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Nettle Root Extract 50:1 Extract | 65 Grams

  • Nettle Root Extract 50:1 Extract: 65 Grams
  • Nettle Root Extract 50:1 Extract: Front Label
  • Nettle Root Extract 50:1 Extract: Rear Label
  • Nettle Root Extract 50:1 Extract: Supplement Facts
  • Nettle Root Powdered Extract: A 50 Times Concentration
  • Leaves of the common Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) plant
  • Leaves of the common Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) plant
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Stinging Nettle Root Extract: Product Highlights

To ensure that you receive the maximum about of benefit from the products you purchase and use, we are pleased to offer our 50 times concentration of Nettle (Urtica dioica) Root. This highly concentrated powdered extract ensures that you receive clinically relevant levels of the active compound Beta-Sitosterol, the active compound present in Nettle Root which benefits the prostate, raises free testosterone levels, and prevents testosterone from metabolizing to estrogenic compounds.

  • Wild harvested Urtica dioica roots;
  • 50:1 Powdered Extract ensure potent levels of Beta-Sitosterol;
  • Nettle Root has been shown to aid prostate health, increase free testosterone and lower SHBG, and reduce testosterone to estradiol aromatization.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. View our full Terms and Conditions.

An Overview

Nettle Root is a top contender as the number one herb for men and women as we move into middle age--and for those worried about damaging estrogen metabolites and waning levels of free testosterone. For many people Nettle Root is the herb.

Nettle Root is the root (also known as the rhizome) of the common Stinging Nettle plant (Urtica dioica). It has the unique ability to optimize functions of the endocrine system related to reproductive health, simultaneously maximizing and protecting.

Stinging Nettle plant

Nettle Root is fantastic when used as a standalone herb, and it should always be used side-by-side when using any herbs, nutritional supplements, or drugs which increase levels of androgen (male sex) hormones, or when there is an issue of an overabundance of estrogen in the body or an under-abundance of free or total testosterone. Additionally, Nettle Root is a must for anyone with symptoms of estrogen toxicity.

The Necessity of a Potent Extract

Beta-Sitosterol (β-Sitosterol) is the highly researched active compound found in Nettle Root. It is β-Sitosterol that awards so many benefits to men. The problem with β-Sitosterol is that it is naturally occurring in Nettle Root in insignificant doses. While the compound is beneficial, it is present in the unprocessed roots in amounts too low to matter. This makes it of paramount importance to use a high quality, potent concentrated or standardized extract of Nettle Root, so that you are guaranteed significant levels of β-Sitosterol.

In an effort to provide our customers with the highest quality products available, we are pleased to offer a fifty (50) times concentrated extract of Nettle Root. This 50:1 powdered extract ensures that high levels of β-Sitosterol are present and as such, ensures that you receive all the benefits that Nettle Root has to offer you (we also offer standardized β-Sitosterol in capsule form).

The RAW Forest Foods Difference

  • Our extract is produced using only wild-harvested or ecologically cultivated or organic Urtica dioica plants and roots;
  • Potent concentrated extract offering significant levels of the active compound Beta-Sitosterol;
  • No fillers, no drying agents, never irradiated. Our promise;
  • Packaged and select manufactured in a FDA GMP facility here in the US;
  • From RAW Forest Foods, the premier and most trusted androgenic herb company.

An Overview of Beta-Sitosterol

Beta-Sitosterol is the active compound found in Nettle Root and is a plant sterol ester. The vast majority of research into Beta-Sitosterol has been focused on its benefits on prostate health. Research has shown that Beta-Sitosterol has a high effectiveness in reducing symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), including:

  • Improved urine output;
  • Decreased residual urine in the bladder;
  • A 3.5-fold improvement on the International Prostate Symptom Score (1).

Furthermore, research into the prostate health promoting benefits of Beta-Sitosterol has shown great promise against several types of prostate cancer, decreasing cancer cell growth and inducing apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancer cells (1).

Other common uses of Beta-Sitosterol include (2):

  • Treatment for hair loss;
  • Enhancing sexual activity.
  • Heart disease and high cholesterol;
  • Boosting the immune system;
  • Support for common cold and flu (influenza), HIV/AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, psoriasis, allergies, cervical cancer, fibromyalgia, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), asthma, bronchitis, migraine headache, and chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Preventing colon cancer;
  • Prevention of gallstones;
  • Support for symptoms of menopause.

