Big Changes to the RAW Forest Foods Store

Big Changes to the RAW Forest Foods Store

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Big Changes to the RAW Forest Foods Store

Today there were big changes which swept through the RAW Forest Foods store. These changes were long overdue for inventory control here, and they also mark a huge turning point in our products and packaging.

This change came because we are integrating an ecologically conscious method of packaging and delivering our products, while at the same time making them more user-friendly with reusable packages.

The big changes that took place today involved changing how our products are organized. In the past we provided several sizes of the same product, and shipped out those products in multiples. For instance, if you ordered 100 grams of our famous RAW Pine Pollen, we shipped you out two packages of our RAW Pine Pollen in 50 gram amounts. Now, you have the option of buying either 50 grams of our RAW Pine Pollen, or a two pack with a 10% discount.

So basically, what this means for you is that things look a little different. Same great products, better packaging, and discounts on every product when you buy two.

In addition to a little store housekeeping, we are also launching our new labels, which we are very excited about. These have been in development for some time now, and we will be integrating them into the store front. 99.9% of orders shipping out are shipping with the new labels. They are more informative, and including relevant information like recommended dosages.

In the coming weeks we will be sending out the new packaging (and a couple of secret new products) out to our photographer, so keep tuned for that.

Oct 17, 2011 Ryan Wade

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