intended-chemicals-copy.pngEstrogen Detoxification*

RAW Forest Foods offers several products to assist our customers in their goals of estrogen detoxification, in favorably augmenting the ratio of testosterone to estrogen, and in reducing the conversion of testosterone and other androgen hormones to estrogen metabolites (estradiol).*

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intended-man-copy.pngPro-Androgenic Herbs*

Pro-Androgenic herbs are those herbs with the potential to work with the body to increase levels of the androgen hormones: The male sex hormones.* In this guide, you will find our full line of Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen, as well as other, select pro-androgenic products.

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intended-prostate-copy.pngProstate Health

Our customers have asked for a list of products that we offer to help support to the health of the prostate. We have hand-picked this of products to aid those customers seeking information in supporting prostate health.*

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intended-women-copy.pngThe Divine Diva

At RAW Forest Foods, approximately half of all our customers are women.

To assist our customers in finding those products most suitable to them and their needs, we have complied this list with the special interests of women in mind.

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intended-leaf-copy.pngTonics and Adaptogens*

The practice of utilizing herbs and fungi to increase full-body wellness has been documented in every traditional and indigenous health care practice throughout the world.

Today, ample research supports their use. At RAW Forest Foods, we find the practice of the daily use of full system tonics and adaptogens to be one of the most important interventions one can do for promoting optimum wellness.*

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intended-sex-copy.pngTraditional Aphrodisiacs*

Aphrodisiacs are a very popular and a very hotly contested area of interest. At RAW Forest Foods, we seek to increase knowledge about traditional aphrodisiac herbs and tonic and about how they work.

While many of the herbs included in our products have been studied for their aphrodisiac properties, we have produced this select list of our favorite traditional aphrodisiacs.* Of course, our Eros' Arrow Aphrodisiac Elixir is a customer favorite.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. View our full Terms and Conditions.