Unstandardized Extracts

Unstandardized Extracts

A Dedication to Excellence Over Quantity

In the upcoming week, we are thrilled to reintroduce a curated selection of our beloved products and customer favorites. These updates epitomize our central focus on product development at RAW Forest Foods: making nuanced yet substantial enhancements to the items and formulas already part of our catalog. In a world that often prioritizes quantity over quality, we are steadfast in our commitment to delivering the utmost in product excellence rather than overwhelming consumers with a plethora of new options.

Cistanche Tubulosa Extract Powder for sale at RAW Forest FoodsLost Desert Oasis Cistanche tubulosa Extract

Back in the spring of 2012, RAW Forest Foods proudly introduced Cistanche tubulosa, becoming the first company in the US to offer this important adaptogenic and pro-androgenic herb. Though at the time, I may not have fully grasped the true significance of Cistanche tubulosa and its profound impact on our valued customers.

Since its introduction, we have maintained the product with only minor changes, primarily increasing the package size. However, we have now made a remarkable upgrade to the extraction potency, elevating it from the initial 10x (10:1) to our current 50:1 unstandardized extract, consistent with our Pine Pollen Extract and Nettle Root Extract.

Fundamentally, Cistanche tubulosa is an adaptogen, harmonizing with the body to promote overall health and well-being.

What is an Adaptogenic Herb?

Adaptogenic herbs (adaptogens) belong to a class of plants that assist the body in adapting to various physical, chemical, and environmental stressors. This important class of therapeutic herbs has a normalizing effect on the body's physiological processes, aiding in restoring balance and homeostasis. Drawing from centuries of use in traditional medicine systems, such as Chinese and Ayurvedic practices, adaptogenic herbs are renowned for their ability to support the body's natural healing mechanisms. Some notable examples include ginseng, ashwagandha, and rhodiola. These potent herbs can bolster the body's ability to handle stress, enhance energy and stamina, and contribute to overall well-being.

Cistanche tubulosa as an Adaptogenic and Pro-Androgenic Herb

In the realm of Chinese medicine, Cistanche, or Rou Cong Rong (肉苁蓉), is renowned for its nourishing effects on the Kidney, Jing, Marrow, and, in women, the ability to warm the uterus. Such actions beautifully exemplify the regenerative potential of Cistanche at the core of our health.

Cistanche has also undergone extensive contemporary research, with studies suggesting a broad range of potential benefits, including improved circulation, protection of brain health, bolstering immunity, enhancing endocrine function, and promoting skin health.

While it is inevitable that the price of this product will rise due to the significant 5x increase in potency, resulting in higher production costs, we want to assure you that we are keeping the price increase only to what is essential to cover the additional extraction costs.

For more insights into the Cistanche tubulosa, we invite you to visit the Lost Desert Oasis Cistanche tubulosaExtract Powder product page.

Tahna Prana Elevated Tongkat Ali Extract Powder

Our family of customers is well aware of our inclination towards broad, full-spectrum extracts over isolated ones, and this holds particularly true for Tongkat Ali.

As I delve deeper into the research papers on Tongkat Ali and explore the herb's potential, I am increasingly convinced of the benefits of utilizing a full-spectrum extract, such as our 200:1 preparation.

This preference for a broad-spectrum extract arises from the fact that when sourced from true Eurycoma longifolia, Tongkat Ali boasts a wide array of potential therapeutic advantages. To fully capitalize on the herb's comprehensive offerings, capturing all its bioactive compounds becomes imperative.

Research on Tongkat Ali has unveiled its potential for:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects;
  • Antiviral properties;
  • Increased dopamine (the neurotransmitter responsible for desire and motivation);
  • Improved blood flow;
  • Support for male reproductive health, including prostate well-being;
  • Cognitive enhancement;
  • Boosting the body's natural production of male sex hormones, including testosterone;
  • Anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties (it is crucial to emphasize that RAW Forest Foods does not claim Tongkat Ali—or any product—to be a cure for cancer).*

For more comprehensive information on these properties, we encourage you to explore our Upgraded Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules blog post.

