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The Knowledge Bank

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The source for definitive and, to the best of our ability, objective information on our products, their ingredients, and their applications.

Welcome to the Knowledge Bank. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and reliable source of information about our products and the ingredients they contain. We believe in not only offering the highest quality supplements but also in providing accurate and objective information to our customers.

Below, you will find links to the articles available on this website. For more information, please visit our blog or the product pages.

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The Pine Pollen Extended Information page provides a wealth of information on Pine Pollen, including its various uses and benefits. The page also contains links to additional resources that delve deeper into the topic, such as articles on allergies, safety, and contraindications; the historical and Chinese medicine perspective of Pine Pollen; the Pro-Androgenic and Adaptogenic effects of Pine Pollen; and translated scientific research articles.

The page provides information about choosing between RAW Pine Pollen™, Pine Pollen Extract Powders, and Pine Pollen Tinctures, along with a nutritional analysis of Pine Pollen and the health benefits it offers.*

Visit the Pine Pollen Extended Information page.

Highlighted Resources


To fully understand how androgenic herbs, and many of our products, work, you must first understand the three types of androgenic herbs.

Androgens, including testosterone, are a group of hormones that play important roles not only in the development and maintenance of male characteristics, but also in overall health, wellness, and vitality in both men and women.

The article "Understanding Pro-Androgenic and Phyto-Androgenic Herbs" explores the three types of androgenic herbs and their role in supporting the production of androgens in the body.

Furthermore, this page provides information about the benefits and risks of incorporating these herbs into your health routine. It also offers tips for those who are considering doing so.

To gain a deeper understanding of androgenic herbs, you can read the complete article on Understanding the Classes of Androgenic Herbs in the Knowledge Bank—one of the most popular pages on the site.


Using medicinal extracts and raw pollens is a simple and enjoyable process.

We collaborated with an artist and friend to create a Visual Guide to Using Our Extracts and Pollens. This guide demonstrates and celebrates how simple it is to use our products.

You can find the guide here.


RAW Forest Foods is a proud member of the American Botanical Council (ABC), a leading independent, nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information about herbs and botanicals.

For more information about the American Botanical Council and its mission, please visit the American Botanical Council page.


Chaga is a potent immune booster and longevity tonic that has been used for centuries in Siberia's near-Arctic regions. Extensive testing and numerous clinical trials have demonstrated its efficacy in promoting immune function and exhibiting anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties.*

Since chaga is indigestible to humans, it must be extracted using water and alcohol. Our chaga extract is standardized and uses a water/alcohol extraction method based on clinical trial chaga extracts.

Please read our Knowledge Bank entry on Wild-Harvested Siberian Chaga Extract.


Nettle Root is proving to be an effective natural treatment for PCOS and PCOD, two of the most debilitating and common endocrine disorders in women.

To learn more, please refer to our Knowledge Bank article on Nettle Root and Women's Hormonal Health.


According to folklore, Shilajit is known as "The Destroyer of Weakness, the Conqueror of Mountains." Today, it has earned the nickname "Indian Viagra."

Shilajit is a powerful restorative adaptogen, an Ayurvedic Rasāyana that has been used as a panacea for both men and women when all else fails.

Please read our Himalayan Shilajit Extract.


This article discusses the increasing concern about low testosterone levels in the body and introduces two new concepts to the discussion: estrogen toxicity and estrogen detoxification. Many people today have both high estrogen levels (estrogen toxicity) and low testosterone.

Removing estrogen from the body is challenging, especially when it comes to doing so safely.

Our Knowledge Bank entry on the Importance of Safe Estrogen Detoxification explains the protocol for achieving this. You can find the entry at The Importance of Safe Estrogen Detoxification.


Please read our article Understanding Estrogen Detoxification in the Knowledge Bank to gain a better understanding of our Peak Performance Estrogen Detox and the process of estrogen detoxification.


It's all too easy to overlook the wild, natural origins of plant medicines. To strengthen this bond, we've included vivid photographs of the seven adaptogenic and tonic herbs that we've custom-formulated into our Elephant Mountain Ginseng Formula.

Please refer to our Knowledge Bank page on The Herbs of the Elephant Mountain Ginseng Formula.


What is the difference between a 1:5 tincture and a 2:1 tincture?

Understanding tinctures and taking them is all about understanding what the ratios mean, both economically and in terms of how much of a specific product you are taking. The exact recipe for making the tincture is the formula plus the ratio.

To read the full article on Understanding Tincture Extraction Ratios.


Please visit our Facilities Page to learn more about where some of our products are manufactured, and to see pictures of the facilities.