Navigating Our Catalog by Ingredient

Including Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen, Stinging Nettle Root Extracts, Medicinal Mushrooms, and More

If you know the specific herb or ingredient you're looking for, start here to narrow your search and discover your perfect products.

Whether it's a specific ingredient—such as our Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen or our Våren Forest Nettle Root Extracts—or something more general, like our Medicinal Mushrooms, if you know what you're looking for then this is the perfect place to start.

Additionally, the Product Guides are organized into eight functional groups, including Prostate Health, Female Friendly, Pro-Androgenics, and Tonics and Adaptogens. This benefits many customers that are just beginning to learn about medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements.

For those who want to focus on one type of product, we've also categorized our catalog by Product Type (such as Capsules & Tablets and Tinctures).

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