The Addition of an Isolated Eurycomanone Extract

It may seem counterintuitive that we have opted to introduce an isolated Eurycomanone extract to our Tongkat Ali Extract Powder (as we have already done with our Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules), given our inclination towards broad, full-spectrum extracts.

Eurycomanone is one of the beneficial compounds found in Tongkat Ali and is responsible for the herb's pro-androgenic benefits, meaning its ability to support improved testosterone production.

Most of our customers, if not all, incorporate Tongkat Ali into their herbal medicine routines precisely for this purpose: to bolster improved testosterone production.

By combining a broad-spectrum extract with an isolated extract, we can harness the full spectrum of potential benefits while still specifically targeting its pro-androgenic properties.

Our Elevated Tongkat Ali Extract Powder Contains the Following:

  • Tongkat Ali Root Extract—Broad, full-spectrum 200:1 extract: 50% of the formula.
  • Tongkat Ali Root Extract—Standardized to 2% Eurycomanone: 50% of the formula.

The combination of these two extracts has left me thoroughly impressed, and I only wish we had made this advancement sooner. You can find the Elevated Tongkat Ali Extract Powder for purchase by following this link.

Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Extract Powder

Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Extract Powder (Elevated Pine Pollen and Nettle Root) has received an upgrade with the addition of RAW Pine Pollen to the formula.

Previously, as an extract powder, this product contained only Pine Pollen and Nettle Root extracts (the capsules have always contained RAW Pine Pollen in addition to Pine Pollen Extract). However, given the unique properties of RAW Pine Pollen and its foundational support, we have now included it in this formula.

If we were to construct a hierarchy of Pine Pollen preparations, RAW Pine Pollen would undoubtedly be at the pinnacle, followed by Pine Pollen Extract Powder, and then Pine Pollen Tincture.

In this new formulation, we have added just enough RAW Pine Pollen to activate the formula—laying the groundwork for the extract and allowing the Nettle Root extract to shine.

The concentrations of the ingredients in the formula are as follows:

  • Pine Pollen Extract—Full Spectrum, full potency, unstandardized Extract: 50% of the formula.
  • Stinging Nettle Root Extract—Full Spectrum, full potency, unstandardized Extract: 30% of the formula.
  • RAW Pine Pollen™: 20% of the formula.

Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Extract Powder can be purchased here.

Exploring the Elwha River Deep in the Olympic National Park Elwha River Deer Antler and Eucommia Bark

The Elwha River formula has undergone two enhancements, focusing on both the Deer Antler and the Eucommia Bark.

This formula embodies a robust Yang restorative.

Deer Antler (Lu Rong in Chinese Medicine) operates on a fundamental level, akin to RAW Pine Pollen and Cistanche.

At its core, Deer Antler serves as a Jing and Yuan Qi restorative, validating its use in the West for anti-aging, tendon and ligament repair, as well as rejuvenating sexual and reproductive function in both women and men.

The Importance of Jing and Yuan Qi

But what exactly are Jing and Yuan Qi? In the realm of Chinese medicine, Jing (also known as "Essence") is considered a fundamental substance that underlies all physiological and psychological processes in the body. It is deemed the source of life and responsible for the body's ability to heal and regenerate. Inherited from one's ancestors, Jing is viewed as the most vital and foundational substance in the body. It is often associated with the Kidneys and the lower Dantian (energy center in the lower abdomen) and is believed to play a crucial role in the body's overall health and well-being.

Jing is believed to serve as the foundation for all other substances in the body, maintaining the body's equilibrium and harmony. It is closely linked to the body's reproductive and sexual functions and is often associated with the production of hormones and other essential substances. Furthermore, Jing is believed to impact the aging process, depleting over time due to stress, illness, and other factors. Certain traditional Chinese medical practices focus on preserving and nourishing Jing to support overall health and well-being.

