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Pine Pollen Tinctures that Define the Hallmark of Quality 

TincturesIn their most basic form, tinctures are alcohol solutions of medicinal herbs. In making a tincture, the medicinal compounds present in the herb are extracted into alcohol and the inert plant material is pressed and discarded. The liquid that remains is now a solution of the original herb in alcoho. Because of their high alcohol content (usually greater than 30%), tinctures are incredibly shelf stable.

But perhaps what is most interesting—and valued—about tinctures is their way of quickly entering the blood stream, bypassing the normal route of digestion and absorption. This makes tinctures act fast. It also makes them perfect for anyone with digestive disorders which may impair digestion.

✖  Tinctures are a highly effective way to absorb the phyto-androgens naturally occurring in Pine Pollen—eliminating the need for digestion.

We're worked tirelessly to refine our line of Pine Pollen Tinctures, including our Elevated Pine Pollen Tincture, Endocrine Stregthening Formula Tincture, Eros' Arrow Aphrodisaic Exlir, and the Royal Pine Pollen Tincture, bringing our customers tinctures made from the freshest herbs possible at potent, theraputic exractions. In fact, we've developed an additional step in tincturing pure, RAW Pine Pollen, resulting in a deeper extraction than is otherwise available. These tinctures define the halmark of quality, and truely represent the meeting point of high quality, high integrity raw ingredients, professional, modern processing, and a deep reverence for herbal medicine.