Innume Tonic Product Guide at RAW Forest Foods

Finding the Trail Head: Immune Tonics

Deep Immune Support and Wellness

Our immune systems—both innate immunity and adaptive immunity—protect us from disease. But our immunity can become taxing, whether through pathogenic disease, diet, autoimmune disorders, and through stress. While in the past, the typical approach to immune health and wellness was to use stimulatory herbs to ramp up immune function (or to find herbal equivalents to antibiotics and antivirals) our approach is to offer deep immune system—to feed the immune system.

Polysaccharides are, quite literally, the food of the immune system. They also offer a host of compounds to modulate immunity, good for both overactive and under-active immune issues. Medicinal mushrooms, like our Arctic Bear Chaga Extract Powder and our proprietary Twelve Rivers MycoMedic offers this deep immune support, as does our Elevated Astragalus Extract Powder and our Lost Desert Oasis Cistanche tubulosa Extract Powder.

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