In Chinese medicine, Yuan Qi (also known as "Original Qi") is regarded as the fundamental energy that underlies all physiological and psychological processes in the body. Similar to Jing, it is considered the source of life and responsible for the body's ability to heal and regenerate. Yuan Qi is also inherited from one's ancestors and is deemed the most fundamental and vital form of Qi (vital energy) in the body. According to traditional Chinese medical theory, Yuan Qi is the origin of all other forms of Qi, maintaining the body's overall balance and harmony. It is often associated with the Kidneys and the lower Dantian, playing a critical role in the body's overall health and well-being.

Deer Antler in the Context of Jing, Yuan Qi, and Chinese Medicine

  • Serves as a Kidney tonic;
  • Strengthens and warms Yang;
  • Reinvigorates Jing, Blood, sinews (tendons and ligaments), bone, and marrow;
  • Tonifies and nourishes Qi.*

The Kidney (written in the singular) houses the Jing and Yuan Qi, governing growth, development, reproduction, and sexuality, giving rise to the Yin and Yang of the body.

Eucommia Bark Synergizes Harmoniously with Deer Antler

With properties akin to Deer Antler, Eucommia (Du Zhong in Chinese Medicine) brings the added benefit of improved circulation and reduced blood pressure.* Enhanced circulation facilitates the actions of both herbs, disseminating their effects throughout the body.

Eucommia Bark is known to be a:

  • Kidney and Liver tonic;
  • Strengthener of sinews and bones;
  • Promoter of Qi and Blood circulation;
  • Blood pressure regulator;
  • Kidney Yang tonic.*

The changes to the formula are, once again, subtle yet significant.

The powdered Deer Antler Velvet (ethically collected, as always) has been upgraded, opting for a more expensive and rare unextracted powder to preserve the bio-actives present within it (contrary to what might be assumed, the unextracted powder is more potent and valuable).

Elwha River is formulated with Deer Antler and Eucommia Bark at a 1:1, equal parts ratio. However, we have now combined the previously used broad, full-spectrum extract in the formula with an extract isolated to contain Std. to 25% Chlorogenic Acid—Chlorogenic Acid being the identified active compound in Eucommia Bark.

The breakdown of ingredients is as follows:

  • Deer Antler Velvet—Powdered; Select-harvested: 50% of the formula.
  • Eucommia Bark Extract—Full spectrum 10:1 extraction: 25% of the formula.
  • Eucommia Bark Extract—Standardized to contain 25% Chlorogenic Acid: 25% of the formula

For more insights into this restorative Yang tonic, visit the Elwha River product page.

TapRoot Deep Jing: Experience the Power

TapRoot Deep Jing may not possess the flashy appeal of some other products, but it has rightfully earned its status as a customer favorite for a very good reason: it delivers tangible results. Formulated to revitalize the body and enhance its ability to manage stress, energy, and hormone function more efficiently, TapRoot provides the essential fuel that adaptogens need to function optimally. It aids in building internal reserves, making it the go-to choice for those feeling depleted and exhausted.

While some may suggest an extra cup of coffee for a quick energy boost, this offers only temporary relief and fails to address underlying deficiencies or imbalances in the body. With its unique blend of restorative herbs, including Dang Shen, Goji Berry, Glossy Privet, Cuscuta, Bai Zhu, and Bu Gu Zhi, TapRoot strengthens and replenishes vital reserves of Yin, Yuan Qi, and Jing, while also helping the body clear heat—a concept in Chinese Medicine similar to inflammation.

Formula Improvements:

We have further improved the Goji Berry in this formula by using an extract standardized to contain 50% polysaccharides. When used correctly, Goji Berry becomes a pivotal and restorative herb in Chinese Medicine, renowned for its ability to tonify the Kidney and Liver Yin. Follow this link to learn more and to purchase our TapRoot Deep Jing Extract Powder.

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