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Posted by Ryan Wade on Dec 30, 2019

This has been an incredibly exciting year at RAW Forest Foods. While in the past we have tended to focus on new products and new formulas, we instead spent the majority of this past year focused on improving those products we already have—and the results have been tremendous. In fact, I have never been so proud of our products as I am right now. A big change in 2019 was the introduction of our unstandardized Pine Pollen Extract Powder.… Read more

Posted by Ryan Wade on Dec 19, 2019

The 21st of December (11:19pm EST to be exact) brings us the Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year. And while the Winter Solstice marks the return of longer days ahead—the sun reaching higher and higher into the sky—it also marks the true beginning of winter. It is, after all, still Fall, and as I write this right now, the temperature is reading 8 degree Fahrenheit. We’re in the middle of it. The seasonal change offers a point of… Read more

Posted by Ryan Wade on Nov 13, 2019

Don't trust the misinformed and the disingenuous. In the world of health—of which RAW Forest Foods stands proudly within—maltodextrin is a bit of a dirty word. In reality, maltodextrin is more of a dirty secret than something to be concerned about. But first, what even is maltodextrin? While maltodextrin has gained a bad reputation, it is actually a fairly inert substance. Essentially a powdered food starch, maltodextrin is quickly absorb… Read more
Although many people think pine pollen is exclusively for men, the remarkable superfood is actually beneficial for everyone. It has an astounding nutrient profile almost unlike anything else in the world and with it comes a wealth of health and wellness benefits which everyone can take advantage of. Plus, since it’s available in RAW pine pollen powder, tablet, capsule and tincture forms, it’s easy for anyone to incorporate into their lifestyle.If… Read more