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Selected Products to Aid Healthy, Vital Androgen Hormone Levels

Many adaptogenic and tonic herbs, such as Chinese Ginseng (Panax ginseng) or Shilajit, have been shown to promote androgen levels. But in the interest of clarity, we developed the term Pro-androgenic (read about the three classes of androgenic herbs here) to refer, to describe, and to categorize, those herbs that are particularly adept at promoting healthy levels of the male sex hormones (the androgen/androgenic hormones), including testosterone.

Examples of pro-androgenic herbs include Pine PollenTongkat Ali, and many of the herbs included in our Endocrine Strengthening Formula

Pine Pollen contains plant analogs of the male sex hormones—the androgenic hormones. Similar to how some plants contain phyto-estrogens, like soy, Pine Pollen contains phyto-androgens. Because of this, many of our customers come to RAW Forest Foods with the ultimate goal of augmenting—of increasing—their levels of key male sex hormones, like testosterone.

✖  These are products developed specifically for promoting Healthy, Vital Levels of the Androgenic Hormones.

In cases of low testosterone, the research is very promising. However, less is known about the use of herbal medicine to increase levels of testosterone beyond what is a natural, normal rage (known as supra-physiological), as can be achieved through the use of synthetic hormones. But as testosterone levels (and sperm counts) continue to decrease world-wide, the use of pro-androgenic herbs is becoming of particular interest to ensure one's own levels of testosterone stay within a normal. healthy range. 

Within this collection of pro-androgenic herbs, you will find our entire line of Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen, as well our Våren Forest Nettle Root Collection, and a curated selection of our other products of particular interest to those customers looking to maximize their androgen levels.