Facilities and Production

Dedication to Quality and Purity at RAW Forest Foods

At RAW Forest Foods, we take immense pride in being a small company that exemplifies a profound commitment to quality in every aspect of our operations. From manufacturing our products to sourcing our ingredients, our dedication to excellence is deeply rooted in every meticulous step we take. Our careful selection of raw materials and professional, domestic processing imbue our products with a steadfast dedication to authenticity and purity that defines our ethos.

Sourcing Excellence for Superior Wellness Products

Our commitment to exceptional quality begins with our stringent sourcing practices. We meticulously select the majority of our ingredients from the US, North America, and select global locations, adhering firmly to Daodi sourcing principles. This method connects us directly to the lush forests, fertile farms, and abundant fields, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of our raw materials from the very source. By prioritizing wild-harvested and organically cultivated ingredients, we guarantee the purity and efficacy of our products, reflecting our astute attention to detail.

Each step of the production process is documented and audited, from testing and certification of raw ingredients to ensuring correct dosing and even the packaging materials we use.

High Standards of Manufacturing

To uphold our high standards, our products are exclusively manufactured within the US in facilities that meet the most stringent quality and safety standards. These facilities are FDA-registered, NSF cGMP compliant, and certified organic. All our ingredients are tested for identification before processing, with master manufacturing records documented and audited throughout the production process. This ensures that the final product contains exactly what is indicated on the supplement facts panels. Additionally, by working in cooperation with our processing partners, we minimize the use of inert ingredients in our extract powders, a step that is rare in the industry. Our rigorous quality control includes testing for pesticide residues, heavy metal contamination, and microbial contaminants.

This stringent approach to quality control is a cornerstone of our production process, ensuring that every product meets our exacting standards.

Professional Partnerships at RAW Forest Foods

The manufacturing of our products is carried out through esteemed production partnerships in the US. This strategic collaboration allows us to harness a level of professionalism and production quality that might otherwise be out of reach for a small business on its own. Each facility we partner with is USDA certified organic and FDA registered, further endorsed by the National Sanitary Foundation’s certification.

By leveraging these strategic production partnerships, we are able to offer our customers an exceptional level of professionalism and quality. This practice allows us to maintain our high standards while staying true to our ethos of meticulous sourcing and precise formulation.

Each product we craft is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, designed to reflect the highest standards of quality and care.

Creating Sustainable Products

We recognize that true sustainability is a continuous journey rather than a final destination. Our commitment lies in constantly refining our processes to minimize environmental impact while crafting products that harmonize our operations and our customers' lives with the natural world. For our customers, this dedication translates into packaging and shipping solutions that increasingly incorporate post-consumer materials and offer curbside recyclable or home compostable options.