but we also increase the likelihood that we will keep the activity up. So, whatever you do, be sure to make it fun.

The information provided on this page and throughout our website is offered strictly as educational. This content is not intended as—and nor should it be taken or assumed as—medical, or any other type of diagnostic, recommendation, or advice.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Please consult our full Terms and Conditions for more information.

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