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Single Origin Pine Pollen: The RAW Forest Foods Advantage
While every pine species (roughly 115) possess beneficial, health promoting properties, no other species has the recorded history of use and contemporary research that the Pinus massoniana pine tree does. We’re proud to offer customers our select, single source Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen—all from the venerated Pinus massoniana pine tree.
As our environment, here in the US and abroad, in urban, suburban, and rural areas, becomes increasingly polluted, the Pinus massoniana pine tree comes in to offer alternatives, specifically correcting the health conditions caused by our ever-toxic environment. Mother Nature is forgiving, and has provided us with the medicines needed to correct the diseases we cause upon ourselves.
RAW Forest Foods makes every effort possible to ensure our Pine Pollen is harvested as cleanly as possible, in an environmentally protected area.
We absolutely love everything about Pine Pollen, and we see it as both a medicine and as a celebration. The harvest of Pine Pollen—and every time we work with and consume it—is a celebration of spring, with all the energy and promise that spring embodies. Pine Pollen is very much the physical representation of that spring energy: Pine pollinates early in spring, and the strong plant sterols (Phyto-Androgens) blanket the forest floor, fertilizing the emerging regrowth of the forest after winter.
Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen
Site Location of Our Annual Pine Pollen Harvest
We started RAW Forest Foods out of necessity—there was no domestic company to purchase the raw pollen from.
After months and months of sourcing, we found a product that met our strict needs and we instantly knew that we had to share it—thus the genesis of RAW Forest Foods. We have been able to forge long standing and trusting relationships with our Pine Pollen wild-harvesters and leverage that long-standing relationships to ensure our customers are receiving the best possible products.
To highlight the differences between our Pine Pollen and that of others, RAW Forest Foods created the Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen brand. Each spring, during a three-day window, our farmers hand harvest our Pine Pollen from the forests surrounding their remote village.
After collection, the Pine Pollen is dried and transported to the workshop where it is cleaned and fractured, increasing digestibility several fold. This low temperature process fractures the otherwise indigestible cell-wall of Pine Pollen, resulting is a tested 99% digestibility rate, while preserving the living enzymes and co-enzymes present in Pine Pollen.
This is the source of our Pine Pollen—from our RAW Pine Pollen Powder to our Formulas and Tincture, all of our Pine Pollen is coming from right here. That's the beauty of single source Pine Pollen.
From here, we may extract it into a powder, keep it RAW, or produce our line of clinical grade Pine Pollen Tinctures from it.
Single Origin Pine Pollen
We think it’s important to be as hands on as possible. That’s why we’ve met with the farmers that wild-harvest our Pine Pollen. That's why we've visited the remote village they live in and forest they harvest our Pine Pollen in.
We’ve been to the workshop where all the processing is done and we have inspected the extraction equipment used in producing our Pine Pollen Powdered Extract (10:1 and Unstandardized).
Personal relationships result in truly single source Pine Pollen. This is how quality is guaranteed and is how business should be done.
Where Our Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen Is Wild-Harvested
Overlooking the location of our annual Pine Pollen harvest.
Where is your Pine Pollen harvested? We get this question asked a lot.
Our single origin Pine Pollen is harvested in a government protected region of Chun'an County, China. It is a pristine region with beauty rivaling anything North America has to offer. This is far, far from the China depicted in the media about air and water pollution—it is the China untouched by modernity. As nature intended.
Pine Pollen is a time intensive process that is done by hand and is done in the remote wilderness. Because the potency of the pollen changes throughout the season, strict time lines are adhered to for harvesting. Our pollen is tightly regulated, which ensures the location and geography of collection, the time of harvest, and the pine species (we collect only Pinus massoniana). When done correctly, Pine Pollen becomes the nectar of the mountains.You can use this widget to input text into the page.
Concern for the Environemnt
Many people are rightfully concerned with the possibility of environmental pollutants in herbs grown and harvested in China, and we are as well—although we know this same scrutiny needs to be paid to all herbs, regardless of their country of origin. Unscrupulous vendors exploit the herb industry and they hurt far more than they realize by selling poor quality products grown under sub-standard conditions.
Not only are these products of poor quality, but they damage the rich and proud tradition that exists in China for growing medicinal herbs. The regulations, when they are adhered to, for growing, harvesting, and processing medicinal herbs in China far exceed any other regulations or guidelines anywhere in the world. We are proud to be part of this tradition and work only with producers adhering to the strict governmental regulations that are in place.

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