Effects Upon Free Testosterone

As a standalone herb, Nettle Root works intelligently to optimize sex hormones. For men, Nettle Root works primarily to keep testosterone active (free) in the body for a longer period of time. On average, only two (2) percent of total serum testosterone is free, and only free testosterone is active. The other ninety eight (98) percent of testosterone is bound testosterone and is no longer active. The glycoprotein sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) binds to free testosterone rendering it useless (and setting the stage for a potentially dangerous series of chemical processes).

Nettle Root works to bind to SHBG so that testosterone does not have the opportunity to bind to it. This action dramatically increases levels of free testosterone, the kind of testosterone that works positively on the body, the mind, the soul. As Lee Myer, the popular men's health author, states, "Free testosterone is the type of testosterone 'that will supercharge our brains, blood, muscles, sex lives and all the other things we associate with testosterone.'"

For women, Nettle Root works similarly by blocking SHBG. SHBG has an affinity for all sex hormones, and keeping levels of free estrogen is important in women as is keeping levels of free testosterone is important in men. For most healthy individuals, High levels of estrogen and testosterone are damaging only after they have become bound to SHBG. Once estrogen or testosterone have become bound to SHBG, they begin the process of being converted into harmful estrogen metabolites, like estradiol. By keeping these sex hormones free, the rates of conversion to harmful metabolites are decreased.

For men, Nettle Root even works to unbind testosterone which has already become bound by SHBG, further increasing levels of important free testosterone and further decreasing the conversion to estrogen metabolites.

DHT and Hormonal Hair Loss

Unlike the commonly used herb Saw Palmetto, which is usually recommended both for prostate issues and for hormonal hair loss in men and women, Nettle Root is effective in treating both, without preventing the important conversion of testosterone to DHT. Many researchers view DHT as the active form of testosterone, and testosterone as only a prohormone to DHT. In fact, DHT is 15-30 times more potent than testosterone. Furthermore, unlike testosterone, DHT cannot be converted to the harmful estrogenic metabolite esterdiol. A you will see, DHT actually protects this conversion from happening.

DHT (Dihydronetestosterone) is named as the #1 culprit in both hormonal hair loss (androgenic allopecia) and enlarged prostate--Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), and Saw Palmetto (as well as prescription finasteride) works by blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT. However, not only is DHT vitally important to men's health, DHT is not actually the culprit people claim it to be. To understand why, a more in depth knowledge of the body is needed.

DHT has many functions throughout the body, and to perform these functions, it binds to testosterone and DHT receptor sites, which are found throughout the body, including the brain and the sex organs. In the prostate and in the scalp, Nettle Root competes with DHT and attaches to the receptor sites, this means that DHT is still available for its important functions, but is not able to aggravate the prostate or interfere with hair growth. Nettle Root directly blocks the enzyme which causes hair loss in cases of androgenic allopecia. It can be used as a stand alone herb for treating male pattern baldness.

Additionally, DHT is vital in the prevention of the aromatization of testosterone to esterdiol, and DHT also unbinds bound testosterone from sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), rendering the inactive bound testosterone free and active again. The enzyme aromatase converts both testosterone and estrogen, which are benign, into harmful estrogen metabolites, which can cause a plethora of issues, including prostate, breast, and cervical cancer. This process is called aromatization. Nettle Root blocks aromatization for happening.
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Prostate Cancer.

Throughout Europe, which has shown a much greater understanding of male physiology and has a much greater track record of treating BHP and prostate cancer than the US, Nettle Root has been used widely to treat BPH. Clinical research in Europe has shown that it may be effective at relieving symptoms of BHP, such as reduced urinary flow, incomplete emptying of the bladder, post urination dripping, and the constant urge to urinate.

The symptoms of BHP are caused by the enlarged prostate pressing on the urethra (the tube that empties urine from the bladder). Interestingly, laboratory studies have demonstrated Nettle Root to be as effective as finasteride (a medication commonly prescribed for BPH) in slowing the growth of certain prostate cells.

Nettle Root has benefits beyond Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), and has been shown clinically to reduce cancerous cell proliferation in the prostate. A study published in the February 2000 issue of "Planta Medica" found that Urtica dioica root (Nettle Root) extract inhibited proliferation of human prostate cancer cells in the laboratory. This study confirms the many findings that testosterone and DHT are not the causes of prostate issues, but that prostate issues can actually be resolved when testosterone and DHT are brought back to healthy levels, and conversions of male sex hormones into estrogen metabolites is blocked.

