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Research on the Protective Effect of Pine Pollen on Injury Caused by Alcohol (2008, Xie Huiping)

The objective of this experiment was to study the protective effect of Pine Pollen on rat models of liver injure caused by alcohol. Rat models of alcoholic liver were established and each group was fed Pine Pollen at different dosage for 30 days. The contents of malondialdehyde(MDA), triglycerides(TG), and reduced glutathione(GSH) in liver tissue were measured, and the pathological and histological changes of the liver were observed. Results showed that the MDA and TG contents in the liver tissue were markedly lower in the Pine Pollen fed group than those rats in the model control group. The average values of pathological changes in rat liver were markedly lower in the Pine Pollen group than in the model control group. This experiment showed that Pine Pollen has a significantly protective effect on liver injure caused by alcohol.

Table showing Impact of Pine Pollen on Weight, Liver Weight, and Hepatosomatic Ratio Table showing Impact of Pine Pollen Liver Tissue Content of MDA, GSH, and TG Table showing Pathological Examination of Liver Tissue

Because of advancements in standard of living, the scope of disease has changed, with an increase of alcoholic liver disease. Alcohol is metabolized by the body through various liver cell enzymes, a process that results in a large number of reactive oxygen molecules (free radicals), producing oxidative damage in the liver. This damages the structure and function of various organelles and enzymes within liver cells, inhibiting biosynthesis of GSH, reducing the antioxidant function of SOD, and causing lipid peroxidation.

Results from the above experiment show that dose-depended intake of Pine Pollen can reduce the content of MDA and TG in the liver tissue of alcoholic liver injured rats, improves the content of reduced glutathione in liver tissue, and reduces the fatty degeneration level of the liver. In a conclusion, Pine Pollen has markedly protective function on alcoholic liver damage.

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