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Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Tincture » 4 Ounce Bottle

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Pine Pollen and Nettle Root synergistically support the endocrine system in our expertly formulated Forest Prana Elixir, enriched with Zhi Zi (Cape Jasmine Fruit) and Chen Pi (Green Citrus Peel) for optimal benefit.

This elixir is meticulously crafted to amplify the pro-androgenic properties of Pine Pollen and the estrogen-balancing effects of Nettle Root. Pine Pollen provides the body with essential phyto-androgens—plant-based compounds that mimic androgens, which are crucial for male health, though beneficial for all genders. Meanwhile, Nettle Root encourages favorable testosterone-to-estrogen ratios and may elevate free active testosterone levels by inhibiting sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).

To invigorate the endocrine system and enhance Qi flow—the vital energy that circulates within the body—we've added precise amounts of Cape Jasmine Fruit and Green Citrus Peel (Zhi Zi and Chen Pi). These ingredients harmonize and magnify the synergistic effects of Pine Pollen and Nettle Root, offering comprehensive support for hormonal balance and vitality.

With Mountain Harvest RAW Pine Pollen™, Stinging Nettle Root, Cape Jasmine Fruit, and Green Citrus Peel, this adaptogenic and tonic formula fosters long-term endocrine system function and balance, delivering optimal results with consistent use.

Quick Facts

  • Primary Function: Endocrine system support
  • Targeted use: Pro-androgenic, phyto-androgenic, prostate health, hormone balance
  • Key Ingredients: Mountain Harvest RAW Pine Pollen™, Stinging Nettle Root, Cape Jasmine Fruit, Green Citrus Peel
  • Unique Features: Tinctures offer a bioavailable method of using Pine Pollen, with quick uptake and rapid effects. Produced via a dual-stage tincturing process—using heat and alcohol—for a complete Pine Pollen extraction.
  • Certifications: Certified gluten-free alcohol
  • Craftsmanship: Formulated by master herbalists and expertly crafted in the US in a certified organic and FDA cGMP registered facility
  • Exclusivity: Available only from RAW Forest Foods—the pioneer in offering RAW Pine Pollen™ and Pine Pollen Tinctures and the trusted authority in adaptogenic, tonic, and pro and phyto-androgenic herbs.*

Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Tincture delivers 1.5 grams of whole herbs per serving, ensuring potent and effective support. With its alcohol-suspended extraction, this tincture allows for rapid absorption, maximizing its beneficial effects.

Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Tincture Product Reviews

Check Out How Our Customers are Improving Their Lives with Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Tincture

Elevated Pine Pollen ★★★★★  "Great product. Actually noticed an increase in endurance, energy & vitality, within the first 2-3 days of taking the product." — Dan

Great Product! I love it ★★★★★  "I do believe I'm feeling it. My bench press, overhead press, curls, and squats have all significantly increased in weight and ease. Yeah, I love it." — JP

Discover the Essence: Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Tincture

Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Tincture epitomizes a harmonious synergy of phytotherapeutic wisdom, meticulously crafted to support holistic well-being. Tailored to meet the needs of those seeking the enduring benefits of Pine Pollen Tincture for long-term, daily use, this formula uniquely promotes and protects prostate health while fostering optimal hormonal balance.

While traditionally celebrated for their contributions to men's health, Pine Pollen and Nettle Root extend their benefits to individuals of all genders seeking to optimize hormone levels and support overall vitality. Pine Pollen's rich reserves of phyto-androgens seamlessly complement Nettle Root's ability to maintain healthy testosterone levels and modulate estrogen and estradiol levels, ensuring a comprehensive approach to hormonal equilibrium.

Each component of this formula supports the others, creating a harmonious blend that enhances their unique properties. Pine Pollen supplements the body with phyto-androgens, while Nettle Root promotes favorable testosterone-to-estrogen ratios. Together, they work to amplify each other's therapeutic effects, promoting holistic balance and well-being.

To further enhance this synergy, Cape Jasmine Fruit and Green Citrus Peel are added, infusing the elixir with Qi-invigorating properties to fortify the endocrine system and promote overall vitality.

Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Tincture is the ideal daily formula for harnessing the benefits of these potent botanicals, offering long-term support for holistic health and wellness.

Key Benefits Associated With Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Tincture

Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Tincture is tailored for individuals seeking to address low testosterone, regulate estrogen levels, support prostate health, and enhance overall well-being.* This formula promotes various levels of health and vitality, including:

  • Increased androgenic hormone levels;
  • Balanced testosterone-to-estrogen ratio;
  • Optimized endocrine system function;
  • Reduced inflammation and oxidation;
  • Enhanced nutritional support due to Pine Pollen's nutrient-rich composition.*

With its adaptogenic, tonic, and pro-androgenic properties, this tincture offers comprehensive support for holistic health.

The Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Tincture Formula

The Forest Prana Elixir masterfully combines the traditional wisdom of Chinese Herbalism with the precise, evidence-based approach of Western herbalism to support endocrine health and hormonal balance. This meticulously developed formula includes RAW Pine Pollen™, Stinging Nettle Root, Cape Jasmine Fruit, and Green Citrus Peel, each chosen for its unique ability to enhance vitality, regulate the body's natural hormonal processes, and promote overall well-being. Together, these ingredients work in synergy to offer comprehensive support for the endocrine system.

Understanding that the strength of a genuine herbal formula lies in its collective efficacy rather than in isolated components, Pine Pollen and Stinging Nettle Root are foundational to this blend, enhanced by the balancing effects of Cape Jasmine Fruit and Green Citrus Peel. This creates a harmonious blend that aligns the body's natural functions and offers robust support for the endocrine system.

Ingredient: RAW Pine Pollen™ Powder (Pinus massoniana; Cracked Cell Wall; Raw)
  • Parts Used: Pollen
  • Formula: 75%
  • Sourcing: Single Origin; Wild-Harvested; Site Verified
  • Description: A uniquely potent, natural substance with a full spectrum of nutrients, anti-aging compounds, bio-available phyto-androgens hormones, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.*
  • Role in Formula: Acts as a natural hormonal balancer and tonic, enhancing vitality and well-being by providing bioavailable phyto-androgens and nutrients.*
Ingredient: Stinging Nettle Root (Urtica dioica)
  • Parts Used: Root
  • Formula: 15%
  • Sourcing: Cert. Organic; Single Origin
  • Description: Contains ß-Sitosterol, promoting high levels of free testosterone, lower Estradiol (E2) levels, and prostate health.*
  • Role in Formula: Aids in optimizing testosterone levels by inhibiting SHBG, enhancing free testosterone availability, and supporting endocrine health.*
Ingredient: Cape Jasmine Fruit (Gardenia jasminoides; Zhi Zi)
  • Parts Used: Fruit
  • Formula: 2.5%
  • Sourcing: Wild-harvested
  • Description: Clears heat, fire, and dampness in Chinese medicine, addressing complaints related to low energy, chronic fatigue, and loss of sexual vitality.*
  • Role in Formula: Balances internal heat and promotes detoxification, harmonizing the body's Qi and fluid balance.*
Ingredient: Green Citrus Peel (Citri reticulatae; Chen Pi)
  • Parts Used: Peel
  • Formula: 2.5%
  • Sourcing: Wild-harvested
  • Description: Promotes and regulates Qi flow, aiding formula circulation and preventing Qi stagnation caused by tonic herbs.*
  • Role in Formula: Enhances Qi flow, supports digestion, and prevents stagnation, thereby boosting overall energy and vitality.*
Other Ingredients:
  • Water (7-stage purified)
  • Certified gluten-free alcohol

The Western Herbalism Perspective

The Forest Prana Elixir stands as a testament to the convergence of traditional knowledge and contemporary scientific understanding within Western herbalism. This sophisticated blend leverages the inherent properties of Pine Pollen and Nettle Root, two powerhouse botanicals revered for their adaptogenic and hormone-balancing capabilities. Western herbalism values the empirical evidence supporting these herbs' effectiveness in modulating endocrine function and promoting vitality.

