Our Facilities

RAW Forest Foods Facilities

At RAW Forest Foods, we enjoy being a small company with a high level of professionalism in the manufacturing of our products and in scouting our input and raw ingredients.

Our input and raw ingredients are sourced world-wide, and the majority of our herbs are certified organic or are ecologically wild harvested (there is no internationally registered organic certification for wild harvested herbs).

In sourcing medicinal herbs from China, we are unique in that we work with an independent product scout in China, who has a formal educational training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a deep commitment to the medicine and to the highest quality herbs. We have spent a lot of time forging this unique relationship because it results in better products for us and for our customers.

Our herbs come from only FDA GMP certified facilities, and as mentioned, the majority is certified organic, which adds an additional layer of quality control and assurance onto our products.

All of our products and packaging is manufactured here in the US.