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Medicinal Mushrooms

When You Require Deeper Knowledge & The Wisdom of the Forest

Medicinal Mushrooms

More attention is paid to the medicinal use of plants than is paid to the medicinal use of mushrooms (and other fungi). And for no good reason. Perhaps the bias is based is the easy of cultivation that plants award, or the generalized fear of wild-mushrooms present in regions of the West. But the truth is that humans have been using mushrooms as medicine for as long as—if not longer—than they've been using plants as medicine. And mushrooms offer a knowledge of healing deeper than many plants offer—this is what we call The Wisdom of the Forest.

✖  We share more DNA with mushrooms than we do with plants. We share an intrinsic, interdependent, and inextricable evolution alongside mushrooms.

Throughout the history of indigenous, traditional medicine, mushrooms have played a vital role as important—unparalleled—medicines. Highlighting profound synergies, single mushroom extracts, and deeply restorative formulas, we seek to capture their innate healing potential bring them to you.

Our collection of medicinal mushrooms are ready to use—an important distinction because mushrooms are indigestible unless prepared correctly. These extracts require absolutely no further processing by you. Below, find our Medicinal Mushrooms Formulas, including Elevated Cordyceps and Pine Pollen and Lion's Mane extract, and our Medicinal Mushroom Single Extracts, such as the Reishi Buddha Blend and the Cloud Mushroom Turkey Tail Extract.