Medicinal Mushrooms

The Fusion of Tradition, Herbal Medicine, Restorative Nutrition, and Contemporary Science

Enter the Wisdom of the Forest: Organic and Wild-Harvested Medicinal Mushrooms. Expertly prepared, potent, and ready-to-use medicinal mushroom extracts.

Mushrooms and fungi produce a certain amount of—for lack of a better word—awe. That is, without acknowledging their medicinal and therapeutic properties, benefits, and uses, when we are in the presence of them in the wild, they instill upon us a sense of reverence. This reverence is akin to gazing upward at the night sky and is felt whether we're happening upon a wild Reishi while on a hike, a nighttime path bordered with phosphorescence fungi, and when merely watching lawn mushrooms appear and disappear with what seems to be an otherworldly agenda.

As we begin to understand and appreciate mushrooms for their therapeutic and nutritional properties, they seem to become even more otherworldly—and that's when people start to use words like magical to describe them. But they aren't magic. Their effects are authentic and profound. While Medicinal Mushrooms are lumped into the broader category of Medicinal Herbs, using mushrooms as medicine pre-dates the use of plants as medicine. Humans share more DNA with mushrooms than with plants. Mushrooms are our siblings, parents, caretakers, and allies—they are our ever-patient teachers.

The mushrooms' cell walls are composed of chitin, an indigestible carbohydrate, and all mushrooms must be prepared and processed to be digestible and beneficial. Our expertly prepared products are all ready-to-use by you.

We craft our products with hand-selected, integrity ingredients, emphasizing certified organic and wild-harvested mushrooms—as found in our Turkey Tail Extract Powder, our master formulated Twelve Rivers MycoMedic, and our just-released Pine Pollen & Lion's Mane Capsules.

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