Is the Search to Increase Testosterone Missing the Point?

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Is the Search to Increase Testosterone Missing the Point?

Many of the products that we carry at RAW Forest Foods deal specifically with aiming at restoring healthy, vital testosterone levels, in both men and women. In fact, we started RAW Forest Foods to be the first company in the US to offer RAW Pine Pollen Powder. This opened up the conversation about the overabundance of estrogen in the environment and the underabundance of testosterone in our bodies. It is a widely recognized medical truth: Men and women are both suffering from abnormally high levels of estrogen and abnormally low levels of testosterone.

Pine Pollen contains all the male androgen hormones, including testosterone, and Pine Pollen has been instrumental in helping many, many people regain their health and vitality by restoring that golden ratio of testosterone to estrogen. This is huge, and we are proud to be at the forefront of it. At RAW Forest Foods, we’ve developed several products to act with the body to increase testosterone products, further resorting healthy sex hormone levels. These types of herbs, called androgenic herbs or androgenic tonics, are, and will continue to be, important medicinal allies in a rapidly changing environment, as our air, soil, food, and water continue to be saturated which chemical (xeno) estrogen hormones, which cause widespread endocrine disruption in the body.

Throughout the history of RAW Forest Foods, we have been plagued with a question: Are we ignoring an elephant in the room? Many people have low testosterone only insofar as they have high levels of estrogen. We have successfully raised the testosterone of many people, effectively undoing the damage of high levels of estrogen. The problem: people are still left with high levels of these stored chemical estrogen. We don’t like that. Not for ourselves, not for you. While our endocrine systems might be restored, we are left wondering if these chemical estrogens like BPA are ticking time bombs in our bodies. And we think they are.

We have been including Ginger is our Endocrine Strengthening products for its ability to help detoxify estrogen from the body. Ginger is the only herb known to do this. It is good, but slow. And while there are several nutraceuticals–like DIM–which can assist the body to release stored estrogen, there are no safe products which actually assist the body in detoxifying that stored estrogen. It is not enough for it to be released, it needs to be removed. In fact, we find wonder if these nutraceuticals cause more harm than good. Nothing existed to do what we wanted to do: To stop ignorning this elephant in the room and remove these ticking time bombs! To do this, we needed a product that just did not just release stored estrogen, but blocked its reabsorption and ushered it safely and effective out of the body. We needed a product to detoxify estrogen. We needed an expert formulation.

So we developed that expert formulation, and we call it simply and straightforwardly: Estrogen Detox. We have been in development of this product for nine months, and we are so excited for its release. In the top five issues facing human health, chemical estrogen fall within those five, and until now there has been nothing satisfactory to help detoxify these hormones. We are still about two months for D-Day, but we are itching with excitement. This product epitomizes one of the goals of RAW Forest Foods: Our unique and exceptionally high quality formulations are developed to meet our personal high standards, for use by us and by our friends and family, which we extend to you.

Stay tuned.

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Dec 04, 2012 Ryan Wade

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