Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules and Powder at RAW Forest Foods

Tongkat Ali Capsules & Powder

Much More than "The Original Indonesian Aphrodisiac"

Tongkat Ali is a tonic, adaptogenic, and pro-androgenic herb of the highest accord—long used in its native home of Indonesia as a libido promoting aphrodisiac.

True and authentic Tongkat Ali is harvested exclusively from the roots of Eurycoma longifolia Jack, and is one of the most interesting, effective, and one of our favorite, pro-androgenic herbs.

But Tongkat Ali is much more than "The Original Indonesian Aphrodisiac." Research into Tongkat Ali continues to reveal a wide-range of potential therapeutic benefits. As a pro-androgenic herb, Tongkat Ali appears to work uniquely with the body to enhance innate (endogenous) testosterone production, which naturally elevates testosterone levels. It does so by stimulating the HPA and HPG axis. What's more, this same research indicates that Tongkat Ali may increase free-testosterone levels and decrease estradiol levels by inhibiting the enzyme aromatase.

RAW Forest Foods offers two different, both absolutely exemplary, Tongkat Ali Extracts: Our Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules, made with equal parts full-spectrum Tongkat Ali Extract (200:1) and isolated Eurycomanone (further fortified with Piperine to increase bioavailability) and our pure Tongkat Ali Bulk Extract Powder.

Because of the unique therapeutic profile of Tongkat Ali Extract, is can be used alone and it can be used in conjunction with other powerful pro-androgenic herbs, including our complete collection of Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen.

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