Philosophy and Theory

The Foundations of Our Practice

At RAW Forest Foods, we draw upon time-honored traditions of health, healing, and longevity. Our practices are firmly rooted in Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), Ayurveda, and other traditional systems.

Central to our philosophy is the integration of these ancient practices with contemporary scientific insights to create products that are both effective and authentic.

We combine our reverence for tradition with modern sustainability efforts. Our sourcing strategies align with ecological conservation, ensuring that our practices are respectful of ancient methods while contributing positively to today’s environmental and social landscapes.

Daodi Ingredient Sourcing

Daodi sourcing ensures herbs are harvested from their native environments, maximizing potency and authenticity. This traditional method guarantees that our products provide foundational health benefits and targeted therapeutic effects, reflecting the highest standards of Chinese medicine.

Jun-Chen-Zuo-Shi Formulation

The Jun-Chen-Zuo-Shi formulation principles in Classical Chinese Medicine categorize herbs into four roles, creating balanced and effective formulas. This system crafts holistic and synergistic herbal blends, ensuring comprehensive and targeted therapeutic effects.

The Three Levels of Qi

Wei Qi (Defensive), Ying Qi (Nutrient), and Yuan Qi (Original) each play distinct roles in Chinese medicine, guiding treatment strategies and supporting health. Understanding these levels helps address disease etiology and progression guiding specific treatment strategies to support health and well-being.

The Eight Types of Qi

The eight types of Qi in Classical Chinese Medicine, including Zong Qi and Zheng Qi, are essential for sustaining life and health. Learning about their origins, functions, and significance can help you maintain vitality and well-being through informed practices.

Jing and Yuan Qi: Essence and Primary Energy

Jing (Essence) and Yuan Qi (Primary Energy) are crucial for maintaining vitality and well-being. Understanding these foundational concepts in Chinese medicine enables strategies to preserve, nurture, refine, and restore these energies, promoting a balanced, fulfilled, and long life.

Strengthening and Tonifying Herbs

Strengthening (Jian Yao) and tonifying (Bu Yao) herbs in Chinese medicine enhance and refine Qi, supporting health and vitality. Understanding these classifications improves their therapeutic efficacy, ensuring better health outcomes and vitality through precise herbal applications.

Phytoandrogenic and Proandrogenic Herbs

Phytoandrogenic and proandrogenic herbs support and enhance androgen hormone levels, promoting overall health and well-being. Exploring their unique properties and effects can help maintain healthy hormone levels, boost vitality, and support wellness through natural, holistic approaches.

Androgenic Hormone Production

The endocrine system regulates androgenic hormones like testosterone, vital for health. Understanding the biology and physiology of their production, including how proandrogenic herbs and lifestyle modifications impact the endocrine system, enhances hormonal health and overall well-being.