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Our Forest Formulations are expertly crafted by our master herbalists, creating highly effective herbal supplements. Unique Products Made Specifically for Our Trail Family

We are plant lovers and we take health seriously. Although we’re living in an era of advanced and exponential growth in Western medicine, we understand that little is more powerful than nature. Herbal medicine presents  myriad of benefits, safe and composed of natural ingredients, with use dating back over centuries.

Natural supplements can help you to improve your health in many ways, such as:

  • They may help with brain and mental health;
  • They have healing and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Support the immune system;
  • They can help improve skin.

We work with our master herbalists and practitioners to create unique and highly effective herbal supplements that we call Forest Formulations. They include:

  • Easy-to-use capsule and tablet formulas;
  • Peak performance Estrogen Detox;
  • Medicinal mushroom formulas;
  • Pine Pollen formulas;
  • A wide selection of tonic, adaptogenic and pro-androgenic extract powder formulas.

We recommend our Top #3 best selling formulas: Peak Performance Estrogen Detox, Pine Pollen Alchemy Tincture, and Eros' Arrow Aphrodisiac Elixir.

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