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The Original Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen

The RAW Forest Foods Advantage

Every single species of Pine, which is roughly 115 different species, have beneficial, health promoting properties, with all of the aforementioned constituents and nutritional elements. However, for health and longevity, only one species has the highest, most potent levels of those elements, the Pinus massoniana tree. Of those, only Pinus massoniana trees grown in the remote Northern forests of China have the potency to make them such a remarkable superfood, such a remarkable anti-aging phyto-medicine.

As we pollute our environment, making it increasingly inhospitable to human life, the Pinus massoniana pine tree comes in to specifically correct the health conditions caused by our toxic environment. Mother Nature is forgiving, and provided us with the medicines to correct the diseases we cause upon ourselves.

In order to achieve the maximum benefit from Pine Pollen, the pollen needs to be processed with a very specific low temperature air pulverization process. This low temperature process fractures the otherwise indigestible cell-wall of Pine Pollen, resulting is a laboratory tested 99% digestibility rate, but keeps the living enzymes and co-enzymes percent in Pine Pollen alive. RAW Forest Foods selects only the potent Pinus massoniana pine trees from Northern China / Mongolia region, and processes the fresh pollen using this low temperature method. RAW Forest Foods has pioneered Pine Pollen is the US, being the first company to distribute this amazing food in the US, as well as developing an extraction method which increases the potency by 10 times.

Of course, all species of Pine are highly beneficial, and the Pine Pollen you see so abundantly every Spring can be harvested, collected, and used. However, to make that pollen bio-available, you will need to tincture the pollen, using alcohol to extract the photo-nutrients, making them available to, and absorbable by, the body.China has produced literally thousands of research articles into Pine Pollen, and has concluded a zero toxicity. However, in our opinion, all foods containing any phyto-hormones, regardless of how safe they are, should be avoided by anyone under the age of 20, and those pregnant or breast feeding. This includes all soy products, hops (beer), licorice, the popular herb black cohosh, pine pollen, and other foods and herbs that contain hormones.

What is Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen

We started RAW Forest Foods out of necessity because there was no domestic company to purchase the raw pollen from. After months and months of sourcing, we found a product that met our strict needs and new instantly that we had to share it with the world--thus the genesis of RAW Forest Foods. Since our beginnings, we have been able to forge long standing and trusting relationships with our Pine Pollen harvesters (a co-operative that actively replants pine forests during the off season). To highlight the differences between our Pine Pollen and that of others, RAW Forest Foods created the Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen Brand.

Pine Forests in NW Yunnan

Where Does Your Pine Pollen Come From

This is a questions that is frequently asked, and we like and appreciate this question. To us, it represents the engagement and care of our customers and their desire for quality. These are all good things. Below, we explore where our pollen comes from, including a few pictures of the actual harvest, and in doing so we hope to illuminate some of what makes our Pine Pollen different.

Our Pine Pollen is gathered in the Yunnan Province in Southwestern China--an area roughly the same size as California (152,000 sq miles), with the northwestern region displaying impressive mountain ranges and river valleys--including vast pine forests. This is where our Pine Pollen is gathered once a year within a three day period, by a worker collective. The Yunnan Province is home to the richest plant life of all of China and has been a top destination for many naturalists from the US and Europe simply because of its natural beauty and diverse plant and animal life.

Pine Forests in NW Yunnan: The Source of our Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen

For RAW Forest Foods, harvesting Pine Pollen is a time intensive process that is done by hand and is done in the remote wilderness. Because the potency of the pollen changes throughout the season, strict time lines are adhered to for gathering, resulting in a 3 day window per year when the Pine Pollen is collected. Our pollen is tightly regulated, which ensures the location and geography of collection, the time of harvest, and the pine species (we collect only Pinus massoniana). When done correctly, Pine Pollen becomes the nectar of the mountains.

Ripe Pine Catkins

We absolutely love everything about Pine Pollen, and we see it as both a medicine and as a celebration. The harvest of Pine Pollen--and every time we work with and consume it--is a celebration of spring, with all the energy and promise that spring embodies. Pine Pollen is very much the physical representation of that energy: Pine pollinates early in spring, and the strong plant sterols (phyto-androgens) blanket the forest floor, fertilizing the emerging regrowth of the forest after winter. You can see the actual Pine Pollen harvest in the picture above.

Because of the geographic isolation and because of the geographic nature of the northwestern area of Yunnan, the forests where our Pine Pollen is harvested from is far from industry. It is remote forest. This is truely the Mountain Harvest.

An Deep Concern for Quality and Integrity

Many people are concerned with environmental pollutants in regards to herbs grown and harvested in China, and we are as well. Unscrupulous vendors exploit the herb industry (abroad and here in the US), and they hurt far more than they realize by selling poor quality products grown under sub-standard conditions. Not only are these products of poor quality, but they damage the rich and proud tradition that exists in China for growing medicinal herbs. The regulations, when they are adhered to, for growing, harvesting, and processing medicinal herbs in China far exceed any other regulations or guidelines anywhere in the world. We are proud to be part of this tradition.

In the following picture you can see the Pine Pollen harvest in northwestern Yunnan. This part of Yunnan is the Tibet Autonomous Zone and is the foot of the eastern most edge of the Himalayan Mountains.

Wild Harvesting Pine Pollen

Wild Harvesting Pine Pollen

This is the pollen that you'll find in our powders, as well as in our tinctures, powdered extracts, and other products. We are confident it is the best available.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please view our full Terms and Conditions.