Pine Pollen, rich in phyto-androgens such as testosterone, DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), and androstenedione, offers a natural means to enhance hormonal balance. These phyto-androgens are plant-derived compounds that mimic the effects of human hormones, potentially offering a natural alternative to synthetic hormone therapy. The inclusion of Pine Pollen in this elixir is reflective of Western herbalism's focus on using nature's bounty to support bodily health, especially regarding hormonal regulation and the maintenance of vitality.

Nettle Root, on the other hand, is celebrated for its ability to influence sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), thus potentially increasing the bioavailability of free testosterone. This effect is crucial for promoting a balanced hormonal environment within the body. Furthermore, Nettle Root's role in supporting prostate health aligns with Western herbalism's goal of addressing specific health concerns through targeted herbal interventions. The evidence-based approach of Western herbalism underscores the importance of these herbs in supporting physiological health and well-being, demonstrating a commitment to harnessing the power of natural substances in a deliberate and informed manner.

The Classical and Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

From the perspective of Classical and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Forest Prana Elixir is a harmonious blend that transcends mere symptom treatment, aiming instead to address the root causes of imbalance within the body's energetic systems. TCM is founded on the principles of balance, harmony, and energy flow—concepts embodied in the thoughtful composition of this elixir.

Chen Pi (Green Citrus Peel) and Zhi Zi (Cape Jasmine Fruit) are strategically included for their ability to regulate Qi—the vital life force in TCM philosophy—and balance the body's internal elements. Chen Pi, with its aromatic and warming properties, is utilized to regulate Qi, transform dampness, and facilitate the proper movement of energy within the digestive system. This ensures the smooth circulation of Qi, preventing the stagnation that can lead to various health issues.

Zhi Zi, with its cooling properties, serves to clear heat and damp-heat, which in TCM terms, are conditions often associated with inflammation, irritability, and other health disturbances. By cooling and purifying the body's internal environment, Zhi Zi complements Chen Pi's warming and moving qualities, promoting a state of balance that is essential for health and vitality.

Pine Pollen and Nettle Root are highly valued in TCM for their nourishing and tonifying effects. Pine Pollen, in particular, is considered a powerful Jing (essence) tonic, supporting longevity, vitality, and reproductive health. Jing is a fundamental concept in TCM, representing the deepest reserves of energy in the body. Nettle Root's actions on the Kidney and Liver meridians exemplify TCM's holistic approach, targeting the underlying energetic imbalances that contribute to endocrine and hormonal issues.

A Synergy of Traditions

The synergy of these herbs, from both Western and Eastern perspectives, is what makes the Forest Prana Elixir a potent formula. It is not merely a combination of ingredients with beneficial properties but a carefully balanced concoction designed to align with the principles of Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, and the flow of Qi. By addressing both the physical and energetic aspects of health, this elixir embodies the holistic spirit of TCM, offering a path to wellness that is rooted in ancient wisdom while also embracing the insights of modern herbalism. This approach ensures that the formula is not just treating symptoms but nurturing the body's inherent capacity for balance and self-healing, embodying the essence of preventive health and holistic care that is at the heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Product Family

Pine Pollen and the Androgenic Hormones

Pine Pollen is a rich source of bioavailable androgenic phytosterols, plant-based hormones that closely mimic human hormones. This remarkable similarity positions Pine Pollen as a natural source of the following key phyto-androgens:

  • Androstenedione;
  • Testosterone;
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA);
  • Androsterone.

These phyto-androgens contribute to Pine Pollen's efficacy in supporting bone and muscle health, enhancing metabolism, and promoting libido. Their presence underlines the adaptogenic and restorative capabilities of Pine Pollen, making it a cornerstone in natural hormone balance and vitality promotion.

Tincturing RAW Pine Pollen results in an alcohol-based suspension that effectively isolates its phyto-androgenic compounds. As such, tinctures provide a swift and efficient delivery system for these potent substances directly into the bloodstream, circumventing the digestive process. This method ensures immediate availability of the phyto-androgens to the body, maximizing their therapeutic potential.