Androgenic Herbs and Nettle Root

Androgenic herbs, for this discussion, are a class of herbs which contain the androgen (male sex) hormones or which increase the body's own production of these hormones. Pine Pollen is an example of a herb which contains androgen hormones (including Androstenedione, Testosterone, Dehydroepiandrosterone, and Androsterone); herbs that increase the production of testosterone include Tribulus, Cistanche Tubulosa, and Tongkat Ali. Whenever levels of testosterone are increased, through herbs or through conventional medicine, it is vitally important to control both the actions of SHBG and aromatase.

Increasing levels of testosterone can be harmful over the long run of these two processes are not managed. Nettle Root controls both, and should always be used side-by-side whenever levels of testosterone are being elevated. Furthermore, for the sake of efficacy, only 2% of testosterone is free and active. Meaning you only receive 2% of the benefit whenever you raise levels of free testosterone. By including Nettle Root, the levels of free testosterone are dramatically elevated, and you get a much better effect.

Botanical Illustration of Urtica dioica

botanical urtica dioica

Medicinal Compounds

In its entirety, Nettle Root--as a whole plant--contains a plethora of known medicinal compounds, including Beta-Sitosterol. For our customers, Beta-Sitosterol is the compounds which is of the most interest, as it has the major benefits for reproductive, endocrine, and general male health (though is just as important for female health as well). However, it is important to highlight the many health promoting compounds found in the plant, as using plants as medicine requires a holistic appreciation of the entirety of the plant, not simply the isolated compounds.

While the root of the Stinging Nettle plant contains the target ingredients for endocrine and reproductive health, both the above and below ground parts of the common Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) plant are medicinal and edible. The leaves from the plant make a delicious green to add to soups, stews, baked dishes like casseroles, and anywhere a cooked green is used (heat neutralizes the stinging compounds). Some of the compounds found in Nettle include:

  • 14-octacosanol;
  • An N-Acetylglucosamine moieties lectin;
  • Anthocyanins, including Pelargonidin;
  • Beta-Sitosterol (β-sitosterol);
  • Chlorogenic Acid and caffeic acid (a metabolite of chlorogenic acid)
  • Coumaric Acid, of which p-coumaric acid is at 5mcg/g
  • Fatty acids, including oleic, gadoleic, stearic, palmitoleic and erucic;
  • Lignans, including (+)-neoolivil, isolariciresinol, and pinoresinol;
  • Oleanolic Acid;
  • Quercetin, Kaempferol, and Isorhamnetin, and glycosides (including rutinoside and isorhamnetin-3-O-neohesperidoside);
  • Scopoletin;
  • Secoisolariciresinol, enterofuran , and 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran (which binds to SHBG);
  • Stigmasterol;
  • The stinging hairs of the above-ground parts contains serotonin, acetylcholine, and histamine compounds;
  • Ursolic Acid;
  • Vanillic acids, including homovanillyl alcohol, hydroxycinnamic acids, and ferulic acid;
  • Vitamin C.

Some of the listed compounds are present primarily in the above-ground parts of the plant, most notably the serotonin, acetylcholine, and histamine compounds. These compounds are present in great concentration on the under-side of the leaves, and which account for the stinging sensation of the Stinging Nettle plant.

As mentioned elsewhere, Beta-Sitosterol is present only in small amounts in the whole Nettle Root, which is why extracts--like this 50:1 concentration--are so important if Nettle Root is to be used medicinally. Such an extraction will alter the other compounds present.

Our Nettle Root Extract Powder is specifically for those customers looking for a Nettle Root Extract that contains high levels of Beta-Sitosterol while retaining the natural integrity of the original plant. This powdered extract is for those looking for a more holistic Nettle Root product. For those customers seeking to singly target Beta-Sitosterol, the compound present in Nettle Root which has been thoroughly studied to offer benefits to male reproductive health, we offer our Beta-Sitosterol Capsules. These capsules are standardized to contain a 45% concentration of Beta-Sitosterol (β-sitosterol), more than what a 50:1 concentration contains.


Because of its positive effects upon the prostate and its ability to elevate levels of free testosterone, Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) Root is a fantastic addition for men. Additionally, for people using natural or synthetic suppliment or compounds to increase androgen (including testosterone) levels, Nettle Root should always be including to help protect the prostate (as mentioned above).


Not enough information is known about the safety of use while pregnant or breast feeding(2).

