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Ultra-Pure Cistanche Extract Powder for Adaptogenic and Tonic Immune System, Endocrine System, and Longevity Support

Discover Lost Desert Oasis Cistanche Tubulosa Extract Powder
  • Promote immune and endocrine system health;
  • Skin and brain health;
  • Pro-longevity.*

Ultra-Pure Full Spectrum, Full Potency Cistanche Extract Powder

  • Ultra-pure extract powder: offering a full spectrum of benefits;
  • Unstandardized extraction: achieves a 50:1 concentration;
  • Cistanche tubulosa is an ecologically conscious alternative the endangered Cistanche salsa;
  • Expertly prepared and ready to use—simply mix with warm water or your preferred beverage and enjoy;
  • Proudly produced in the US in a certified organic, FDA cGMP compliant facility.

UPDATE: Increased Potency and Improved Quality

In our continuous pursuit of providing products of the highest quality and integrity, we have improved the potency of this product. Previously available as a 10:1 extract, our Lost Desert Oasis Cistanche tubulosa Extract is now part of our ultra-pure Unstandardized Extracts, similar to Pine Pollen, Nettle Root, and Black Ant Powder. These extracts have an approximate 50:1 (50x) concentration, known as Chún Fěn extract, meaning Pure Powder. Learn more about these cleaner and stronger extracts on our website. Please note that the price of this product has increased by approximately 10% due to the 5x increase in potency, which has led to higher production costs.


Cistanche tubulosa is an adaptogenic and tonic herb known for its exceptional properties. Unlike other adaptogens that offer unsustainable stimulatory effects, Cistanche excels in balancing and deeply restoring the body. Cistanche tubulosa has remained one of our most popular products since its introduction in 2012.

Our Lost Desert Oasis Cistanche tubulosa Extract is crafted with select, cultivated Cistanche. Historically, Cistanche salsa was used in place of Cistanche tubulosa; however, Cistanche salsa is highly endangered and thus unethical to use.

Cistanche tubulosa offers an excellent alternative, providing greater effects with a higher concentrations of many of the active compounds present in the two plants.

Excelling in Classical and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Classical Chinese medicine illuminates what we—and our customers—experience using Cistanche: Cistanche rebuilds the most fundamental health and energy reserves of the body. With no separation between the body and mind, these effects encompass physical health while promoting mental and emotional characteristics usually ascribed to the young, such as creativity, flexibility, desire, and more. As a tonic (adaptogenic) herb, Cistanche is considered to benefit:

  • The Kidney
  • The Jing
  • The Marrow
  • And in women, the uterus.*

Behind the Name: The Lost Desert Oasis

We named this product The Lost Desert Oasis for two reasons. The first because it is grown, quite literally, in an oasis of the Takla Makan Desert.

The second because of the way it feels in the body: Bringing in a source of deep rejuvenation—Similar to what we imagine finding an oasis in a desert might feel like.

Customer Reviews of Lost Desert Oasis Cistanche tubulosa Extract Powder

<em>Cistanche tubulosa</em>

Only Getting Better

I have been using Cistanche from RAW Forest Foods since they started offering it. Before that I used the "Salsa" extract from another (big name) company. I have to say, this is by far the best extract, because it seems to be much stronger. Since they've been selling it, it has changed a bit but seems to only be getting better. I'm still using it and it has helped me tremendously. Sex drive is up and my skin looks great (57 y/o male) so what more can I say?! I highly recommend this product, but warn that it has a very salty taste.

— John
High Quality

I have been using this product for 2 weeks and immediately noticed on day 1 that it is high quality. I have been using this product for two weeks just before my morning workout. I feel a burst of energy and I have more stamina. I am prone to kidney stones, but with use of this product which is a kidney tonic so far so good.

— Neil
Pure and Best!

RAW Forest Food products are top notch in quality. I can't recommend them enough. You will absolutely feel the effects, no placebo. I also like knowing their products are unadulterated, and organic, when possible.

— Udo

Cistanche Extract Key Benefits

Our Lost Desert Oasis Cistanche tubulosa Extract is crafted with select-harvested Cistanche. In Chinese herbal medicine, Cistanche is considered a potent, well balanced Yang tonic.

