Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis of Pine Pollen

The Nutrition Of Pine Pollen

The Nutrition of Pine Pollen

Customers have been asking recently for more information on the nutrition of Pine Pollen. Like most of the research on Pine Pollen, the research done in identifying the nutritional components of Pine Pollen has all been published in Chinese and has yet to be translated. This makes doing research, as an English speaker in the US, difficult. 

But we did it.

Because of the difficulty in locating and understanding the research, we have worked with a dear friend who is both a native Chinese speaker and is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine to find and translate scientific research papers on Pine Pollen. In the past we have published several of these translated works on our website. This time we focused not on the medicinal aspect of Pine Pollen but on the nutrition of Pine Pollen.

The finished product is really a magnum opus of information on Pine Pollen and we are both incredibly proud and excited about it. We take providing highly relevant, original, and quality information to you very seriously at RAW Forest Foods, and this mission is reflected on this newest piece.

In our Nutritional Analysis of Pine Pollen you will find the breakdown and the explanation of the proteins and amino acids in Pine Pollen, the vitamins, minerals, fats, saccharides, nucleic acids, and other nutritional components. We listed all levels as would be found in a single 65 gram package of our Pine Pollen, making the figures easy to contextualize.

But please, instead of us explaining it all here, just take a look at our analysis. We are confident that you will appreciate the work we put into it and the value of the information.

Nov 15, 2014 Ryan Wade

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