Beta-sitosterol is contraindicated in people who have sitosterolemia, a rare inherited fat storage disease. Do not use Beta-Sitosterol if you have sitosterolemia.

Stinging Nettle Root Extract: Suggested Dosage

Suggested dosage of our Nettle Root Extract is 1 teaspoon. There are approximately 43 servings in every 65 gram pouch of this product. Some may benefit from using the formula twice a day--once in the morning and again in late afternoon or the early evening.


Other Ingredients: Vegan/vegetarian plant celulose capsules.

Of course, whichever way you decide to use it, the best way is the way that ensures regular, consistent use, because no gain is made from a product that sits untouched in the cupboard.

Learn more about using all of our products here.

Ideal Storage

Store this product, and all RAW Forest Foods products, in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and moisture. Try and use in a timely manner after opening the package.

Cycling Herbs

For those customers who prefer to rotate their pro-androgenic and tonic herbs, we suggest a schedule of five days on and two days off, or four weeks on and one week off.


Before starting any new medicinal herbs or nutritional supplements, we recommend people to consult with their qualified health care practitioner. This not because we question the safety of our products, but because we believe in the strength of our products and that plants are medicine.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. View our full Terms and Conditions.

What Makes RAW Forest Foods Different?

  • Clean ingredients, attention to quality, processing in an FDA GMP facility.
  • Ecologically and responsibly wild harvested herbs and fungi.
  • Strict organic certified cultivated herbs and fungi whenever possible.
  • All capsules are plant based and are vegetarian, vegan, and Kosher.
  • Raw ingredients sourced only from ISO 9001:2008 certified suppliers.
  • Attention to quality assurance from field or forest to you.
  • RAW Pollens are all minimally processed and cracked cell wall..
  • Pine Pollen from high elevation remote Mountain Sources.
  • Powdered extracts are potent, shelf-stable, and ready to use.
  • Innovation from the first company to offer RAW Pine Pollen in the US.
  • Tinctures are pharmaceutical grade full 2:1 liquid extracts.
  • RAW Forest Foods: The leaders in androgenic herbs.

Customer Experience

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    You won't regret it

    Posted by Joel on 18th Aug 2015

  • Great Product & Packaging

    Just received it so I haven't tried it yet. Looks like very high quality ingredients as well as the quality packaging that re-seals easily, like a zip-lock bag! Very fast deliver too.

    Posted by Mike on 1st Jun 2015

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  • Just started using and notice improvement already. Good flavor too.

    We just started using the Nettle Root and have already noticed improved energy and stamina. Happy to report that it also has a nice flavor.

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Mar 2015

  • Truly Awsome Stuff

    I purchased this product because of the 50 to 1. And I purchased it to raise my testosterone. And it truly does everything it say's. I am 59 and have a healthy prostate due to this product. I believe I have been a customer for about 2 yrs. No one else and I have tried them. Products come close to this. I use it in my morning coffee. absolutely delicious.

    Posted by Ron on 19th Mar 2015

  • Energy and Drive

    I have sampled several different products from Raw Forest Foods and found this Nettle Root extract to be among the best. For about a week I took 2 heaping teaspoons in the morning on an empty stomach. This definitely produced a noticeable effect. During this time I felt more energy and drive to do thing more - and more completely. For example: snow shovelling. Seriously, the amount of snow I had to move this one day would normally have been almost overwhelming, but this gave me an extra boost to get it done. So for that reason, I give this product a five star review.

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Mar 2015

  • Nettle Root Extract Powder

    I like this product...I make a warm/hot tea with it and it tastes nice and earthy.

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  • Very potent

    I found this product really helpful. I didn't realize how much my hair Sheds allot less now, and my energy is crazy High.

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  • My all natural anti-aging and fitness stack.

    I use this as part of my anti-aging & fitness stack, which is comprised of estrogen detox, pine pollen, nettle root extract, and shilajit. Depending on the day, I add in the pine pollen tincture or the aphrodisiac tincture. Both are good for an extra boost ;-)

    I have had verifiable testosterone gains from the low 500s to the high 700s with the use only of herbs and nothing synthetic. My free testosterone is high and estrogen is low. More subjectively I am able to work out harder and recover much faster. I also have more energy throughout the day and my co-workers have noticed this.

    My only complaint with this company that I am not a huge fan of the stand up pouch packaging but I see how the use of the pouches are able to save on packaging and shipping costs, which I greatly appreciate since with this company those savings are passed on to the customers.

    Posted by Kai Tomlinson on 14th Nov 2014

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