Nettle Root Extracts

Våren Forest Nettle Root Extracts—Made with Clinical Grade Stinging Nettle Root

What began as a single Nettle Root Extract has grown into a complete line of Våren Forest Nettle Root Extracts. They’re among our most popular, best-selling products — and for good reason, too. A myriad of nettle root benefits makes them an excellent addition to your protocol.

Nettle root extract is indispensable in supporting male reproductive health, and nettle root is an ideal companion to Pine Pollen. We love the union of the two so much that you'll find many of our Våren Forest Nettle Root products contain both nettle root and Pine Pollen extracts.

Full Spectrum Nettle Root Extracts, Isolated ß-Sitosterol And Integrative Nettle Root and Pine Pollen Formulas
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