About RAW Forest Foods

People choose RAW Forest Foods because they are searching for products with integrity—ingredients sourced for their quality and effectiveness, offered as single herbs or as master formulations, all prepared by professionals. Simply put, people choose RAW Forest Foods because they demand the best products. 

RAW Forest Foods offers our family of customers building blocks for optimum health and wellness: Physically, mentally, and spiritually. These are Superior Products for Regenerative Wellness.

Humble Beginnings

In the spring of 2000, we began a journey to find the highest quality, purest, most potent pine pollen on the market. After completing an intensive search, we were left empty handed: no such place existed in the US. No one was even offering powdered pine pollen.
Branching outside the domestic market, we were able to find sources for pine pollen. Eventually, we found a clean source that met our own personal high standards. After using pine pollen assist with recovery from Lyme Disease (and its co-infections), realizing the vast potential pine pollen holds for the health of others, we founded RAW Forest Foods with the clear objective to help people find and use RAW Pine Pollen and Pine Pollen Tincture.

Our products have had a dramatic, positive change in our own lives, and we hope you will gain the same benefit from them.

Expanding Beyond Pine Pollen

Since those humble beginning, we have broadened our scope with a strict commitment to our original values: We find and formulate products that meet our obsessively high standards, products steeped in tradition, science, integrity, and quality. We then share those products with our customers at the best possible price. We're selfish, because we really, really love using our own products and we really, really love offering them to our customers.

A Deep Commitment to Quality

All of the ingredients used in RAW Forest Foods products are carefully hand selected, purchased from FDA cGMP and/or registered ISO 9001:2008 facilities.

The vast majority of our ingredients are either certified organic or are ethically and ecologically wild-harvested.

We process and manufacture all of our products domestically, in a FDA cGMP facility. All herbs (powders, tincture, and capsules) are processed in a certified organic facility.

The RAW Forest Foods Team

RAW Forest Foods was founded by Ryan Wade, who still works tirelessly every day to continually mold and shape RAW Forest Foods. He works closely with customers to develop new products and refine old products.

A dedicated support team that works diligently to provide you with the best customer experience. Jasmin is the newest addition to our team  our office manager and lead customer service rep. Kellie is our shipping coordinator, and she ensures all orders are packed well and that they go out on time. Charles is our raw ingredient scout. He is based in China and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in university. We have a truly unique team that sets our products ahead of others.

The entire RAW Forest Foods team is committed to providing our customers with outstanding service and the highest quality products on the market.