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Nettle Root Extracts

Full Spectrum Extracts, Isolated ß-Sitosterol, and Integrative Formulas

Nettle Root ExtractsWhat began as offering our customers a single, high potency Nettle Root Powdered Extract, has grown into our full line of Våren Forest Nettle Root Extracts. Our Nettle Root Extracts are among our most popular, best selling products. And for good reason. They're an excellent addition to your protocol.

✖  Nettle Root is know as The Male Herbal Ally, and has long been used to support male reproductive health.

The common Stinging Nettle Root (known botanically as Radix Urtica dioica) contains many compounds, one of which is ß-Sitosterol (Beta-Sitosterol), and many of the benefits of Nettle Root are due to ß-Sitosterol. This issue is that in the unextracted root, ß-Sitosterol is present in levels too low to be of any therapeutic benefit. As such, potent Nettle Root extracts are essential in gaining any medicinal properties from them. You'll find these potent extracts here.

We consider Nettle Root to be indispensable in supporting male reproductive health, and Nettle Root is an ideal companion to Pine Pollen. In fact, we love the union of the two so much that you'll find many of our Våren Forest Nettle Root products contain both Nettle Root and Pine Pollen Extracts.