A Quick Guide To Using Our Products

A Quick Guide To Using Our Products

Putting Your Order To Good Use

Always Take on an Empty Stomach

We recommend taking all of our products on an empty stomach for optimal digestion and absorption, particularly before the first meal of the day. We advise taking them twice daily, ideally 30 minutes before eating or 2 hours after eating. A good schedule for many people is once before breakfast and again mid-afternoon.

However, the most important thing is to take our products, even if the above schedule does not work for you. Take them as you can and as you like, as our products are worthless if they are not used.

Mountain Harvest Pine PollenRAW Pollen Powders

At RAW Forest Foods, we offer customers four different and completely raw, cracked-cell wall pollens: Mountain Harvest RAW Pine Pollen™, Kunlun Mountain RAW Brassica Flower Pollen, Divine Farmer's RAW Camellia Flower Pollen, and Longmen Mountain RAW Sacred Lotus Flower Pollen.

All four can be prepared and used identically. The easiest way to use the raw pollens is to add the desired amount to roughly 12 ounces of water, stir or shake until dissolved, and then drink.

If they do not dissolve easily, let them sit for a few minutes so that the pollen spores can hydrate fully. It is still safe to consume them undissolved, although it may not be as pleasant.

Some of our favorite more involved uses of RAW Pollens:

Our RAW Pine Pollen™ has been integrated into chocolate making by several of our customers, resulting in a delicious treat.

At RAW Forest Foods, we enjoy making a strong ginger tea by bringing the desired amount of water (about 18 ounces) to a boil, grating in a good amount of fresh ginger, adding the juice of 1-2 lemons, a teaspoon or more of raw honey, and 1 tablespoon of RAW Pine Pollen™ to the mixture. It's one of our favorite cold weather drinks.

Capsules and Tablets

We offer an ever-growing selection of capsules and tablets, including our long time customer favorite, Peak Performance Estrogen Detox Capsules. Both capsules and tablets are easy to use; simply take as directed with water, ideally on an empty stomach.

Our RAW Pine Pollen™ Tablets are the exception here. They can be taken whole like a regular tablet, but you can also chew and swallow them like candy for a different experience.


For many customers, using tinctures may be a new concept. However, don't be intimidated. Tinctures are a very convenient way to use therapeutic plants and mushrooms, especially Pine Pollen Tincture.

Tinctures are fully extracted and, because they are alcohol-based, the therapeutic compounds present in the herbs readily cross into the body. Unlike other extracts, tinctures are unique in that they don't have to go through the normal digestive tract and can enter the body directly.

There are two common ways to use tinctures:

  • Add them to several ounces of water (preferably hot water to quickly dissipate the alcohol if you are adverse to it) and drink.
  • Take them directly by mouth.

Although tinctures can be added to other drinks or foods, they are best digested when taken on an empty stomach.

Some customers may find the taste of alcohol unpleasant. If this is the case, or if you are otherwise adverse to alcohol, pour several ounces of freshly boiled water into a glass or mug. Quickly add one serving of tincture. Because alcohol evaporates at a lower temperature than water, much of its flavor will dissipate into the steaming water.

Lan Gui Ren Oolong Tea Extract Powders

Extract powders are perhaps the most versatile of all our products. They are ready to use and can be thought of as instant tea. To dissolve them, it is best to use warm or hot water, although their potency means that very hot water is unnecessary. As with all our products, consume the extract powders on an empty stomach for best results.

Our extract powders start at a 10:1 concentration and our most potent extract is our Tahana Prana Elevatged Tongkat Ali Extract, a 200:1 concentration. And we are proud to offer our ultra-pure unstandardizerd, 50:1 extracts, as seen in our Mountain Harvest Pine Pollen Extract, Våren Forest Nettle Root Extract, and Lost Desert Oasis Cistanche tubulosa Extract.

Extract powders can be taken as a single herb extract, combined by you, or used as any of our expert formulations.

Most people simply mix the powdered extracts with a few ounces of hot water, but they can also be added to hot or cold drinks, tonics, and elixirs. At RAW Forest Foods, we like to mix our powdered extracts with Dandy Blend, a commonly available coffee alternative. This creates coffee house-style hot drinks that are both nourishing and an alternative to depleting coffee.

Lan Gui Ren Oolong Tea Lan Gui Ren Oolong Tea

When we first learned of and tasted our Lan Gui Ren Oolong Tea, we knew that we had to offer it at RAW Forest Foods.

Lan Gui Ren is an oolong tea that is rolled with licorice root and American ginseng. The challenge was finding a quality source, as many are made with lower quality materials intended for the American market. However, we were able to source this Ceremonial Grade Lan Gui Ren directly from the tea plantation, and it is delicious.

This tea is unique, both in flavor and effect.

Making this tea is simple, as it does not easily become bitter from over-steeping like many green teas do. To prepare, combine the desired amount of tea leaves with water that has either been taken off the heat just prior to boiling or has been allowed to sit for several moments. Let it steep for several minutes, strain, and drink. The tea leaves will unfurl during the steeping process, revealing the high quality of the tea. This tea can handle multiple steepings without losing its flavor.

Jan 20, 2017 Ryan Wade

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