Knowledge Tree

Welcome to the Knowledge Tree

At the Knowledge Tree, we connect you with our learning resources to deepen your understanding of herbal medicine. Our comprehensive guides and articles cover a wide range of topics, from foundational philosophies to practical applications and detailed herb monographs.

Philosophy and Theory

We blend ancient herbal traditions with modern scientific insights to create potent and authentic products. Our commitment to sustainability and ecological conservation ensures that every step of our process respects both the environment and the wisdom of the past.

Herbal Materia Medica

Our goal is to help you understand traditional healing methods through detailed herbal documentation and analysis. Explore individual monographs that offer botanical information, ethnobotanical details, and relevant scientific research for Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), Ayurveda, Western, and other healing traditions.

Extractions and Processing

Understanding the techniques and methods behind herbal extractions and processing is crucial for the quality and efficacy of our remedies. Here, we provide insights into various extraction methods, ensuring you are well-informed about the processes that enhance the potency and benefits of herbs and fungi.

Product Preparation and Use

Find comprehensive instructions on the practical side of using herbal medicine and phytotherapeutic herbs, including how to use extract powders, capsules, tablets, tinctures, and raw pollen powders. Our diverse forms ensure personalization, maximize benefits, and preserve nutritional integrity for a joyful and effective health journey.

DIY Guides

Discover individual DIY guides crafted for the home medicine maker, including how to make glycerine tinctures at home and use our Tincture Recipe Calculator. Gain practical skills and confidence in working with herbs through our tips and ideas.

Product Guidebooks

These guidebooks help you find the best herbal phytotherapeutics, tailored by specific interests. Explore adaptogens and tonics, herbs for estrogen detoxification, female-friendly herbs, immune system health, proandrogenics, libido and desire, prostate health, and functional nutrition.

Lifestyle Approaches

At RAW Forest Foods, we empower you with curated content so you can live your healthiest life. Check out individual articles on lifestyle approaches to support wellness, vitality, and longevity, including supporting androgenic hormone levels and estrogen detoxification.

Herbal Glossary

Our comprehensive Herbal Glossary provides essential concepts and terminologies related to herbal medicine. Explore detailed classifications, traditional practices, and botanical science to deepen your understanding of the therapeutic use of herbs.