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Female Friendly

Selected Products Focused on the Interests of our Female Customers

Approximately half of all our customers at RAW Forest Foods are women. We think it's important to point that out because many people assume our products are specifically for men. But that is not the case at all.

That assumption is understandable: Pine Pollen—the product this company was founded upon—is of particular interest to men. Historically, however, Pine Pollen was used as an adaptogenic tonic by women and men (but still, for those looking for an alternative we have other RAW Pollens). Most all tonics and adaptogens are equally suited for both sexes (without regard for gender), and Peak Performance Estrogen Detox is immensely popular with women. 

The following collection are products we have selected which we think are of particular interest for supporting the health of the female body. Of course, this is not an exclusive list, but provides an overview of products.

You'll find our Divine Farmer Camellia (Green Tea) Pollen and our Sacred Lotus Flower Pollen listed here. Both of these RAW Pollens offer many of the same comprehensive benefits as Pine Pollen does—they're all deeply, foundationally restorative—but without the phyto-androgens that are present in Pine Pollen. You'll also find many of our tonic and adaptogenic single herbs and herbal formulas, as well as our Eros' Arrow Aphrosisiac Elixir and our recently reformulated Peak Performance Estrogen Detox.