Extraction and Processing

Techniques and Methods in Product Development

At RAW Forest Foods, we believe that understanding the techniques and methods behind herbal extractions and processing is crucial for ensuring the quality and efficacy of our products. Here, we provide insights into various extraction methods, helping you stay well-informed about the processes that enhance the potency and benefits of herbs and fungi.

Alcohol Extract Powders

Discover the meticulous process of creating alcohol extract powders, where alcohol serves as a solvent to extract and concentrate the active compounds from herbs.

Hot Water Extract Powders

Explore the hot water extraction method, which utilizes boiling water to extract water-soluble compounds from herbs and fungi.

Ultra-Pure Chun Fen Extract Powders

Learn about the ultra-pure Chun Fen extraction method, producing highly concentrated and pure extract powders for maximum efficacy.

Dual-Stage Extraction Tinctures

Understand the dual-stage extraction process, which combines both water and alcohol extractions to capture a broader spectrum of active compounds from herbs.

Tincture Extraction Ratios

Gain insights into the importance of tincture extraction ratios, determining the concentration of active compounds in the final product. Discover how different ratios achieve specific therapeutic outcomes.

Solvent Choices for Effective Tincturing

Investigate the various solvent choices for tincturing, including alcohol, glycerin, and vinegar, and their impact on the final product's quality and potency.

Cracked Cell Wall RAW Pollen Powders

Learn about the benefits and methods of producing cracked cell wall RAW pollen powders. This technique enhances the bioavailability of nutrients and active compounds by breaking the tough outer cell wall of pollen grains.

Functional Mushroom and Fungi Extraction

Examine the proper methods used to extract beneficial compounds from functional mushrooms and fungi, ensuring maximum potency and health benefits.

Essential Oil Classification and Extractions

Discover the process of essential oil extraction and the classification of different types of essential oils. Learn about the techniques used to obtain these potent aromatic compounds and their applications in herbal medicine.