Estrogen Detoxification and Androgen Levels

An Increased Awareness about Estrogen Detoxification

Since working with RAW Forest Foods, we have witnessed an explosion of information and awareness around the presence of xeno and phyto estrogen in the environment, how they may contribute to low levels of testosterone in men and women, and how dangerously high levels of estrogen (including exogenous--from the environment--and endogenous, from the body) and low levels of testosterone are for everyone.

Diagram showing areas of the body effected by estrogen

Estrogen Affects Cells Throughout The Body And Is Stored In Fat Tissue

Mainstream and alternative medicine both agree on the facts surrounding high levels of estrogen, which will be called estrogen toxicity, and low levels of testosterone. High levels of estrogen predispose men and women to several cancers and can aggravate those cancers. High levels of estrogen will minimize production of testosterone. And low levels of testosterone are responsible for many age related conditions, everything from losing one's zeal for life, to low sex drive and reproductive capacities, to weight gain, heart disease, and osteoporosis and muscle loss. In the past few years, the health community, as well as the mainstream population, has begun to learn how xeno-estrogen and phyto-estrogen are contributing to estrogen toxicity and declining levels of estrogen. For many, including men and women, this information has been met with the need for supplemental androgen hormones.

The need for supplemental androgen hormones, which for some is an herbal approach, and for others is a pharmaceutical approach, makes sense. These two sex hormones exist in a state of equilibrium with an ideal, homeostatic ratio between the two. When the ratio is altered, when homeostasis is compromised, many health conditions begin to present themselves (see above). By adding androgen hormones, like testosterone, into the body, the ratio can be restored and homeostasis can be reinstated. People feel better; the myriad of health concerns begin to fade away. But is this the end of the story?

Herein-lies the next chapter.

The Current Approach to Raising Androgen Levels

In alternative health care, there are two approaches to raise low levels of testosterone. One is to introduce endogenous androgen hormones. In my opinion, this is an ideal first step approach for many, especially those already weak and depleted from illness, and always for those looking for the encouragement of feeling better immediately. The second approach, which I think is the ideal approach, and can always be combined with the first, is to increase the production of exogenous androgen hormones. Program your body to produce more of what its lacking, instead of relying completely on a supplemental source. Either of these two methods, or using both combined, increases levels of free (active) testosterone, balancing that ratio, and flooding the body with a lot of well-being. This is chapter one. Let's talk about chapter two.

For many people in the world, and about 100% of those living in the modern world, they do not just suffer from low levels of testosterone, they suffer from estrogen toxicity. The root of the problem is the accumulation of endogenous (outside the body) estrogen, in the form of chemicals (xeno) and from food (phyto). The accumulation of estrogen leads to estrogen toxicity, which wreaks havoc on the entire endocrine system, which in turn wreaks havoc on the entire body. The body needs to be able to heal itself.

Humans are becoming estrogen toxic en masse because the environment we live in has become saturated with chemicals that act like estrogen in the body, and because our food supply (which is already full of those estrogen-like chemicals) contain higher and higher amounts of foods that contain phyto-estrogen in them. These two types of endogenous estrogen, xeno and phyto, store in the body indefinitely where they aggravate the endocrine system, acting like supercharged estrogen hormones. This is disastrous for men and women. The key to reversing the accumulation is to safely detoxify the estrogen toxicity from the body. This is where they real work is to be done, this is the next chapter in our learning about the troubles facing our health because of the widespread high levels of estrogen and low levels of testosterone.

Safely Detoxifying Estrogen

It is my best guess that the reason why so few talk about estrogen detoxification is because the physiology is difficult to understand and because the actual process is complicated and unless it is done safely, can further aggravate the body and lead to further estrogen toxicity. At RAW Forest Foods, we never once thought that long term supplementation was the answer, but that the truth would be held in rooting out the initial problem. With this in mind, we have spent the last year formulating a protocol which safely and effectively detoxifies accumulated estrogen toxicity from the body.

There are several compounds which release stored estrogen from cells, and many people currently use these thinking that they will detoxify the estrogen from the body. However, what usually happens is that the hormones which have been released from the cell end up on other estrogen receptors on other cells, only to continue the cycle of toxicity. This is why detoxifying estrogen is difficult to do, and even more difficult to do safely and effectively. Several pathways need to be supported and protected in order to protect the body and to rid the body of its toxicity. All of which we've figured out how to do.

The Four Phases Of Estrogen Detoxification

To safely detoxify estrogen, a four phase approach needs to be launched, all the while keeping in mind that not all estrogen should be removed--no estrogen is worst than too much. It is human nature to want to eliminate a problem, and this is the current approach taken to estrogen. But this is not the case. Estrogen is vital for the body, but too much estrogen causes problems for everyone. What must happen is that levels need to be lowered, but not removed completely. A highly effective, but gradual approach needs to be taken, which we have accomplished in our four phase system.

Phase One

The first phase is support of the liver. The liver is the organ that actually removes hormones from the body. Many people, through living in a polluted environment, have compromised liver functioning. The secondary cause of estrogen toxicity is a sick liver. This is because a sick liver, which normally should be able to detoxify all the hormones it comes in contact with, no longer functions properly. Instead of having the ability to remove those hormones in the body, the liver stores them in cells with the hope of one day being well enough to detoxify them (this is the source for much toxicity in the body, not just hormones)/ So the first step in estrogen detoxification is both healing the liver and supporting its detoxification abilities.

Phase Two

Phase 2 is protecting cells from the uptake of estrogen. When you are detoxifying estrogen from the body, there is a period of time when the estrogen can find new cells. In this phase, estrogen receptors on cells must be protected from the re-uptake of estrogen. Which out protecting cells from this, it would be the equivalent of taking the trash out of your kitchen only to dump it all in the living room. Yes, the trash would no longer be in the kitchen, but have you accomplished anything good by dumping it all in the living room? In phase 2 you protect your cells from the uptake of estrogen so that the trash makes it to the garbage can outside of your home, where it is taken away (in the case of the body, it is taken away by fiber).

Phase Three and Four

Phase 3 and 4 happen together. This is the release of estrogen from cells and the transportation of estrogen to the liver, where the liver (now that it is supported) will safely eliminate it into the intestines. At this point is it important to eat a diet extremely high in fiber, because that fiber will lock on to the estrogen being dumped out of the liver, and guarantee that it ends up in your toilet---right where you want it. Without phase 3 and 4, the actually release of estrogen from its stores in cells would not happen.

When all four phases are supported, the body has the ability to heal itself by releasing and detoxifying estrogen. When the root issue of estrogen toxicity has been addressed, then the endocrine system will be able to find true homeostasis again.

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