A Reforestation Partnership

A Reforestation Partnership

Dynamic and Holistic Wellness in Harmony with Nature

American Forest Small Business Partner At RAW Forest Foods, our persistent connection to nature has always driven our mission. We firmly believe fostering and nurturing this bond goes beyond a mere recreational pursuit; it is an integral element of dynamic and holistic wellness.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with American Forests, the oldest conservation organization in the US, with a history spanning over 140 years. American Forests has successfully planted over 50 million trees across every state in the US and 50 other countries. Through their reforestation efforts, they have safeguarded wildlife habitats, watersheds, and open spaces, while fortifying carbon sequestration.

As proud partners of American Forests, we pledge to plant one tree for every purchase made at RAW Forest Foods. Each tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO₂) and filter approximately 36,500 gallons of water annually. As forests, plants, and fungi selflessly care for us, we can reciprocate that care by supporting their well-being.

Wildlife Habitat

The term "forest" in RAW Forest Foods signifies far more than a mere allusion to Pine Pollen, the source of our original products (worth noting is the fact that our Pine Pollen is ethically wild-harvested by a forest conservation cooperative).

To us, the forest is a sanctuary of solace and inspiration, serving as an anchor that keeps us centered and a thread that weaves us into the fabric of time, place, and the vastness of existence. This profound connection is indispensable for achieving health, happiness, and well-being.

The Lung is a Zang organ In Chinese medicine, the Lung is a significant Yin or Zang organ, regarded as the controller of Qi, governing respiration. The Lung inhales the pure Qi and exhales the turbid Qi, effectively separating us from external influences by allowing positive energies to enter while keeping negative ones at bay. Emotionally and physically, the Lung fosters self-respect and respect for others, contributing to the development of our self-esteem.

Lung Qi empowers us to discover our identity, find our purpose in the world, and establish our rightful place. In a spiritual sense, the Lung houses the Po, the essence of our corporeal self. At birth, the Po descends from heaven into our being, and upon death, it returns to become part of the earth.

On a grander scale, forests are often referred to as the lungs of the earth. Like our respiratory system, trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale life-giving oxygen. Moreover, the parallels extend to Chinese medicine, suggesting that forests nurture our self-esteem and instill respect for ourselves and others. The rejuvenating experience of immersing ourselves in forests revitalizes our corporeal self, forging a profound connection to the land, transcending the role of mere visitors, and transforming us into genuine inhabitants of the earth.

To learn more about the invaluable work accomplished by American Forests and the impact your purchase supports, please visit their website.

Apr 16, 2017 Ryan Wade

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