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Posted by Ryan Wade on Aug 03, 2021

Emphasizing Quality Over the Allure of New Over the next week we will be re-launching several of our—and your—favorite products. These changes are inline with our main product development focus at RAW Forest Foods: Bringing subtle yet important improvements to the products and formulas already present in the catalog. In a world of more, more, more, we are making a concerted effort to emphasize quality over quantity in offering new produc… Read more

Posted by Ryan Wade on Jul 08, 2021

Do Pine Needles Prevent Viral Shedding Due to COVID Vaccination? The issue of viral shedding as a result of COVID-19 vaccination has become somewhat of a—well—viral topic. This has been placed on our radar here at RAW Forest Foods due to the misinformation claiming that pine needles, specifically pine needles from the white pine tree (Pinus strobus) contain a synthetic compound known as suramin.Below, I will address both the s… Read more

Posted by Ryan Wade on Jan 25, 2021

Nettle Root and Hormones: Moving Beyond Nettle Leaf and Using Nettle Root to Support Endocrine Health Many people that have spent time in the forests and in woods are already familiar with the bite of Stinging Nettle and many women are already familiar with the therapeutic uses and health benefits of Nettle Leaf. Here, we are going to explore the use of Nettle Root for supporting women's hormonal health, including important benefit… Read more
We wanted to know if vitamin D supplementation could help prevent and fight COVID-19 infection. So we hit the books, did the research, and here are the results—provided as a resource to help you decide if vitamin D supplementation is right for you. Since the early days of the pandemic, I have been closely following the research on the relationship between vitamin D and COVID-19. And now, a solid 8 months into the pandemic in the US, thi… Read more