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Improving Extracts and Formulas in the Product Collection

Improving Extracts and Formulas in the Product Collection

Posted by Ryan Wade on Aug 03, 2021

Emphasizing Quality Over the Allure of New

Over the next week we will be re-launching several of our—and your—favorite products.

These changes are inline with our main product development focus at RAW Forest Foods: Bringing subtle yet important improvements to the products and formulas already present in the catalog.

In a world of more, more, more, we are making a concerted effort to emphasize quality over quantity in offering new products.

Lost Desert Oasis Cistanche tubulosa Extract

Cistanche Tubulosa Extract Powder

RAW Forest Foods first introduced Cistanche tubulosa in the Spring of 2012. In fact, just as with RAW Pine Pollen, we were the first company in the US to offer it.

At the time, I did not fully appreciate what a special herb Cistanche tubulosa is and just how appropriate it would prove to be for our family of customers.

Since its introduction we’ve kept the product almost identical as it was on day one, only increasing the size of the package.

Now, we’ve made a giant upgrade to the extraction strength, increasing it from the 10x (10:1) we debuted Cistanche as to our 50:1 unstandardized extract, as is available in our Pine Pollen Extract and Nettle Root Extract.

On the most fundamental level, Cistanche tubulosa is an adaptogen, working with the body toward improvement.

In Chinese medicine, Cistanche—known as Rou Cong Rong (肉苁蓉) and is used to tonify the Kidney, the Jing, and the Marrow, as well as (in women) warming the uterus. All actions speak to the profound regenerative ability of Cistanche on the most core, primordial level of health.

No stranger to contemporary research, Cistanche has shown a wide range of possible benefits, from improved vasodilation (improving circulation), to brain health protection, immunity, endocrine (hormones), skin health, and more.*

The price of this product will go up. It is inevitable. With the 5x increase in potency comes a substantial increase in our costs. While there is no way around this, we can absolutely guarantee that we are not increasing the price relative to the extraction.

Find the product page to learn more about—and purchase—Lost Desert Oasis Cistanche Tubulosa here.

Elevated Tongkat Ali Extract Powder

Many of our customers are aware of our preference for broad, full spectrum extracts over isolated extracts, and this is particularly with Tongkat Ali.

The more I learn about this herb and read the research papers coming out about Tongkat Ali, the more I am certain of the benefits of using a full spectrum extract, such as a 200:1.

The preference for a broad spectrum extract resides in the fact that Tongkat Ali—when sourced as true Eurycoma longifolia—possesses a broad spectrum of potential therapeutic benefits. To capture everything the herb has to offer, we need to capture all of the compounds present in it.

Research into Tongkat Ali has shown the potential of:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects;
  • Antiviral properties;
  • Increased dopamine (the desire and motivation neurotransmitter);
  • Improved blood flow;
  • Male reproductive health, including prostate health;
  • Promoting cognitive function;
  • Support the body's own (endogenous) production of the male sex, androgenic hormones, including Testosterone;
  • Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia Jack) has demonstrated anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties, including beneficial actions against prostate cancer cells (let it be extremely clear, RAW Forest Foods is not claiming that Tongkat Ali—or any product—is a cure for cancer).*

Read more about these properties at our  Upgraded Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules blog post.

The Addition of an Isolated Eurycomanone Extract

With the above, it may seem contradictory that we have decided to add isolated Eurycomanone extract to our Tongkat Ali Extract Powder (which we have already done with our  Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules).

Eurycomanone is one of the group of beneficial compounds present in Tongkat Ali, and is the one identified for the Pro-Androgenic benefits of the herb (its ability to support improved testosterone production).

Most customers—perhaps all of them—who are adding Tongkat Ali into their herbal medicine routine are adding it for this exact reason: Supporting improved testosterone production.

Using a combination of a broad spectrum extract with an isolated extract is a “best of both worlds” scenario, where all of the potential benefits can be realized while still targeting the Pro-Androgenic nature of the herb.

Elevated Tongkat Ali Extract Powder contains the following:

  • Tongkat Ali Root Extract — Broad, full spectrum 200:1 extract — 75% of formula.
  • Tongkat Ali Root Extract — Standardized to 2% Eurycomanone — 25% of formula.

I am thoroughly impressed with the combination of the two together and only wish that we had made this move sooner. Follow this link to purchase  Elevated Tongkat Ali Extract Powder.

Elevated Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Extract Powder

Elevated Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Extract Powder has been upgraded with the addition of RAW Pine Pollen to the formula.

Previously, as an extract powder, this product contained only Pine Pollen and Nettle Root extracts ( the capsules have always contained RAW Pine Pollen in addition to Pine Pollen Extract). Because of the uniqueness of RAW Pine Pollen and the foundational support it offers, we are now including it in this formula.