Pine Pollen Tinctures are highly effective in capturing the comprehensive range of Pine Pollen's advantages, particularly its pro-androgenic, phyto-androgenic, and adaptogenic qualities. This specialized formulation provides a distinctive benefit for enhancing health and vitality, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking to leverage the natural efficacy of Pine Pollen in their wellness routine.

Learn more about Using Pine Pollen as a Pro-Androgenic, Phyto-Androgenic, and Adaptogenic Herb here.

Dual-Stage Extraction Tinctures

Traditionally, tinctures use a single-stage extraction: alcohol. traditionally rely on alcohol as the primary solvent. However, no single extraction method can fully capture the diverse phytotherapeutic compounds present in medicinal plants and mushrooms. To enhance the potency and efficacy of our tinctures, we've innovated beyond conventional practices by introducing a second stage of extraction—decoction—into our process.

This dual-stage extraction technique provides two significant advantages:

  1. Enhanced Potency and Breadth: Dual-stage extraction enables us to create a more potent tincture, achieving a broader and more comprehensive extraction of the active compounds than is possible with alcohol alone. This method ensures that the full therapeutic spectrum of the plant is captured, resulting in a stronger and more effective product.
  2. Higher Concentration of Active Ingredients: Specifically for RAW Pine Pollen™, this approach allows us to incorporate a higher concentration of the active ingredients. By using both alcohol and decoction, we can extract more of Pine Pollen's beneficial compounds, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the tincture.

Our dual-stage extraction is one of the RAW Forest Foods differences and one of the defining characteristics of what sets our tinctures apart from others on the market. We are proud of this difference.

Sourcing and Formulation

We source the ingredients for our Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Tincture as close to the fields and forests as possible and process them in an FDA-registered, and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) certified domestic facility. We manufacture our products in the US in full compliance with FDA regulations.

All of our Pine Pollen—the entire Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen™ collection—comes from the same small, remote village forest, working with the same harvesters year after year.

The medicinal use of Pine Pollen dates back approximately 1500 years, and we source it via traditional methods. Our Pine Pollen is harvested by hand at Peak Potency within three days once a year and only from select, authentic  Pinus massoniana pine trees.

We are fortunate to have such a long-standing relationship with our producers, as it ensures you the highest quality Pine Pollen available.

The Stinging Nettle Root in this formula is certified organic, as found in our Nettle Root Extract Powders. Another point of pride is that organic cultivation is not merely a marketing term: it promotes environmental and worker protection, and organically cultivated crops contain higher levels of phytochemicals than conventionally grown crops.

Our Promise at RAW Forest Foods

A True Commitment to Your Wellness Journey

True transformation, especially in the realm of health and wellness, is a process that unfolds over time, requiring dedication and consistent effort. This principle holds particularly true in the realm of adaptogenic and tonic herbs, where the full spectrum of benefits from these phyto-therapeutics and myco-therapeutics unfolds through regular and sustained use.

The words 'adaptogen' and 'adaptogenic' stem from the root 'adapt', highlighting a process of gradual change and adjustment. This adaptation is a journey, not a destination, evolving over time with commitment, consistency, and patience. It is through this progressive adaptation that the most significant and enduring health benefits are realized.

In recognition of this essential process, we at RAW Forest Foods recommend a trial period of four to six weeks of daily use for any adaptogenic or tonic herb. This approach is akin to a fitness regimen, where the true transformation is observed not in the immediate aftermath of a single workout, but through sustained and regular practice.

To reinforce our commitment to your health and wellness journey, RAW Forest Foods offers an extended 60 days refund policy on all our retail products. This policy ensures you have ample opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the effectiveness of your purchase. We encourage you to commit to this period of consistent use, allowing the full benefits and efficacy of our professionally developed products to manifest.

Let our expertly crafted, professionally formulated products demonstrate their effectiveness and introduce you to the profound levels of healing they possess.

