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Pine Pollen Tincture: 2 and 4 Ounce Bottles

  • Pine Pollen Tincture - 2 Ounce Bottle - A 2:1 Concentration of our Mountain Harvest RAW Pine Pollen
  • Pine Pollen 2:1  Tincture: 2 Ounce Bottle Label
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  • Pine Pollen 2:1 Tincture (2 Ounces): Supplement Facts
  • Pine Pollen emerging from young pine catkins
  • Wild pine forests in the region where our Pine Pollen is harvested from
  • The mountain source of our Pine Pollen
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Professional Grade Pine Pollen Tincture

A propitiatory, professional strength alcohol extract of Pine Pollen, delivering bio-available phyto-androgens, including plant-analogs of the male sex hormones:

  • Androstenedione;
  • Androsterone;
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA);
  • Testosterone. *

As well as other beneficial chemicals and nutrients. *

Product Highlights

  • The strongest Pine Pollen Tincture available;
  • The potent 2:1 extracts delivers an equivalent of 2.4 grams of RAW Pine Pollen per serving;
  • From our Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen collection;
  • Alcohol suspended 2:1 (2 parts Pine Pollen to 1 part alcohol) extract;
  • Made exclusively by RAW Forest Foods in our domestic cGMP certified organic facility;
  • The standard 2 ounce bottle contains 48 full servings;
  • The large 4 ounce bottle contains 94 full servings.

RAW Forest Foods’ unique 2:1 extraction process results in the strongest tincture available, made from select harvested pollen coming directly from our remote mountain sources, ensuring our customers with what we truly believe to be the highest quality tincture available anywhere.

Choose Your Bottle Size

Our professional grade Pine Pollen tincture is available in both 2 and 4 ounce bottles.

Intended Uses

This product can be found categorized as part of the following Intended Uses collections:

What You'll Find Inside

Each bottle contains either 2 or 4 ounces of our Pine Pollen tincture. This tincture, like all of our tincture, are professionally prepared in our domestic, certified organic, FDA cGMP facility. All of our tinctures are extracted using pharmaceutical grade alcohol and are bottled in opaque glass bottles to protects the ingredients from damage and degradation by UV rays.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. View our full Terms and Conditions.

An Overview

As part of a full line of Pine Pollen products, our Pine Pollen Tincture is especially cherished by customers looking to gain the phyto-androgens (androstenedione, androsterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and testosterone) that are present in Pine Pollen. Pine Pollen Tincture is used to increase the levels of male sex hormones and help increase and balance levels of testosterone to estrogen. *

Pine Pollen is a uniquely potent, natural substance that contains a high concentration of a full spectrum of nutrients, specific anti-aging compounds, bio-available androgen hormones, raw amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, and dense antioxidants, making it the most complete of all “super-foods.” The powerful mix of pro-androgenic compounds found in it are unseen anywhere else in the plant world. * All of these compounds work in unison to provide a profound benefit for a healthy and long life. *

This tincture is extracted to a 2:1 ratio, making it the strongest available. Learn more about our tincture processing here.

Increased Absorption

As an alcohol based tincture, the active compounds present are able directly cross the cell membrane and enter the blood supply immediately, unlike our Pine Pollen Powders which must be digested.

More Information

Fine specific and in-depth information about our Pine Pollen Tincture by following the links below:

Suggested Usage

Use 1/4 tsp (1.2 ml), taken as needed.


Pine Pollen Tincture deviates from the nutritional aspect of RAW Pine Pollen and focuses on the phyto-chemicals present within it, specifically the phyto-androgens (plant hormone analogs) androstenedione, androsterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and testosterone. These androgens may help raise levels of free testosterone in the body.

For customers seeking the full range of health benefits from Pine Pollen, while also raising testosterone levels. we recommend a combination of our RAW Pine Pollen with Pine Pollen Tincture.

This is a professional grade tincture, and is intended for therapeutic use—not abuse.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. View our full Terms and Conditions.

Using Pine Pollen Tincture

Suggested use is 1/4 tsp (1.2 ml), taken as needed.



Other Ingredients: None.

At RAW Forest Foods, we like to take our tinctures diluted in 2 - 4 ounces of warm water, taken on an empty stomach.

There are approximately 48 full servings per 2 ounce bottle and 96 full servings per 4 ounce bottle. Each dropper contains an equivalent of 2.4 grams of fresh Pine Pollen.

Learn more about using all of our products here.

Ideal Storage

Store this product, and all RAW Forest Foods products, in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and moisture. Try and use in a timely manner after opening the package.

Cycling Herbs

For those customers who prefer to rotate their pro-androgenic and tonic herbs, we suggest a schedule of five days on and two days off, or four weeks on and one week off.


