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Pine Pollen as a Staple Food

Pine Pollen as a Staple Food

Posted by Ryan Wade on May 14, 2010

Using Pine Pollen as a Staple, Foundational Food

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The pine tree has been an important source of human nutrition throughout human history. It is only relatively recently have humans stopped consuming products from the pine tree, including pine nuts, "pasta" made from inside the bark, Vitamin C rich tea made from the needles, and pine pollen--all providing high nutritive value. While all parts of the pine tree are highly nutritive, Pine Pollen is by far the most nutritive, by far the most powerful.

RAW Forest Foods--as the Pine Pollen People--are commuted to bringing the world Pine Pollen, a staple of China and Korea for millennia. It's the ultimate superfood, clinically proven to eliminate signs of aging and to restore energy, fight fatigue, and build a powerful immune system.

Pine Pollen works firstly by nourishing the body with vitamins, minerals, and life giving amino acids, and then by restoring a healthy endocrine system, restoring a healthy androgen (testosterone) and estrogen balance in the body.

Used traditionally in China as a daily supplement, pine pollen has a long history of use. We want you to achieve optimum health, and work hard bringing you RAW Pine Pollen, the ultimate ancient raw superfood, for high vibrational (as one customer calls it) nutrition. RAW Forest Foods is proud to offer our customers an extended selection of products, all made from our Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen, and able to meet the varied and myriad needs of our customers.