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The Down-low on Sublingual Tincture Taking

The Down-low on Sublingual Tincture Taking

Posted by Ryan Wade on May 22, 2011

sublingual tincture taking

The Down-low on Sublingual Tincture Taking

Ultimately you are going to do what you want and I wouldn't have it any other way. But it is my responsibility to tell you the benefits and the risks of the issue so that you can decide on your own. We're talking about sublingual tincture taking--that is, taking tinctures by holding them under your tongue. Some people advocate for this method, others are admittedly against it. In Stephan Buhner's books, including Vital Man and The Natural Testosterone Plan, both amazing books written by an amazing person, he recommends taking Pine Pollen Tinctureby holding it under your tongue. And he did this with some good reasoning, most notable is that people generally have poor digestion, and by holding it in your mouth the tincture will be adsorbed directly into your blood stream. Secondly, there is some belief that hormones are absorbed best this way. Most people ran with this idea, and now you see this line of thinking regurgitated time and time again, all over the internet. I even initially recommended this way to take tinctures.

But then I researched the matter.

And in researching I saw that there was some very serious opposition to taking tinctures sublingual, that is, by holding them under your tongue. Most notably, Susan Weed--respected herbalist and author--argues that the blood vessels under the tongue are too sensitive to be exposed to the high alcohol content in a tincture, and that taking tinctures this way can expose you to cell mutation which can lead to cancer. And the logic holds up.

I no longer recommend sublingual tincture taking, but I do recommend you making your mind up for yourself, now that you know both sides of the issue.

What's more? There is no proof that the androgens in Pine Pollen are best absorbed this way. In fact, we receive many e-mails about people raising their levels of testosterone (through lab analysis) through the use of our RAWPine Pollen, which demonstrates, unequivocally and without a doubt, that the androgen is digestible through the digestive tract.

Furthermore, one of the best actions of tinctures is their activity in people with compromised (poor) digestion. Because they are an alcohol extract, they are directly absorbable into the system. Take them with a bit of water on an empty stomach and you'll lose nothing verses taking them under the tongue (well, you will lose the chance of mutating the sensitive cells in your mouth, which is a fine thing to miss).