Medicinal Mushrooms

The Fusion of Herbal Medicine, Tradition, Restorative Nutrition, and Contemporary Science
Mushrooms and fungi produce a certain amount of awe in us. And without even acknowledging their medicinal and therapeutic properties, benefits, and uses, just being in the presence of them in the wild we are instilled with a sense of otherworldliness. A sense of reverence. Akin to gazing upward at the night sky.
We sense this otherworldliness as we happen upon a wild Reishi in the deep forest, a nighttime path bordered with fungi glowing with phosphorescence, and as lawn mushrooms appear and disappear with a blink on the eye.
Mushrooms Are Our Siblings, Parents, Caretakers, and Allies—They Are Our Ever-Patient Teachers
As we understand medicinal mushrooms for their therapeutic and nutritional properties, they begin to appear even more otherworldly—and this is when words like magical are used describe them. But they are not magic. Mushrooms—and other medicinal fungi—are authentic and profound. Vetted through tradition and verified through scientific, academic study.
Broad Categories of Theraputic Support
Every Medicinal Mushroom presents its own unique set of beneficial properties—its own health benefits. As a group, the beneficial properties of Medicinal Mushrooms are categorized into the following:
Immune System Health: Modulating immune function. Markedly different from those medicinal herbs which merely stimulate the immune response.
Adaptogenic and Tonic: Working with the body to improve endocrine function, including stress response.
Nutrition: This Including the high antioxidant attributes of certain Medicinal Mushrooms (including Chaga), as well as naturally occurring proteins, anti-inflammatory agents, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds.
The therapeutic use of medicinal mushrooms is backed by extensive scientific research.
Medicinal Mushrooms: The Importance of Extraction
Preparation is paramount with Medicinal Mushrooms.
Without proper extraction, any benefits and all beneficial properties are locked away within the cellular exoskeletons of the fungi.
This is because the cell walls of fungi—which mushrooms are a subsection of—are composed of a complex polysaccharide called chitin, the same polysaccharide forming the shells of crustaceans, including lobsters and crabs.
Every Medicinal Mushroom we offer is expertly prepared and ready-to-use. And we use only whole fruiting body mushrooms in our products—absolutely no mycelium by-products.
Twelve Rivers MycoMedic Tincture 4 Ounce Bottle
Twelve Rivers MycoMedic Tincture
4 Ounce Bottle
The Use of Mushrooms as Medicine Pre-dates the Use of Plants as Medicine — Humans Share More DNA With Mushrooms Than With Plants
Medicinal Mushroom Extracts
Adaptogenic & Tonic
Regenerative Nutrition
Deep Immune Support
The Collection
Clean, Potent, and Ready-to-Use Mushroom Extracts
Our products are crafted with select ingredient of the highest integrity, with an emphasis on sourcing all certified organic or wild-harvested mushrooms, just as can be found in our Turkey Tail Extract Powder, Twelve Rivers MycoMedic Extract Powder, and Pine Pollen & Lion's Mane Capsules.
Explore our highly curated collection of Medicinal Mushrooms below, including our Turkey Tail Extract Powder, Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen and Lion’s Mane Capsules, and our Twelve Rivers MycoMedic Mushroom Complex, now available as an Extract Powder and 2 Ounce and 4 Ounce Tinctures.
Medicinal Mushroom Capsules and Tinctures
Medicinal Mushroom Extract Powders and RAW Reishi Spores
The Complete Collection of Medicinal Mushrooms

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