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We wanted to know if vitamin D supplementation could help prevent and fight COVID-19 infection. So we hit the books, did the research, and here are the results—provided as a resource to help you decide if vitamin D supplementation is right for you. Since the early days of the pandemic, I have been closely following the research on the relationship between vitamin D and COVID-19. And now, a solid 8 months into the pandemic in the US, thi… Read more

Posted by Ryan Wade on Aug 31, 2020

Tongkat Ali: Much More Than "The Original Indonesian Aphrodisiac" Over the years—through our website and through Amazon—our Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules are consistently a top selling product. And for good reason: Not only is Tongkat Ali an outstanding Pro-Androgenic herb, but the Tongkat Ali that goes into our products (either our bulk powder pouches or our extract capsules) is always of the highest quality and integrity. We've long… Read more

Posted by Ryan Wade on Aug 20, 2020

The Androgenic ApproachUnderstanding the Three Classes of Pro-androgenic Herbs The androgenic approach both encompasses therapeutic pro-androgenic herbs (such as Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen) and diet and lifestyle modifications (more on this later). And while the approach does breach the levy of simply taking something—whether that be pro-androgenic herbs, other nutritional and dietary supplements, and even pharmaceutical approaches and in… Read more

Posted by Ryan Wade on Feb 17, 2020

We receive a lot (and I mean a lot) of questions regarding libido. Specifically, how to raise it. In my ten years of experience with RAW Forest Foods, I have become steadily more convinced that in thinking about libido, the question to ask is about sleep. Before anything else, sleep is the number one—the main—focus. There is no point in going further with strategies and interventions until sleep is sorted. Unfortunately, there is really no s… Read more