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A Reforestation Partnership

A Reforestation Partnership

Posted by Ryan Wade on Apr 16, 2017

Of Dynamic, Holistic Wellness

wildlife habitat

At RAW Forest Foods, we have always been driven by our deep connection to nature. For us, we know that forging and maintaining this connection is not just a leisure activity, but is a vital component of dynamic, holistic wellness.

American Forest Small Business Partner

We are so very pleased and excited to announce our partnership with American Forests. American Forests is the oldest conservation organization in the US, founded over 140 years ago. As an organization, American Forests has planted over 50 million trees, spanning every state in the US and 50 other countries. Through reforestation, wildlife habitat, watersheds, and open space is restored and protected, and carbon sequestration is strengthened.

As a partner with American Forests, for each purchase at RAW Forest Foods, we will plant one tree. Each tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO₂) and filter up to 36,500 gallons of water per year. As the forests—as the plants and fungi—help take care of us, so too can we help take care of them.

The “forest” in RAW Forest Foods is more than simply a reference to  Pine Pollen, the source of our original products (we should note here that our Pine Pollen is wild-harvested by a forest conservation co-operative).

For us, the forest is a place of solace and inspiration, an anchor that keeps us centered and a thread that sutures the self to time and place, to all that exists outside of the self, to the macro. For health, happiness, and wellness, this connection is vital.


In Chinese medicine, the Lung is a Zang organ—a Yin organ—and is said to “dominate” Qi and to “control” respiration. The Lung breaths in Kong Qi and exhales turbid (waste) Qi. Emotionally and physically, the Lung separates us from the outside world, allowing in positive influences and keeping our negative influences. The Lung nourishes feelings of respect for ourselves and for others, as well as building our own self esteem. Lung Qi helps us to know who we are and to find and take our place in the world. Spiritually, the Lung houses the Po, the corporal self. At birth, the Po descends from heaven into us, and at death it becomes part of the earth.

In the macrocosm, forests are thought to be the lungs of the earth. Working parallel our own physical lungs, trees “breath” in carbon dioxide and then “exhale” oxygen. I would argue, too, that the parallels extend into Chinese medicine, and that the forests also nourish our self-esteem and respect for self and for others. We can see that spending time in forests enliven our corporal self, tying self to place—becoming an inhabitant, rather than a tourist, to the earth.

To learn more about the work that American Forests does—and what your purchase supports—please  visit their website.