Expertly Crafted By Our Master Herbalists

We understand the science and tradition behind medicinal herbs and traditional medicine. In fact, we don't just understand it, we practice it—and this is the root our Forest Formulations.

Developing effective formulas is integral in successfully using plants as medicine. Unlike most, at RAW Forest Foods we don't just combine similar sounding herbs and call them formulas. Instead, we work with our master herbalists and practitioners to create unique and highly effective herbal supplements. These one-of-a-kind Forest Formulations are developed specifically with the needs and health goals of our family of customers in mind. Forest Formulations unique products made specifically for you.

Our herbal supplement formulas include easy-to-use capsule and tablet formulas, Peak Performance Estrogen Detox, medicinal mushroom formulasPine Pollen formulas, and our wide selection of tonic, adaptogenic and pro-androgenic extract powder formulas.

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