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About RAW Forest Foods

About RAW Forest Foods

Learn about RAW Forest Foods' beginnings and concept, the people behind the brand, and what drives us to create amazing products using the best ingredients available.

What We Do

RAW Forest Foods is a plant-forward herbal medicine company that specializes in Classical Chinese Medicine, Pine Pollen, and single herbs and custom formulae that are Adaptogenic, Pro-Androgenic, and Tonic.

RAW Forest Foods proudly offers a highly curated collection of excellent, proprietary products, based on a profound interest for botany, contemporary scientific research, ethnobotany, and traditional medicine.

Welcome to the trail family. We invite you to Discover the Infinite Power Within.

A Quick Introduction to RAW Forest Foods

  • Founded in 2010—Longevity and Experience Matter;
  • We were the first company to offer RAW Pine Pollen™ and Pine Pollen Tinctures;
  • Working Knowledge and Expertise of Pine Pollen, Adaptogenic, Pro-Androgenic, and Tonic Herbs;
  • Long-Standing Professional Relationships With Suppliers, Ensuring the Highest Quality Raw Materials, Coupled With Domestic Manufacturing;
  • Products and Formulas Developed by our own Professional Herbalists;
  • Manufacturing following strict FDA cGMP, ISO 9001:2008, NSF certification, and/or USDA organic certification.

Expertise + Authority 

Founded in 2010, RAW Forest Foods was the first to offer RAW Pine Pollen and Pine Pollen Tinctures.

We are delighted to be the pioneers in the development of novel Adaptogens,Pro-Androgenic and Phyto-Androgenic Herbs, and Tonic Herbal Medicine.

The Art & Science

We are steeped in tradition and rooted in research, with products developed and formulated by our in-house master herbalists, specifically suited to our customers' unique needs and goals.

This is the art and science of herbal medicine.

Clean Manufacturing

We are extremely proud of the quality of our ingredients, formulas, and manufacturing. It's part of what sets RAW Forest Foods apart.

All our products are made in the United States in facilities that are certified organic, FDA cGMP, and NSF certified.

Shop With Confidence

You can shop with confidence when you buy from us. That's because we stand behind our products and offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on all orders.

Simply contact us and we'll make it right by replacing, exchanging, or refunding your purchase. That is all there is to it.

The Company Ethos

RAW Forest Foods strives to provide customers with the tools they need to attain optimal health and well-being on all levels: physically, intellectually, and spiritually—together with a wealth of resources to support them along the way. 

From sourcing raw materials from producers and wild-harvesters, where we select mostly certified organic and single-origin, wild-harvested raw materials, to our master-herbalist developing formulas, to working directly with our domestic, certified organic, and FDA cGMP certified processors, we are enthusiastically involved in every step of the production of our products.

These are Superior Products for Regenerative Wellness.

Formulation and Product Philosophy

When we create and formulate our products, our goal is in supporting and creating the longterm, sustainable health and wellness of our family of customers.

While many of us in this more-is-better, productivity-obsessed culture are overworked, stressed, and just plain tired, more stimulation, or more "energy," isn't the answer for most people. 

True, for a short period, using stimulating herbs to hide these symptoms may appear to help, in the long run, the stimulation only exacerbates the condition. These herbs, while marketed and promoted by many, are ultimately depleting.

Instead, we believe in first supporting the body by providing the resources needed to rebuild foundational wellness (typically through the use of deeply nutritive herbs), then clearing out underlying conditions (such as Dampness and Heat, and in some cases, the accumulation of estrogenic hormones and other endocrine system disruptors), and finally revealing inner, innate vitality through the careful use of Adaptogenic, Pro-Androgenic, and Tonic herbs.

When People Choose RAW Forest Foods

When people choose RAW Forest Foods, they choose ingredients that are sourced for their quality, integrity, and effectiveness—not for their price.

RAW Forest Foods is a different company in the health and wellness industry. While others choose their products and ingredients motivated by profit, we want to create products that work. Whether a single herb or a master formula, we source our raw ingredients worldwide—and we travel to do so. Doing so ensures that herbs are true to their source, true to tradition, and true to the land where they come from. To their own terroir. To the provinance of the medicine.

When people choose RAW Forest Foods, they're choosing products they can trust—products made in certified organic, FDA cGMP facilities right here in the United States. It's not enough to be concerned about the raw materials; manufacturing is vitally important. All of our products are made in facilities that are domestic, USDA-certified organic, and FDA-cGMP-registered.

When people choose RAW Forest Foods, they choose integrity. Simply put, when people choose RAW Forest Foods, they choose the best products available. Period.

The Origin of RAW Forest Foods

In the spring of 2010, RAW Forest Foods was formed. But not in the sense of a business. Ryan discussed his use of Pine Pollen in healing from Lyme Disease, as well as how he harvested it and created his own Pine Pollen Tinctures, on his blog RAW Forest Foods.

There was very little information about the medical use of Pine Pollen available at the time, either in print or on the internet. It didn't take long for people to start asking whether they could buy his RAW Pine Pollen and Pine Pollen Tinctures. there was no other way to get them. After a few quick calculations (to make sure he could cover his own costs while offering a fair price), Ryan established RAW Forest Foods as a company.

By the fall of 2010, we were the first company offering RAW Pine Pollen™ and Pine Pollen Tinctures.

Ryan Wade — Founder & Lead Product Development

An Unwavering Commitment to Quality 

  • All of the ingredients used in RAW Forest Foods products are carefully hand-selected and purchased from FDA and ISO 9001:2008 registered suppliers.
  • The vast majority of our ingredients are either certified organic or wild-harvested in an ethical and ecological manner.
  • All of our products are processed and manufactured in the United States, in FDA registered, certified organic facilities.

Expanding Beyond Pine Pollen

Since our origins with Pine Pollen, we've expanded our reach while remaining true to our core values: we seek out and formulate products that meet our exacting standards, products rooted in tradition, science, honesty, and excellence. We then make those products available to our customers at the best possible cost.

We're selfish because we enjoy using and offering our own products to our customers.

Forest HQ & The RAW Forest Foods Team

Ryan Wade, the founder of RAW Forest Foods, continues to work relentlessly every day to build and create RAW Forest Foods. He collaborates extensively with clients to create new goods and improve existing ones.

A dedicated customer service team that works tirelessly to offer you with the finest possible service. Jasmin, our office manager and main customer support representative, is the newest member of our team.

April is our shipping coordinator, ensuring that all items are carefully wrapped and delivered on time. We have a one-of-a-kind team that puts our products and services ahead of the competition.

We prefer to source our ingredients in person rather than buying them on the open market whenever possible. For many years, we've been working with the same raw ingredient scout. He uses his undergraduate expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine and his passion for plants to locate the finest ingredients for us.

The entire RAW Forest Foods team strives to provide the finest possible service and products to our family of consumers.

We love hearing from our clients: Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or simply want to say hello!