If a hierarchy was constructed of the different preparations of Pine Pollen, RAW Pine Pollen would be at the top, followed by Pine Pollen Extract Powder, and then by Pine Pollen Tincture.

Here, we add just enough RAW Pine Pollen to activate the formula—laying the groundwork for the extract and for Nettle Root extract to truly excel.

The concentrations of the ingredients in the formula are:

  • Pine Pollen Extract — Full Spectrum, full potency, unstandardized Extract — 50% of formula.
  • Stinging Nettle Root Extract— Full Spectrum, full potency, unstandardized Extract — 30% of formula.
  • RAW Pine Pollen™ — 20% of formula.

Elevated Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Extract Powder can be purchased here.

Elwha River Deer Antler and Eucommia Bark

Exploring the Elwha River

Elwha River is receiving two upgrades, with improvements both to the Deer Antler and to the Eucommia Bark.

This formula is a strong Yang restorative.

Deer Antler (Lu Rong in Chinese Medicine) works on a fundamental level, similar to RAW Pine Pollen and to Cistanche.

At its core, Deer Antler is a Jing and Yuan Qi restorative, lending credence and parallels to its use in the West for anti-aging, for repairing tendons and ligaments, and for restoring sexual and reproductive function in women and men.

In Chinese Medicine, Deer Antler:

  • Is a Kidney tonic;
  • Strengthens and warms Yang
  • Strengthens Jing, Blood, the sinews (tendons and ligaments), bone, and marrow,
  • Tonifies and nourishes Qi.

The Kidney (written in the singular) houses the Jing and Yuan Qi, governing growth and development, reproduction as sexuality, and and rule birth, growth, development, reproduction, and sexuality, and gives rise to the Yin and Yang of the body.

Eucommia Bark synergizes with Deer Antler.

With properties similar to Deer Antler, Eucommia (Du Zhong in Chinese Medicine) has the added benefit of improving circulation and reducing blood pressure.* Improved circulation enables the two herbs to diffuse their actions throughout the body.

Eucommia Bark is a:

  • Kidney and Liver tonic;
  • Strengthens sinews and bones;
  • Promotes Qi and Blood circulation;
  • Lowers blood pressure;
  • Kidney Yang tonic.*

Here, the changes to the formula are again subtle yet dramatic.

The powdered Deer Antler Velvet (still ethically collected) as been improved, opting for a more expensive and rare unextracted powder to preserve the bio-actives present within it (contrary to what might be assumed, the unextracted powder is more potent and valuable).

Elwha River is formulated Deer Antler and Eucommia Bark at a 1:1, equal parts ratio, only now we are combining the broad, full spectrum extract previously in the formula with an extract isolated to contain Std. to 25% Chlorogenic Acid. Chlorogenic Acid is the identified active compound in Eucommia Bark.

The breakdown of ingredients is as follows:

  • Deer Antler Velvet — Powdered; Select-harvested — 50% of formula.
  • Eucommia Bark Extract — Full spectrum 10:1 extraction — 25% of formula.
  • Eucommia Bark Extract — Standardized to contain 25% Chlorogenic Acid.

Learn more about this restorative yang tonic at the Elwha River product page.

TapRoot Deep Jing

This is a formula that performs.

Perhaps it lacks the flashy appeal of some of the other products, but TapRoot is a customer favorite for a very very good reason: It works. TapRoot Deep Jing performs.

TapRoot is formulated to restore the body.

But what does this mean? Well, adaptogens and tonics can help the body better—more efficiently—manage stress, energy, and hormone function.

TapRoot provides the fuel needed for adaptogens to work. It builds your internal savings account.

TapRoot is the go-to for those customers who come to us fundamentally burnt and worn out.

Sure, you can tell them to drink another cup of coffee—which is exactly what most will advise, substituting coffee for a stimulating medicinal herb—but shortly and sure enough that additional cup of coffee will stop working. That’s because it is purely stimulating without adding any reserves, without address deficiencies or imbalances within the body.

With a very specific formula of restorative herbs (Dang Shen, Goji Berry, Glossy Privet, Cuscuta, Bai Zhu, and Bu Gu Zhi), TapRoot strengthens, replenishes, and builds those fundamental, vital reserves—Yin, Yuan Qi, and Jing.

TapRoot does this while also aiding the body in clearing heat, a concept Chinese Medicine which is akin to inflammation.

Formula Improvements

We have improved the Goji Berry in this formula to an extract that has been standardized to contain 50% polysaccharides.

Used correctly, Goji Berry is an important and restorative herb in Chinese Medicine, used to tonify Kidney and Liver Yin.

TapRoot Deep Jing can be purchased here.