Before starting any new medicinal herbs or nutritional supplements, we recommend people to consult with their qualified health care practitioner. This not because we question the safety of our products, but because we believe in the strength of our products and that plants are medicine.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. View our full Terms and Conditions.

What Makes RAW Forest Foods Different?

  • Clean ingredients, attention to quality, processing in an FDA GMP facility.
  • Ecologically and responsibly wild harvested herbs and fungi.
  • Strict organic certified cultivated herbs and fungi whenever possible.
  • All capsules are plant based and are vegetarian, vegan, and Kosher.
  • Raw ingredients sourced only from ISO 9001:2008 certified suppliers.
  • Attention to quality assurance from field or forest to you.
  • RAW Pollens are all minimally processed and cracked cell wall..
  • Pine Pollen from high elevation remote Mountain Sources.
  • Powdered extracts are potent, shelf-stable, and ready to use.
  • Innovation from the first company to offer RAW Pine Pollen in the US.
  • Tinctures are pharmaceutical grade full 2:1 liquid extracts.
  • RAW Forest Foods: The leaders in androgenic herbs.

Customer Experience

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  • early days but seems pretty good

    First two days I was like wow.. it really works, then seemed to feel overly "estrogenic" all of a sudden, emotional, tired etc. which can sometimes be because the extra testosterone is converted to estrogen through aromatase. I cut back the dose and took some things to lower estrogen and now after about five days I feel really balanced (still doing about 3 droppers a day) and also my muscles feel better, less sore and tense. I am finding I feel stronger in general but may need to experiment more with keeping estrogen levels down. I read the description for the Endocrine formula and in heinsight this would have been better to take before the straight pine pollen. So thats next on my list to try. Overall though its a powerful product that works and look forward to giving a more long term report.

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jan 2016

  • Just picked up my fifth bottle!

    I am a female with a testosterone deficiency and I had been looking for a natural alternative to bio-identical hormones....this works so well!

    Posted by Sharon on 25th Jan 2016

  • amazing product

    I have been taking pine pollen for a while now. I do belive it works. I have seen a improvement with many different things dealing with the body. I love this product

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Oct 2015

  • Skeptical, until I actually tried it

    Before I made the first purchase I did some research and found that everything that I read, basically said the same thing about the pine pollen tincture. I'm 46 years old and begin to feel a bit sluggish even though I work out 3 times a week with bodyweight training along with some cardio and weight lifting as well. So I thought I would try something that was advertised as being natural, and to my surprise after the first day or so the second and third I couldn't believe the energy that I felt along with all the other great benefits "the morning wood" all though things seemed to be okay in that area I can certainly tell that it was a more powerful feeling after using the tincture. I use the tincture 3 times a day at random times along with the pine pollen powder and the nettle root as well for aromatize purposes. For those of you who are contemplating on making a purchase of the tincture, I can only hope that it works as well for you as it has for me. If not I would look into some Tongkat Ali, Cistanche Extract Powder. Do a little research experiment a little to find out what works best for you. The Pine Pollen tincture is a great start.

    Posted by Steven on 10th Sep 2015

  • Good stuff!

    you can feel the difference with this stuff!

    Posted by Elijah on 23rd Mar 2015

  • Excellent customer service.

    I had an error in my order. They made it right, right away. Let's face it, nobody's perfect, but they fixed it quickly, with a customer-focused resolution. Thanks guys.

    Posted by Dave Allan on 12th Mar 2015

  • Tincture Masters

    If anyone here is wondering, I highly recommended RFF tinctures. Been using this one forever, and just like their pine pollen powder, the quality and price is the best you will find. HIGHLY RECOMMEND it.

    Posted by Kieron Wilson on 19th Nov 2014

  • Honest Product

    This is an honest product from an honest company. I use a combination of tincture and powder and find it to be most beneficial as a testosterone enhancer. My only complaint is that Allen seems resistant to having the product in stores. I would rate this company higher if I could buy it at my local Whole Foods.

    Posted by William Roberts on 11th Nov 2014

  • Many thanks for a wonderful product.

    Many thanks for a wonderful product. I realize that each person is unique in what a product does for them. I have found this formula to be an excellent trigger when used with the drug Levitra. Oddly I do use medically prescribed testosterone replacement therapy yet even so Levitra even with that has only mediocre results for me. When I add your Endocrine Extract to the mix tough the Levitra produces nothing short of exceptional results for me. I have had other advise me to try a natural called Yohimba or the like. I did and it provided absolutely no benefits for me . This Endocrine extract though is awesome and seems the be the needed trigger for my Levitra . Awesome product .

    Posted by Sean Hastings on 21st Oct 2014

  • The best pine pollen tincture

    I absolutely love the RAW Forest Foods Pine Pollen tincture. Highest quality, best price. These guys are awesome.

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Oct 2014

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