Research into Cistanche tubulosa has shown it to contain high levels of Echinacoside, which is present in Echinacea, Acteoside, and Kankanoside. The main emphasis in the clinical application of Cistanche extract is to scientifically validate the folk use of the plant as a potent anti-aging tonic and a strong yang tonic.

Research has focused on several broad areas: anti-aging and antioxidant properties, improvement of brain function, aphrodisiac properties, immune system restoration, anti-fatigue and metabolism, and skin quality rejuvenation.

Cistanche tubulosa is a superior anti-aging food and strong sexual rejuvenator.

In Chinese medicine, this well balanced restorative Yang tonic is used as a premier tonic to nourish Kidney, Jing, Essence, and Blood. Clinically validated as an aphrodisiac and in doubling testosterone production in in vivo testing, it also has strong age reversing effects on the skin and brain. It is tonic and adaptogenic, with pro-androgenic and longevity properties. It has also been shown to prevent lipid peroxidation, which is the oxidative degradation of lipids by free-radicals. Furthermore, Cistanche has been shown to reverse sun damage and enrich and replenish energy.

This is an ideal herb for those looking for a tonic adaptogen to help with immune system support and anti-aging, boasting the same chemicals as echinacea, but with added longevity properties.

Cistanche tubulosa May Support

  • Anti-aging and antioxidant properties;
  • Improvement of brain function;
  • Strong aphrodisiac and sexual health restoration;
  • Significantly increases testosterone production;
  • Increases vasodilation;
  • Immune system modulator;
  • Anti-fatigue properties and metabolism correction;
  • Skin quality rejuvenation;
  • Anti-oxidant properties 15 times greater than resveratrol;
  • Strengthen bowel movements;
  • Promote healthy circulation and circulatory system;
  • Nutrition and nourishment;
  • Increase strength and athletic performance.*

Research into Cistanche tubulosa has shown it to contain high levels of Echinacoside (present in Echinacea), Acteoside (an antioxidant stronger than resveratrol), and Kankanoside (a vasodilator).* This is the Lost Desert Oasis.

Sourcing of Cistanche

Cistanche tubulosa is known as a rare version of common Panax ginseng, found in the Hotan region, an oasis in the Takla Makan Desert, in the sparsely populated Hsinchiang Uighur Autonomous region of northwestern China, southern Russia, and southern Mongolia.

The extreme desert conditions of the Takla Makan Desert produce the perfect environment for a perfect Yang Tonic to grow in. It thrives with beautiful, vibrant flowers in an otherwise hostile environment, which prepares us to similarly thrive in an increasingly hostile world.

The Hotan region has one of the four longest life expectancies in the world. This is the area where Cistanche tubulosa grows.

The percentage of elderly people that live to be over 100 years old in this region is the highest in all of China, over three times that of Okinawa Prefecture in Japan, which is famous for its peoples' longevity. Per 100,000 people, Okinawa has 51 people aged over 100 and Hotan has 183 such people. People of the Hotan region consume Cistanche tubulosa daily and this habit is believed to be the key to peoples' longevity in the region.

Where to Buy Cistanche tubulosa Extract Powder?

RAW Forest Foods offers bulk, 70 gram pouches of Cistanche tubulosa Extract Powder, with 35 servings (2 grams per serving) per pouch. As with all of our products, we source our ingredients as close to the producers—the farms and the forests—as possible, visiting sites and meeting with growers, wild-harvesters, and processors.

Additional Information


To aid in supplementing and supporting immunity and endocrine system functioning; promoting holistic and full-body health, wellness, vitality, and optimized aging.*

Suggested Usage

Suggested Usage is 2 grams (roughly 3/4 tsp.) 1 — 2 times daily, preferably on an empty stomach. As with all dietary supplements, please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner prior to use.

How to Use Our Powdered Extracts

Our favorite way to consume this product is by combining it with 4-6 ounces of warm or hot water and drinking it on an empty stomach. Learn more about using all of our products here.

CAUTION: Do not exceed recommended dose.

Not for use by those under the age of 18, who are pregnant or nursing, or who are allergic or averse to any of the ingredients contained within.

