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Pine Keeps you Fine

Pine Keeps you Fine

Posted by Ryan Wade on 16th May 2010

drinking pine needle tea

Susun Weed, one of the most well known modern herbalist and a prolific author (Healing Wise, among others) wrote a very informative and inspirational article on the general health giving properties of the pine tree and many of the traditional use of the different parts of the pine tree--such as drinking pine needle tea to ward away scurvy with vitamin c.

In Pine Keeps you Fine, Susan Weed rediscovers and shares the value of the pine  tree, and even includes a recipe for making a pine needle vinegar, which she claims tastes just like balsamic vinegar, only better. Unlike balsamic vinegar, however, pine needle vinegar contains potent amounts of Vitamin C. Pine, to the surprise of many, is rich in Vitamin C.

See Susun Weed's website for the article Pine Keeps you Fine. The common pine tree offer so much to us, and in our opinion at RAW Forest Foods, Pine Pollen truly captures the pure spirit and essence of the pine tree.