RAW Camellia Flower Pollen

Farmer of Divinity RAW Camellia Flower Pollen Powder

Our Farmer of Divinity RAW Camellia Flower Pollen is a powerful, revitalizing Jing food that encapsulates the functional, therapeutic benefits of the green tea plant.*

Filled with raw, living amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and co-enzymes, and devoid of the phyto-androgens found in Pine Pollen, Camellia sinensis Pollen—what some refer to as Green Tea Pollen—is a distinctive method to incorporate both the advantages of green tea and the benefits of entirely raw pollen into your daily regimen. This helps optimize nutrition and nurture both Jing and Qi.*

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  • RAW Green Tea Flower Pollen — Deep Functional Nutrition, Adaptogenic — Cracked Cell Wall, Non-Irradiated — 70 Grams RAW Forest Foods RAW Green Tea Flower Pollen — Camellia sinensis — Ecologically Crafted

    Farmer of Divinity RAW Camellia Flower Pollen Powder » 70 Gram Pouch

    The Farmer of Divinity: RAW Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) Flower Pollen Camellia sinensis Pollen, also known as Green Tea Pollen, is a deeply restorative superfood, containing dense bio-active growth hormones with specific amino acids. It is an ideal...

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