How to Use Tonic and Adaptogenic Herbs

Cistanche tubulosa is an adaptogenic and tonic herb, and so being, consistency and time are vital in receiving the full benefits of it.

Adaptogens and tonics are herbs which work with the body to produce change and adaptation. In fact, the root word in "adaptogen" is adapt. This type of change—this type of adaptation—requires dedication, consistency, and time, but it is also the most profound and the most beneficial.

Before evaluating the effectiveness of any adaptogen or tonic, we advocate a trial of between four and six weeks of daily use.

Similar to exercise, while a single workout is good for you and will most likely make you feel better, no real change will be seen without dedication, consistency, and time.

RAW Forest Foods offers a full 60 days refund policy on all products. This extended refund policy allows ample time for a customer to judge the effectiveness of these types of products.

And as the saying goes, "Give yourself enough time to be successful." And this applies to adaptogens, too.

Ideal Storage

Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing. Store at room temperature.

Cycling Herbs

Herb cycling schedules can be beneficial when healing. If you prefer to rotate your adaptogenic, pro-androgenic, and tonic herbs, we suggest a schedule of five days on, and two days off, or four weeks on and one week off. *

Quick Facts

View our Lost Desert Oasis Cistanche tubulosa quick facts PDF.

Works Referenced

Product Details

Product Family:
Lost Desert Oasis Cistanche Tubulosa
Primary Ingredient:
Cistanche tubulosa
Primary Action*:
Longevity and Healthspan
Supporting Actions*:
Adaptogenic and Tonic; Brain (Nootropic) Health; Endocrine System Health; Immune System Health; Jing and Yuán Qi Tonic; Libido and Desire; Pro-Androgenic; Reproductive Health
Product Form:
Extract Powders
Servings Per Container:
Net Contents:
70 Grams
Featured Product Guide:
Adaptogens and Tonics
Product Features:
Ethically Sourced, Ultra-Pure Extract Powder (Bioavailable), Ready-To-Use, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Made in the USA, UV Protected Packaging, Vegan


We strive to ensure that every customer is thoroughly satisfied and feels valued when doing business with us. This commitment holds true even if a product doesn't meet expectations or an order issue arises. We back our products with a 60-day refund policy (details on our Returns, Replacements, and Cancellations page). Please reach out to us promptly with any concerns—we are dedicated to working with you towards a satisfactory resolution.

Product Reviews

28 reviews Write a Review
  • 4

    Good so far

    Arthur hill on Sep 05, 2022

    Just started using the last two weeks so a little chang I've noticed will review again in a later time after having more time to notice big results... shipping was good

  • 5

    potent and pure

    chris baxter on Nov 15, 2022

    hard to find tubulosa, which I prefer to deserticola. subtle but definite benefits over time...

  • 5


    Phil Deter on Sep 16, 2022

    This stuff rocks. Great sustained energy no jitters. Definitely using from here on

  • 5

    Very apparent blood flow improvement

    Dee on Mar 08, 2022

    I can see my nerves popping up in my hands and feet when I use this.

  • 5

    still new so far so good

    Tim J Wadle on Feb 02, 2021

    been using it for my pre work out drink mixed with whey and d-aspartic acid. Gives me more drive and better results

  • 5

    still new so far so good

    Tim J Wadle on Jan 26, 2021

    I use it for my pre work out smoothy with ==d-aspartic acid and whey protein==dont get tired as quickly==good pump

  • 5

    cistanche extract powder

    daniel s. on Jan 13, 2021

    another great product. good energy and with covid around good to have something for my immune system.

  • 5


    Stuart Zinke on Oct 05, 2020

    One week of taking your Cistanche powder, I had great energy and great bedroom results and I’m 67 .

  • 5

    Cistanche Tubulosa

    Cliff W on Nov 11, 2019

    Good vascular expansion

  • 5

    Cistanche Tubulosa

    Cliff on Oct 29, 2019

    At a teaspoon twice daily, this product is awesome for the gym and definitely increases blood flow. This also promotes improvement with virility and sexual stamina. Wish it sold in 140 gram packs.

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