Additional Information


To aid in supplementing and supporting nutrition, reproductive (including prostate) health, and endocrine system functioning, promoting holistic and full-body health, wellness, vitality, and optimized aging. *

Suggested Usage

As a dietary supplement, adults take 3ml (approximately 3 droppersful) once daily, preferably on an empty stomach.

Using Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Tincture

Our favorite way to consume this product is with several ounces of water, taken on an empty stomach. Learn more about using all of our products here.

CAUTION: do not exceed recommended dose.

Not for use by those under the age of 18, who are pregnant or nursing, or who are allergic or averse to any of the ingredients contained within.

Ideal Storage

Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if the safety seal is damaged or missing. Store at room temperature.

Cycling Adaptogenic, Pro-Androgenic, and Tonic Herbs

Implementing a cycling schedule for adaptogenic, pro-androgenic, and tonic herbs can be advantageous for optimal healing and efficacy.

For those who opt to rotate their use of these herbs, we recommend a cycling schedule of either five days on followed by two days off, or a continuous four-week period on followed by one week off. This approach helps in maximizing the benefits while giving the body time to adjust and respond.

To gain a deeper understanding of our methodology in stacking and cycling these herbs, we invite you to read our detailed article, Building Product Stacks and Product Cycles: The Mindful Approach to Stacking Herbs and Cycling Stacks.

Pine Pollen and Allergies: Important Considerations

While allergies to Pine Pollen are generally uncommon, recent findings from the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology shed light on important considerations:

  • Cross-Reactivity Concerns: Cross-reactivity has been reported between pine nuts and peanuts and between pine nuts and pine pollen.
  • Pine Nut Allergies: Pine nut allergies are similar to other tree nut allergies, and can cause mild, moderate, and severe allergic responses including anaphylaxis.

For a comprehensive understanding of this topic, we encourage visiting our dedicated page on Allergies, Safety, Contraindications, Drug Interactions, and Pine Pollen. It's crucial to avoid any product if you have, or suspect you might have, an allergy to it. Being informed and cautious is key to ensuring your safety and well-being.

Forest Prana Elixir Pine Pollen and Nettle Root Tincture — Certificate Of Analysis

Comprehensive Insights into Pine Pollen

Our Pine Pollen: Extended Information page is a comprehensive resource, offering a deep exploration into various facets of Pine Pollen. This extensive collection of information is designed to satisfy your curiosity and provide detailed insights about this remarkable herb.

Explore a Range of Topics:

  • FAQs and Research: Delve into our Pine Pollen FAQs and access a wealth of knowledge through translated research articles.
  • Health Benefits Explained: Discover the numerous health benefits associated with Pine Pollen, backed by scientific insights.
  • Historical and Medicinal Perspectives: Gain an understanding of Pine Pollen from both historical viewpoints and the principles of Chinese medicine.
  • Source and Harvesting: Meet the source of our Pine Pollen – the Mountain Harvest – and learn about our sustainable harvesting practices.
  • Nutritional Profile: Uncover the detailed nutritional analysis of Pine Pollen, revealing its rich composition.
  • Product Choices: Understand the differences and benefits of choosing between RAW Pine Pollen, powdered extracts, and tinctures.
  • Allergy and Safety Information: Access vital information on allergies, safety considerations, contraindications, and the proper use of Pine Pollen.
  • Scientific Research Articles: Explore translated scientific research articles for an in-depth look at the studies and findings related to Pine Pollen.

Our Pine Pollen: Extended Information page is dedicated to providing you with a thorough understanding of Pine Pollen, its properties, and its potential impact on health and wellness.

Crafted With Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen
Adaptogenic & Pro-Androgenic
Proprietary Dual-Stage Extraction
Certified Gluten-Free Alcohol


Our practice is rooted in tradition, informed by science, and validated through clinical application.

High Integrity

Each ingredient we select and source adheres to the highest standards of purity and efficacy.

Expert and Artisanal

Professionally crafted in the USA within certified organic, FDA CGMP-compliant facilities.

True Formulas

Authentic and effective formulas, meticulously developed by our in-house clinical master herbalists.