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A Campy but Informative Video on Pine Pollen

A Campy but Informative Video on Pine Pollen

Posted by Ryan Wade on Sep 05, 2010

The History and Applications of Pine Pollen

In adding to the general richness of the long history and historical use of Pine Pollen in ancient China, I want to share with you this informative--and highly campy--video. I highly recommended a watch if you are at all interested in it. Its short, its entertaining, and you might even glean a little information from it.

With all of the research I have done (which is a lot), the information in the video seems spot on, but I cannot confirm the links of Pine Pollen to Chinese Emperors. You'll have to take that with a pinch of (Himalayan) salt and file the away that knowledge in the folklore-but-possibly-true file.