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Tonics & Adaptogens

Adaptogen herbs and tonics selected to promote endocrine health, immunity, energy & longevity

From restoring energy to supporting the immune system and extending longevity, tonics and adaptogen herbs are part of a vast set of medicinal herbs and fungi that have long been used and cherished for their unique ability to work with the body to promote a foundational, holistic approach to wellness.

At RAW Forest Foods, we find the daily practice of integrating the use of these tonics and adaptogen herbs to be one of the most important aspects of optimum wellness. Below, you’ll find our favorite products that we value for their tonic and adaptogenic abilities.

  • RAW Forest Foods Pine Pollen Powder Bulk (500 Grams)- front RAW Forest Foods Pine Pollen Powder Bulk (500 Grams)- back

    RAW Pine Pollen Powder (1.1 Pounds)

    RAW Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen Powder Our signature product, this raw, cracked cell wall Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen powder is the backbone of our company. We were founded with the intention of providing the first, most potent and highest...

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